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About Us

About National TASC

TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities) is a membership association representing over 220 programs across the United States that are dedicated to the professional delivery of assessment and case management services to substance involved criminal justice and court populations. TASC is represented heavily in some states such as Florida, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona and Colorado. In addition to being an effective program model, TASC has also distilled a methodology of critical elements which are fundamental to integrating the criminal justice and substance abuse treatment systems, holding offenders and both systems accountable through the implementation of client-specific case management. As such, TASC methods can be utilized by programs or systems attempting to manage drug-involved offenders and other people involved with the courts as they occupy places in both justice and treatment programming.



Many TASC programs have evolved to provide services to those in need of mental health services, as well as families involved in abuse and neglect cases. The TASC model of service is to provide assessment, treatment, or referral to treatment, case management, and monitoring and reporting services. TASC programs provide an integrated system of care in meeting the needs of the justice system, the treatment system, and, most of all, the client. TASC programs work with courts (including drug courts), and corrections to ensure treatment is available for community-based supervision, and institutional aftercare.


  • Monitors client progress in treatment
  • Advocates for efficient and effective substance abuse treatment resources in the community
  • Provides training and technical assistance in designing programs that intervene with substance-abusing offenders, including drug courts
  • Maintains a national presence in the Washington, DC area

How TASC Works


Because it is a methodology as well as a program model, TASC methods are applicable for moving offenders through a range of sentencing options from deferred prosecution or pretrial release through incarceration and probation/parole, as well as through residential and non-residential treatment programs and aftercare. TASC methodology is essential to developing the partnerships between the justice system and the treatment delivery system that characterize many successful offender management programs, including drug courts, Networks, and Break the Cycle programs, to name a few.


For three decades, TASC programs have provided the framework for creation of partnerships between justice and treatment delivery systems, including linkages between institution-based substance abuse treatment services with community-based supervision and treatment and aftercare services.


TASC programs are making numerous contributions to enhance the management of substance-involved offenders during its long history. TASC developed and distributed a variety of publications, ranging from information on forming a TASC program to explorations of the relationships between TASC and Drug Courts.