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Rehab Centers in Montana: Substance Abuse Treatment

Does your friend or relative have a drug or alcohol problem? Montana has multiple treatment centers for people struggling with substance abuse.

In Montana communities, drugs remain a huge problem. In 2018, there were 125 overdose deaths in the state, 64 of those from opioids.

So where can people go for addiction treatment programs in Montana?

4 Addiction Treatment Centers in Montana

  1. Drug and alcohol rehab center – Rocky Mountain Treatment Center
  2. Substance abuse outpatient services- SeekingRecoveryLLC
  3. Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction- Community Medical Services
  4. Addiction treatment services – White Sky Hope Center

1. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center – Drug and alcohol rehab center

For people seeking addiction treatment, Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is one of the leading options in Great Falls, Montana. They offer detox, rehab and aftercare in accordance with the Mental Health Services Administration.

920 4th Avenue North
Great Falls, Montana 59401
Phone: (406) 453-5080

Addiction Treatment Programs

Rocky Mountain offers guidance and support for people struggling to overcome problems with substance abuse. Their list of programs includes:

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox – This starts the moment the user halts all drug and alcohol use. It takes between three and seven days for all substances to clear the body. Supervision is vital.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders – Most people with drug and alcohol problems also have co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and past trauma. Rocky Mountain counselors help patients through these issues.
  • After Care – Once a patient completes his/her time at a treatment facility, it’s always important to have the option of ongoing support. Rocky Mountain is always a phone call away for people who need further guidance and encouragement.
  • Holistic Therapy – The best treatment providers do more than simply treat addiction; they treat the whole person on the emotional and mental levels. Rocky Mountain takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

The counselors at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center are committed to the long-term recovery of each individual who comes in for help.

Additional Recovery Services

Rocky Mountain offers therapeutic programs designed to help patients along their recovery journey. These involve wellness activities and group sessions with loved ones.

  • Family Programs – Communication with family is an important component in a healthy recovery. Typically, family members don’t know how to properly handle an addicted loved one. Rocky Mountain counselors help mend these gaps between patients and relatives.
  • Equine Therapy – One of the most fulfilling activities for people in recovery is animal care. Equine therapy involves horses. Patients care for horses and take them for rides. By communicating with animals, people grow more in touch with the meaning of life.
  • Recreational Programs – For the recovering individual, it’s important to have new, healthy activities to replace the old vices. Rocky Mountain encourages patients to take up hobbies like art, music, sports and the great outdoors.
  • Spiritual Programs – For some people, recovery is most effective with the help of a higher power. Rocky Mountain helps spiritually inclined patients get more in touch with this side of themselves.

The Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is a place where people can overcome substance use disorders and withdrawal symptoms.

2. SeekingRecoveryLLC – Substance abuse outpatient services

Seeking Recovery LLC offers intensive outpatient programs for people in the Greater Falls area. They offer treatment and counseling for people who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.

600 Central Plaza Suite 408
Great Falls, MT 59401
Phone: Office: 406-205-3433

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs cover the same ground as residential inpatient treatment, such as individual counseling, group meetings, wellness activities and education.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Patients attend meetings in the daytime and meet one-on-one with appointed counselors to discuss progress.
  • Mental Health Counseling – The patient speaks with a counselor about his/her history of drug and/or alcohol abuse. This gives the counselor a clearer idea of the patient’s addiction. The info helps counselors customize treatment to the needs of the individual.
  • ​Co-Occurring Groups – Most patients in recovery are like-minded individuals from different backgrounds with the common goal of sobriety. In group meetings, they share their struggles, triumphs and insights.

Seeking Recovery LLC helps people avoid the adverse consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Wellness Activities

Seeking Recovery LLC is committed to relapse prevention. To that end, they promote wellness activities that help patients achieve long-term recovery.

  • Education – Patients must understand the adverse consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Addiction drains bank accounts and destroys lives and communities. Overdoses kill thousands of people annually.
  • Peer Support – People who struggle with substance use disorders often feel alienated and are fearful to talk about their problem for fear of backlash or legal consequences. Seeking Recovery provides a peer-support environment where people can open up about their problems.
  • ​Emotional Support Animal – Seeking Recovery encourages each patient to establish a relationship with an animal. This gives the recovering individual something to care for and a newfound purpose in life.
  • Prime for Life Classes – Most people in drug rehab could use pointers on how to manage life and its challenges. Seeking Recovery’s life classes cover topics like stress management and coping skills.

Seeking Recovery LLC offers a private and convenient solution for people seeking rehab and treatment advice in Montana.

3. Community Medical Services -Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction

Community Medical Services has a specific rehab center in Belgrade, Montana, with addiction treatment practitioners who offer medication-assisted treatment.

8707 Jackrabbit Lane
Belgrade, MT 59714
Phone: 406-404-7900

Medication Options

Community Medical Services offers three treatment options for people struggling to overcome withdrawal symptoms during detox.

  • Methadone – Used to treat pain associated with drug withdrawal. Lasts long and acts as an agonist for the brain’s opioid receptors. This blocks cravings for hard drugs.
  • Buprenorphine – Another medication for drug withdrawal, marketed as Suboxone® and Subutex®. This blocks cravings and the euphoric effect caused by harmful drugs.
  • Naltrexone – An injectable medication marketed as Vivitrol®. It blocks the effects of the opioid receptor. Cannot be used with other opioid medications. Not safe for pregnant women.

Withdrawal medications help people overcome the cravings, emotional stress and physical pain that typically occurs during the second and third days of drug detox.

Mental Health Services

Community Medical offers mental health services that help people on the road to recovery. These programs treat the emotional needs of recovering individuals.

  • Counseling – People who undergo drug rehab need counseling to deal with the emotional issues that feed into their addictive behavioral patterns.
  • Peer Support – For anyone struggling with addiction, peer support is essential. Most people on the outside don’t comprehend the problem. Those with similar struggles know how to empathize.
  • Correctional Health – Drugs are a huge problem among the nation’s prison population. Community Medical promotes correctional health among Montana inmates.

Community Medical helps Montana residents overcome drug addiction and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

4. White Sky Hope Center – Addiction treatment services

The White Sky Hope Center offers a range of medical services for people in Box Elder, Montana, including treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

535 Clinic Rd
Box Elder, MT 59521
Phone: (406) 395-4837

Treatment Services

People seeking addiction treatment need a combination of wellness education and healthy lifestyle habits to achieve long-term recovery.

  • Holistic Treatment – White Sky Hope promotes an integrated treatment approach that covers the mental and physical aspects of recovery and sobriety.
  • Sobriety – For people who conquer their drug and alcohol addiction, sobriety is a lifetime commitment.  White Mountain helps patients achieve this long-term.
  • Healthy Living – Most people who struggle with addiction lack healthy eating and lifestyle habits. White Mountain helps patients master healthy habits congruent with the sober lifestyle.
  • Wellness Group – Recovery goes hand-in-hand with wellness activities. White Mountain holds group meetings where people find healthy activities to fill their time.

White Mountain is a medical provider with programs designed for the needs of people with substance use disorders.

Montana Rehab: Contact a Treatment Center Today

If someone you love needs to enter a drug and alcohol treatment center, don’t delay. Call a center nearby today to learn about their treatment options

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