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Rehab Centers in Michigan: Addiction Treatment Services

Does your loved one or friend struggle with drug addiction? If so, Michigan has numerous rehab centers that offer treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse issues.

For years, drug and alcohol addiction has plagued Michigan. In 2020, there were 2,738 overdose deaths in the state. People seeking help need as many substance abuse treatment services as possible.

What are the drug rehab centers and treatment programs in the state of Michigan?

The 6 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Michigan

  1. Addiction treatment center – Sanford House
  2. Treatment programs for professionals – Henry Ford Maplegrove Center
  3. Medical detox treatment center – Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center
  4. Withdrawal management rehab center – Bear River Health
  5. Sedation detoxification rehab clinic – Advanced Rapid Detox
  6. Long-term treatment programs – Dawn Farm

1. Sanford House – Addiction treatment center in Michigan

Located in Grand Rapids, Sanford House is a drug rehab center in Michigan for detox, residential treatment, outpatient options and aftercare.

74 Lafayette Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 844.776.9651

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Sanford House offers treatment for people addicted to alcohol, marijuana, opioids, sedatives, stimulants, inhalants, synthetic drugs, hallucinogens and more.

  • Detox Treatment – Detox starts when a patient stops using drugs and alcohol and commits to abstinence. Sanford staff offer 24/7 supervision during this critical stage of recovery.
  • Residential Program – Patients stay at the Sanford House for treatment. This includes therapy, meals, activities, education, life-skills training and wellness activities.
  • Outpatient Program – Patients come in during the day for treatment and spend nights at home. Day sessions cover the same areas as residential treatment (therapy, wellness, education).
  • Virtual Programs – Patients log in and attend rehab from the comfort of their homes. A good option for people unable to physically attend rehab.

People seeking addiction treatment need to get away from the pressures and vices of the world outside. Sanford House offers a place to heal and gain newfound strength.

Additional Treatment Options

In addition to drug treatment, Sanford House engages loved ones and offers ongoing care to patients when they leave the program.

  • Family Program – Sanford encourages communication between patients and loved ones. Addiction often alienates family members, who don’t know how to handle the situation. Family therapy mends these gaps.
  • Continuum of Care – Once patients exit the rehab program, they might still need help and guidance as they readjust to the real world. Sanford House is always there for continued encouragement.
  • Eating Disorder Program – Some people use food as a drug. Others replace one unhealthy addiction (drugs, alcohol) with overeating. Sanford House helps patients resist unhealthy eating habits.

The Sanford House is a treatment center in Michigan for a range of unhealthy, compulsive behaviors.

2. Henry Ford Maplegrove Center – MI treatment programs for professionals

The Maplegrove Center in West Bloomfield Township is an inpatient rehab facility. It’s part of the Henry Ford Health System of clinics that offer drug treatment and mental health services throughout the state.

6773 W Maple Rd
West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322
Phone: (248) 661-6100

Maplegrove Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Maplegrove staff helps each patient along every step in the road to recovery, from the moment drug abuse stops to the day the now-sober individual reenters the world.

  • Detoxification – Professional supervision is vital during detox, especially during days two and three when cravings peak.
  • Residential Addiction Treatment – People who’ve struggled with illicit drug dependence take the time they need to heal at Maplegrove.
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Daytime rehab, ideal for those with less severe cases of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – Part-time rehab, where the patient attends several times weekly and sleeps at home.

Some people attend outpatient treatment after completing the inpatient program.

Specialized Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Maplegrove recognizes the unique circumstance of young people and professionals who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction – Eases cravings and withdrawal symptoms during detox.
  • Addiction Care for Teens – Addresses the problems young people face: insecurity, peer pressure, uncertainty, restlessness, household problems, etc.
  • Addiction Care for Women – A safe place for women to heal and recover without intimidation or fear.
  • Addiction Treatment for Professionals – Discreet drug treatment and counseling for people in the high-stakes corporate world.

People from all backgrounds come to Maplegrove to get clean and sober.

3. Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center – Medical detox treatment center

Sacred Heart is more than just a drug rehab center. It offers multiple health services at 10 locations throughout Michigan, including:

400 Stoddard Rd
Richmond, MI 48062
Phone: (810) 392-2167

Drug Rehab Services

Sacred Heart helps people beat addictions to alcohol, stimulants, opioids and prescription drugs.

  • Detoxification – Substance use disorders rarely cease without this hard yet critical first step.
  • Residential Inpatient – Where patients heal, acquire lifestyle skills and undergo counseling and group therapy.
  • Women’s Specialty – Addresses the issues that affect women who struggle with substance abuse.
  • Outpatient – Patients with ideal home accommodations attend a Sacred Heart treatment facility in the daytime.

Sacred Heart offers a private and convenient solution for people seeking drug treatment and alcohol detox.

Additional Services

Sacred Heart staff helps each patient through the challenging stages of recovery.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – This helps curb the cravings of substance addiction once the patient commits to sobriety.
  • Drug Prevention – Education that teaches about the dangers of drug addiction and why people should avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • Recovery Support – Ongoing support for those who complete rehab.

Sacred Heart rehab centers are peaceful places to escape from the smog and crime of city life.

4. Bear River Health – Withdrawal management rehab center

Bear River offers a peaceful waterside treatment facility for anyone with a substance abuse disorder.

2329 Center Street
Boyne Falls, MI 49713
Phone: 231-535-2822

Treatment Programs and Services

Bear River staff help clients let go of their drug and alcohol dependence and conquer the underlying issues that spur substance abuse.

  • Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Management – Bear River counselors help patients overcome drug and alcohol cravings and develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Residential Programs – Individualized treatment with a favorable staff-to-client ratio and separate campuses for men and women.
  • Outpatient Services – Covers similar ground to residential (addiction treatment, counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy) in the daytime.
  • Ongoing Support – Once the patient completes rehab and re-enters society clean and sober, Bear River is always available for ongoing support.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – Bear River staff may administer anti-addiction medication as approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Bear River is partnered with the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

5. Advanced Rapid Detox – Sedation detoxification rehab clinic

Advanced Rapid Detox is a preferred drug rehab center in the US for quick recovery.

4777 Outer Drive E.
Unit 2 West
Detroit MI 48234
Phone: (800) 603-1813

Rapid Detox Schedule

People across the US come to this specific rehab center because of Rapid’s advanced treatment practices.

  • Fly-In and Arrival – Rapid Detox arranges for each patient to be picked up and dropped off at the airport.
  • Treatment Admissions – Each new patient undergoes lab tests to determine the nature of his/her addiction and any co-occurring symptoms.
  • Treatment Provider Care – Each patient stays in a private room (with a private bathroom) and receives meals and private care from staff.
  • First Night Medication – If a patient is on anti-addiction medication, he/she may take it for the first night.
  • Sedation – The patient undergoes sedation on day two that lasts 24 hours, thus sleeping through the stretch of peak withdrawal cravings. Afterward, the patient receives a Vivitrol injection.
  • Recuperation – On day three, the patient rests and recuperates. The caregiver attends to his/her needs. If necessary, IV Ketamine Therapy may be given.

After discharge on day four, the patient returns home and undergoes detox aftercare.

6. Dawn Farm – Long-term treatment programs

Dawn Farm offers drug abuse treatment options for people from all walks of life, including young people and inmates.

6633 Stony Creek Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone: (734) 485-8725


Dawn Farm helps patients recover from drug and alcohol abuse on the mental and physical levels.

  • Residential Treatment – A 90-120 stay at the farm. The schedule includes chores, meals, dialectical behavioral therapy and equine therapy.
  • Detoxification – Dawn Farm provides monitored withdrawal treatment and social detox without medications.
  • Outpatient Services – Daytime group therapy, individual therapy and case management. Lasts 12-48 weeks.
  • Transitional Housing – At $500/month, the patient stays in a safe transitional house for 6-24 months.
  • Jail & Community Corrections – Dawn Farm conducts rehab programs with inmates at the Washtenaw County Jail.
  • Youth and Family Services – Treatment for adolescents, young adults and their families. Three months of weekly sessions, followed by a reevaluation.

Dawn Farm offers a private and convenient solution to substance abuse.

Michigan Addiction Treatment Centers: Call for Help

Each day, drug-related deaths occur throughout Michigan. Don’t let anyone you know become a statistic. Call the nearest drug rehab center and get your friend or loved one the help he/she needs.

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