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Rehab Centers in Alaska for Drug Abuse Treatment

Does someone you know have a drug or alcohol problem? Fortunately, Alaska has rehab centers for anyone seeking addiction treatment.

Alaska has an alarmingly high rate of drug fatalities for a state of 734,000 people. In 2017, the state witnessed 108 opioid-related deaths.

Alaskans must work to combat drug and alcohol abuse. What are the treatment centers in Alaska?

4 Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Alaska

  1. Drug abuse treatment – Anchorage Comprehensive Treatment Center
  2. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment – True North Recovery
  3. Drug addiction and behavioral health services – Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
  4. Substance abuse treatment – Set Free Alaska

1. Anchorage Comprehensive Treatment Center – Drug abuse treatment in Anchorage, Alaska

The Anchorage Comprehensive Treatment Center is the most reliable drug treatment provider in Alaska’s largest city.

3230 C Street, Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (866) 847-2817


Drug and alcohol treatment programs incorporate behavioral health therapy. This helps counselors identify co-occurring mental health disorders in each patient.

  • Private Therapy – Patients meet privately with counselors to discuss vices, usage habits and progress with drug treatment programs.
  • Group Sessions – Clients meet in groups to share their progress, insights and struggles in a mutually supportive environment.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This helps patients reverse cognitive distortions (disbelief, despair) that spur drug use.

CBT is one of the most popular rehab treatment practices. It’s an evidence-based therapy used at most of today’s addiction treatment centers.

Methadone Maintenance

For recovering addicts, cravings are hard to resist. Anchorage Comprehensive offers medication-assisted treatment options like methadone for people undergoing detox and withdrawal. The benefits include:

  • Disease Reduction – When people come to an addiction treatment facility, it reduces the prevalence of risky intravenous street use.
  • Crime Reduction – People who complete a treatment program are less likely to use illegal drugs in the future.
  • Improved Life – Substance use disorders are risky and often fatal. Methadone, when administered properly, helps wean people off opioids and prescription drugs.
  • Recovery Success – Medication-assisted treatment helps people through the most difficult stages of drug rehab.

Due to the success of the medication-assisted approach, it’s become one of the more popular treatment options at American addiction centers.

Buprenorphine Maintenance

Marketed under the brand name Suboxone, buprenorphine is another medication that can help people overcome substance addiction.

  • Suppress Cravings – Buprenorphine works well at curbing cravings for short-acting opioids.
  • Self Discipline – With the cravings suppressed, patients have time to master healthy habits and conquer their drug problems.
  • Improved Function – When taken regularly for the time needed, people can improve their physical and mental functions.
  • Sobriety Focus – A person can learn the values of sobriety (achievement, health, prosperity) when he/she enters a rehabilitation facility for medication treatment.

Despite the adverse consequences alleged to impact certain users, buprenorphine was approved by the FDA in 2002. It helps most people with severe addictions

2. True North Recovery – Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Wasilla, Alaska

True North Recovery offers substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling for people struggling with drugs and alcohol in Wasilla.

591 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd
Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: 907-313-1333

Residential Housing

True North has a residential treatment program designed to free people of drug and alcohol dependence.

  • Amenities – The treatment facility has bedrooms, living spaces and a kitchen/dining area where patients can feel at home.
  • Peace – True North is a tranquil, quiet setting; ideal for the stability and mental health of people in recovery.
  • Structure – The house rules and daily activities of the drug rehab program help patients master the sober lifestyle.
  • Engagement – Patients partake in group therapy and activities with like-minded residents on the same journey.

True North offers a private and convenient solution for people seeking freedom from illicit drug dependence.

Sober Living Homes

Some people need further help landing on their feet after drug rehab. Sober living homes offer:

  • Stability – Drugs and alcohol are forbidden in sober living. This keeps residents on the straight and narrow.
  • Discipline – Residents have a similar set of daily responsibilities (work, chores) as they would in a treatment center.
  • Support – Residents live with like-minded people who’ve undergone drug rehab.

Sober living takes the treatment practices of rehab and extends them further as patients transition to the real world.

Crisis Stabilization

True North Recovery offers services for people in crisis. If someone you love is in an urgent situation with drugs and alcohol, call the crisis hotline. True North can offer advice and assistance with:

  • Intervention – If someone you love is in a downward spiral and rejects help or refuses to acknowledge the problem, intervention is vital. People without experience often don’t know how to properly handle this situation. True North can help.
  • Relapse – Some people fall off the wagon. When they do, they often get despondent about their chances of getting clean. True North helps people back on the wagon.

Substance abuse can overtake an individual unless the people who know and care about that person step in and act when needed. True North supplies the necessary tools.

3. Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services, Inc. – Drug addiction and behavioral health services in Wasilla

Located in Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Nugen’s Ranch hosts the first drug treatment program in Alaska to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

P.O. Box 871545
Wasilla, AK 99687
Phone: (907) 376-2348

Ranch Program Rehab Treatment

The ranch functions as a rehab facility for people wrestling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

  • Personalized Assessment – Each new client meets with a ranch counselor to discuss his/her issues. This helps customize addiction treatment in a manner best suited for each individual.
  • Individual Weekly Sessions – Clients meet privately each week with ranch counselors to discuss their progress and/or lingering struggles with drugs and alcohol.
  • Therapy Groups – The ranch hosts group therapy sessions in accordance with the Mental Health Services Administration.
  • Personal Growth Activities – At the ranch, people learn valuable life skills, such as coping with stress and handling challenges without resorting to drugs and alcohol.
  • AA Twelve Step – Conceived by alcoholics anonymous to help over-drinkers and drug addicts, the 12-step model brings structure to the lives of people in recovery.

At Nugan’s ranch, people get the structure and wellness of drug rehab in a peaceful country setting.


The ranch treatment facility offers human services designed for the mental health of people recovering from substance abuse. Treatment options include:

  • Self-Worth Counseling – Helps reverse the internalized despair that afflicts many people who struggle with drugs and alcohol.
  • Educational Programs – Information about the dangers of drugs and the benefits of sobriety. Also covers the habits and mindsets of people who resist drugs and alcohol.
  • Money Management – Covers how to spend wisely. Drug addiction is a money drain that leaves many people destitute. This teaches fiscal responsibility to people who typically lack it.
  • Healthy Eating – A balanced diet with essential daily nutrients is important for anyone seeking a full physical recovery.

At the ranch rehab facility, people learn how to manage their emotions, health and finances, all vital components of the sober lifestyle.

4. Set Free Alaska – Substance abuse treatment in Homer, Alaska

Set Free Alaska is a Christian-specific rehab center with treatment programs for people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

1130 Ocean Drive Suite A
Homer, AK 99603
Phone: 907 235-4732

Outpatient Services – Substance Abuse Treatment

Set Free Alaska offers intensive outpatient treatment with the following features and options:

  • Co-Occurring Disorders – For most people, addiction is tied to a mental health issue. To fix one problem, the other needs equal attention.
  • Trauma Treatment – Set Free Alaska offers faith-based therapy for people scarred by past trauma. Done in compliance with the Mental Health Services Administration.
  • Flexible Schedules – Set Free accommodates the different work hours and daily commitments of each patient.
  • Continuing Care – Set Free makes sure that all former outpatients get ongoing support when they need it.

Unlike other treatment centers in Alaska, Set Free helps people recover on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Adolescent / Men’s / Women’s Services

Set Free Alaska offers treatment programs specifically geared toward adolescents, men and women.

  • For Youth – Young people often struggle with peer pressure and insecurity, which often tempt them into drug use and binge drinking. Set Free offers drug rehab that addresses youth issues.
  • For Men – The majority of alcoholics and drug users are men, who abuse for numerous reasons (depression, finances, joblessness, performance anxiety). Men’s center: at Kachemak Bay, outside Homer.
  • For Women – Some women use drugs to suppress food cravings or cope with insecurity, domestic violence and body issues. Women also have lower tolerance levels for alcohol. Women’s center: at Valley Oaks.

Set Free addresses issues specific to each gender in alcohol and drug rehab. Women can open up about their struggles without fear or intimidation. Youth can find people who care.

Call for Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a private and convenient solution for people seeking addiction treatment. The best low-cost treatment centers accept most insurance. If someone you love needs help, call one of the rehab centers in Alaska today.

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