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Leading Rehabs In North Dakota

Although the rate of drug abuse in North Dakota isn’t as alarming as in most other states, the slow (but ever-increasing) rate of drug dependence and overdose should be a cause for concern, more so for commonly abused drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and amphetamines. 

If you’re a North Dakotan in search of a proper drug addiction treatment center to enroll yourself (or a loved one) in, then you’ll be glad to learn that the Peace Garden State is home to several leading rehabs in the midwest. 

But as you might be aware, finding a good, highly regarded drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is easier said than done since most facilities brand themselves as ‘the best’ only to take advantage of clients in desperate need of effective substance abuse treatment. 

Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. 

In this article, we’ll review some of the leading rehab centers in North Dakota, paying close attention to factors like location, services offered, amenities, and even payment methods. 

1. Heartview Foundation

Address 101 East Broadway, Bismarck, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 701 222-0386
Treatment OptionsResidential Treatment Services, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Low Intensity Outpatient, Aftercare, Medication Assisted Detox, Family Programing, Psychological Services 
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults 
LocationBismarck, North Dakota

The Heartview Foundation was established in 1964 and claims to have treated over 30,000 patients from across the country and abroad. 

Heartview Foundation has two campuses, one in Bismarck and another in Cando. The Cando campus has a 16-bed capacity for residential treatment and also offers outpatient treatment programs like the main Bismarck facility.

Once enrolled in the substance abuse treatment center, you (or your loved one) will be assisted by a qualified interdisciplinary staff of addiction counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, mental health professionals, acupuncture therapists, and licensed social workers. 

Graduates get to join the facility’s alumni program that seeks to keep members grounded and constantly motivated to remain sober. 

As a non-profit alcohol and drug rehab, Heartview doesn’t have strict pricing policies and can come up with friendly pricing plans for patients unable to foot the entire cost of treatment. But for further assistance, it’s best to dial +1 701 222-0386 to talk to a customer support agent. 

The facility is a great pick for both North Dakotans and out-of-state patients as it offers a wide range of services from medication-assisted detox to residential treatment and a variety of outpatient treatment programs

2. Ideal Option 

Address 3301 30th Ave S Suite 102, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 877-522-1275
Treatment OptionsOutpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment
Payment OptionsInsurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Financial Assistance
Age RangeAdults
LocationGrand Forks, ND

Ideal Option has over 70 outpatient clinics spread out across 10 US states. On the official website, the rehab center claims to have helped over 50,000 patients to overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. 

The facility provides outpatient treatment programs in clinic-like settings and doesn’t allow for overnight stays, making it suitable for North Dakotans that don’t want to uproot their lives in pursuit of treatment. 

Perhaps one of Ideal Option’s best features is its flexible approach towards payment. The rehab center accepts all forms of insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, while also providing financial assistance to patients that can’t afford to pay for drug addiction treatment programs. 

Walk-ins and same-day enrollment are allowed at the facility. 

In North Dakota, Ideal Option operates clinics in Grand Forks, Bismarck, Williston, Minot, and Fargo. We recommend the rehab center if you want outpatient addiction treatment services that use medications like Vivitrol or suboxone. 

And although Ideal Option does not suspend or penalize patients that slip and relapse, it is highly advisable to partner with a separate counselor or at least involve your family in the treatment and recovery process to reduce the chances of relapsing. 

3. ShareHouse 

Address 4227 9th Avenue South Fargo, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 877-294-6561 (daytime), +1 701-361-1018 (after hours)
Treatment OptionsResidential, Outpatient, Peer Support, Recovery Living
Payment Options Insurance, Self Pay
Age Range Adults
LocationSouth Fargo, ND

It’s impossible to discuss the leading rehabs in North Dakota without mentioning ShareHouse, one of the state’s oldest chemical dependency programs. Like most rehab centers, ShareHouse uses evidence-based programs, more specifically the 12 steps to treat addiction. 

The rehab center can accommodate 87 patients in its apartment-like buildings and boasts amenities like a wellness room, gaming room, and a fitness center that help make treatment smoother and a lot more bearable. 

ShareHouse’s unique program, dubbed Treatment University, helps enhance the effectiveness of treatment by allowing patients to participate in a variety of group and individual therapies and education. 

Despite accommodating up to 87 patients, the rehab center has a strict staff-to-patient ratio. Each client battling substance abuse disorder is assigned a case manager and a licensed addiction counselor to help customize and execute the treatment. 

Please note that the rehab center doesn’t provide private housing, meaning you’ll need to be prepared to share your room with two to three other patients. The good news is the rooms are furnished, well-spaced, and set up in a serene, well-secluded location. 

 4. Good Road Recovery Center

Address 1308 Elbowoods Ln Bismarck, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 701-751-8260
Treatment OptionsResidential Treatment, Outpatient, Intensive Case Management 
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults 
LocationsBismarck, ND

The Good Road Recovery Center was launched in late 2018 with the aim of providing residential treatment services and outpatient services to Bismarck residents in need of substance abuse treatment. 

But despite being a relatively new rehab, Good Road Recovery has gained rapid popularity over the years, more so for its residential program and resort-style setup. 

Patients that join the residential program get to recover in spacious, well-furnished rooms with TVs and Wi-Fi. The fitness center, common rooms, and game room provide a much-needed break from day-to-day treatment needs. 

One thing we don’t like about Good Road Recovery is its website, which, unlike most other treatment centers, is pretty basic and doesn’t provide potentially useful information about substance abuse treatment.

However, if recovering and receiving treatment in a spacious, resort-like setup appeals to you, we recommend dialing +1 701-751-8260 to speak to a customer care agent and learn more about its services.

5. North Dakota Adult And Teen Challenge

Address 1406 2nd St NW Mandan, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 701- 667- 2131
Treatment OptionsFaith-based Residential Treatment
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults, Separate Teen Education Program
Locations Mandan, ND

Adult and Teen Challenge is a popular rehab facility known for its faith-based approach to substance abuse treatment. The North Dakota campus is no different from the institution’s other facilities as it helps patients overcome substance abuse through a long-term treatment and education plan. 

North Dakota Adult And Teen Challenge is suitable if you (or your loved one) don’t mind being away for a while, as the minimum stay is 12 months. It’s also a great option if you want a substance abuse treatment program that awakens your spirituality and faith in God.  

In addition to the faith-based residential services offered, North Dakota Adult And Teen Challenge also has an outreach program called Know The Truth (KTT) ND. 

The KTT program is designed to educate students on the chains and dangers of addiction through presentations made by graduates that overcame addiction. 

6. New Freedom Center

Address 905E Interstate Ave, Bismarck, North Dakota
Phone Number+1 701- 222-4673
Treatment OptionsEvaluations, Residential, Outpatient
Payment OptionsInsurance, Cash
Age RangeAdults
LocationBismarck, ND

Sure, New Freedom Center might not have an eye-catching website like other treatment centers, but it is still known in and around Bismarck, ND, as a reliable rehab facility administering residential, outpatient, and evaluation services. 

The drug and alcohol addiction rehab offers evaluation services to clients that have been issued court orders to complete an evaluation from a recognized institution. Be warned, though, that evaluation services are only offered during business days from 8 am- 5 pm. 

When partaking in New Freedom Center’s evaluation program, you’ll need to have an individual meeting with the facility’s licensed addiction counselor, who’ll attempt to gather as much information as possible about your alcohol or drug abuse history. 

A urine analysis test might also be needed to complete the evaluation for the counselor to make necessary recommendations. 

Unlike Evaluation services that are only offered during business days, New Freedom Center’s residential services are administered on a 24/7 basis. However, your length of stay at the facility will be determined by your unique treatment needs. 

New Freedom also has a solid aftercare program that provides services like day treatment, intensive outpatient, low intensive outpatient treatment, and aftercare. Outpatient schedules vary depending on the level of care, hence the need to confirm dates and hours through +1 701- 222-4673. 

The aftercare program is crucial for patients that are transitioning from the more intense levels of care. Under this program, you (or a loved one) will be attending group therapy sessions led by New Freedom Center’s licensed addiction counselor at least once a week. 

Although the rehab’s aftercare program is usually 12 sessions, the length of treatment can last longer, depending on each patient’s unique needs. 

FAQS About Rehabs In North Dakota

How Much Does Addiction Treatment In North Dakota Rehabs Cost?

The cost of addiction treatment in North Dakota (and any other state) depends on several factors.

Long-term residential treatment is usually the costliest, while the cost for outpatient services and detox majorly depends on a facility’s pricing plan. 

Most addiction treatment centers in North Dakota accept private health insurance plans, with some accepting Medicaid and Medicare. The trick is to call a facility (through the official number and not brokers) to inquire and learn more about pricing policies and your extent of coverage. 

Is North Dakota Ideal For Out-Of-State Treatment?

Although not as vacation-esque as states with extensive coastlines and palm trees, North Dakota has some fully licensed, well-respected rehab centers known to offer quality addiction treatment services in the midwest.

Rehab centers like ShareHouse and Heartview Foundation offer both short and long-term individualized residential treatment for patients in need. 

Heartview Foundation, for instance, has a flexible payment plan that makes treatment affordable even for out-of-state patients in need of quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. 

What Are Some Of The Leading Outpatient Rehabs In North Dakota? 

North Dakota is home to several leading outpatient rehab centers. For instance, Ideal Option has been providing medically-assisted outpatient services to North Dakotans in need of addiction treatment. 

Facilities like New Freedom Center, Good Road Recovery Center, and Heartview Foundation also offer intensive outpatient programs as part of their services. 

However, it’s crucial to note that outpatient rehabs are not ideal for kickstarting addiction treatment. Patients starting recovery need all the time and care to detach from toxic environments and avoid triggers that can lead to relapses. 

Outpatient treatment is more suitable if you’re in the advanced stages of recovery and have enough resolve to overcome temptations and maintain sobriety while receiving treatment. 

Is There Any Religious Rehab In North Dakota?

Only a handful of rehab centers offer religious-based addiction treatment in North Dakota. But you’ll be glad to learn that the North Dakota Adult and Teen Challenge is well-known for its intensive, religious-based residential program. 

By taking a spiritual-based approach to treatment, the facility has assisted many patients both in and out of North Dakota to maintain sobriety by relying on a higher power and being in touch with one’s spiritual self. 

What Factors Should I Consider Before Starting Rehab In North Dakota

There are several factors to consider before starting rehab in North Dakota. First, you should choose a rehab based on the drug treatment programs offered. That is, if you’re in need of convenient outpatient services in a strategic location, you might want to consider a facility like Ideal Option that has several outpatient clinics sprinkled across the state. 

For residential treatment, factors you should consider include staff-to-patient ratio, amenities, location, and cost. 

Leading Rehabs In North Dakota: Wrapping Up

Sure, North Dakota might not have as many luxury rehabs as states with breathtaking coastlines and clear waters, but it is still home to some well-known and trusted rehab centers in the midwest. 

We recommend enrolling for inpatient treatment if you’re getting started with addiction treatment. Outpatient services will work best if you live in North Dakota and don’t want to uproot your life due to school, work, or other commitments. 

Whichever rehab you choose to enroll yourself (or loved one) in, it is advisable to call or contact the support team to make further inquiries about costs, services offered, and admission policies. 

Wishing you all the best in your journey towards lifetime sobriety.

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