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Leading Rehabs In South Dakota

As per drug abuse statistics provided by the National Institute On Drug Abuse, half of all deaths caused by drug overdose in South Dakota in 2018 involved opioids. 

And while the number of opioid prescriptions issued in South Dakota is well below the national average of 51.4 prescriptions for every 100 persons, there is still a need for proper addiction treatment and education- lest the situation worsens in years to come.  

Besides opioids, other commonly abused drugs in South Dakota include alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

The gradually increasing rates of drug addiction and overdoses underline the importance of setting up proper addiction treatment facilities to serve clients in need of professional assistance. 

But does South Dakota have good rehab centers capable of providing effective treatment for you or a loved one? Does the state have quality facilities that can provide substance abuse treatment to out-of-state patients? 

To answer these questions, we’ll review some of the leading rehabs in South Dakota, paying close attention to the treatment services offered, amenities, pricing policies, and treatment methods used. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Addiction Recovery Centers Of The Black Hills 

Address Rapid City Clinic :1520 Haines Avenue Suite 6, Rapid City, SD
Hot Springs Clinic : 646 Jennings Avenue Suite 2, Hot Springs, SD
Custer Clinic : 14 Mt Rushmore, Ste C, Custer, SD
Phone NumberRapid City clinic : +1 605- 716-7841
Hot Springs Clinic: +1 605- 745- 6300
Custer Clinic: +1 605 673- 2844
Treatment OptionsIntensive Outpatient, Dual Diagnosis, Counseling
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay, Sliding Fee Scale
Age Range Adults, Separate Youth Program
LocationRapid City, Hot Springs, Custer, SD

Addiction Recovery Centers of the Black Hills is a collection of outpatient treatment centers that provide behavioral health services centered on addiction and co-occurring disorders. 

The South Dakota-based substance abuse rehab serves both adults and youth in and around the communities of Shannon, Custer, Oglala Lakota, and Pennington Counties. 

The Hot Springs and Custer clinics serve youth battling addiction, while the Rapid City clinic is meant for adults in need of drug or alcohol addiction outpatient treatment. 

All the Addiction Recovery Centers of the Black Hills clinic operate only on weekdays, which means you might have to consider alternative rehab centers in South Dakota if you want weekend treatment. 

Moreover, each treatment facility has its unique operating hours, hence the need to call well-in-advance to inquire about schedules before starting treatment. 

What stands out most about the Addiction Recovery Centers of the Black Hills is its flexible approach to payment. The facility promises (on its website) to help eligible patients secure treatment funding.

In addition to accepting most insurances, The Addiction Recovery Centers of the Black Hills also applies a sliding fee scale to make treatment costs affordable for you (or your loved one). 

Some of the issues tackled during outpatient treatment include post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, and cravings management

The outpatient drug addiction treatment facility also uses art therapy, moral reconation therapy, the 12-step program, and cognitive behavioral therapy to make treatment more effective.  

2. Teen Challenge Of The Dakotas

Address 600W 16th Avenue South Brookings, South Dakota
Phone Number+1 605-693-9753
Treatment OptionsLong Term Residential Treatment, Individualized Mentoring
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age Range Adult Men
LocationBrookings, South Dakota

Teen Challenge of the Dakotas is a drug and alcohol rehab facility in South Dakota that specializes in long-term drug addiction treatment. 

The  facility bases its substance abuse treatment program on religion and spirituality and requires members to commit to 16 months of treatment. 

Teen Challenge of the Dakotas’ program contains two main phases, induction/ training (first 10 months) and the re-entry phase (final 6 months). 

The first phase comprises four main program components that include personal studies, group studies, work-study, and finally, individualized mentoring. These substance abuse treatment services play the all-important role of addressing underlying problems that lead to drug dependence. 

The second phase, commonly known as the re-entry phase, is a crucial part of the facility’s program that helps members develop the skills needed to transition to day-to-day life. Men in this stage of treatment get to learn more about budgeting, overcoming debts and temptations, and most importantly, how to secure full-time employment

Teen Challenge of the Dakotas collaborates with local agencies to help graduates find jobs and volunteer activities to keep them occupied after completing treatment. 

While Teen Challenge of the Dakota’s has several positive reviews online, we’d not recommend it if you prefer short-term or intensive outpatient services. You must be willing to stay in the facility for close to two years before graduating. 

The good news, however, is the treatment facility has a thorough curriculum designed to help you overcome addictive behavior and also helps you secure jobs after completing treatment. 

3. Keystone Treatment Center

Address 1010 E 2nd St. Canton, South Dakota
Phone Number+1 866- 385-0138
Treatment OptionsAdult Program, Young Adult Program, Specialty Programs, Drug and Alcohol Detox Program, Outpatient Program, Continuing Care Program, Family Therapy
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults, Teens
LocationCanton, SD

The Keystone Treatment Center is arguably one of the most renowned substance abuse treatment centers in South Dakota. The facility is among the few that offer adult and teen treatment while also providing specialty programs for people in need of customized addiction treatment programs. 

Some of the specialty programs offered by the Keystone Treatment Center include Christian, native American, law enforcement, and legal professional programs. These programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals that need either short or long-term rehabilitation. 

The main campus in Canton, SD, lies on 13 acres of serene, well secluded private land and administers residential and detox services. Upon admission, you’ll also get to benefit from a variety of therapeutic interventions like experiential therapy, medication management, individual therapy, mental health services and family therapy

Keystone’s outpatient clinic is based in Sioux Falls, SD, and is ideal for South Dakotans in the late stages of recovery. 

Patients that complete Keystone’s inpatient program are highly encouraged to take up the continuing care program that’s designed to promote long-term sobriety. The program allows you to transition to normal life gradually without putting too much pressure on yourself. 

4. Tallgrass Recovery

Address 27048 Tallgrass Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD
Phone Number+1 605 368-5559
Treatment Options30-day Program, Mentorship, Sober Living, 
Payment OptionsSelf Pay, No Insurance Accepted 
Age RangeAdults
LocationSioux Falls, SD

Tallgrass Recovery is a drug and alcohol recovery center located in Sioux Falls, SD.  The facility uses a 12-step, spiritually-based treatment program to help patients kickstart and continue their recovery. 

Although Tallgrass doesn’t offer medical services to its clients, it helps patients overcome addiction through its 30 day and long-term sober living programs. 

The 30-day program relies heavily on peer-to-peer mentoring, which means you (or your loved one) will be learning and receiving assistance from people that have managed to overcome addiction. 

At Tallgrass, it’s not about putting a timeline on recovery but more about owning up to the condition and working with like-minded people to recover your life and start anew. 

Besides the short-term 30-day program, clients can also register for the longer sober living program. Tallgrass’ sober living program prioritizes personal recovery by introducing clients to a community of other people in recovery. 

The sober living homes are strategically located close to convenience stores, bus lines, and coffee shops, which makes them ideal for people looking to transition to their normal lives gradually. 

As indicated on Tallgrass’ official website, members will need to part with $500/month to join its sober living program. However, for more inquiries about the cost of other services like the 30-day program, we recommend dialing +1 605 368-5559 to talk to a customer service agent. 

Point to note, though, Tallgrass does not support health insurance, but you can pay via check, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. 

5. Avera Addiction Care Center

Address 6140 South Curae Lane, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Phone Number+1 605-504-2222
Treatment OptionsResidential treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing , After Care, Outpatient Care
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults
LocationSioux Falls, SD

The Avera Addiction Care Center is a branch of Avera Behavioral Health that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The facility serves adults battling addiction in the midwest and the entire country and can accommodate a maximum of 32 patients for its residential program. 

What most patients like (based on online reviews) is the home-like environment that makes it easier for new clients to settle and adjust to treatment. 

You’ll enjoy the sight of peaceful courtyards, patios, walking paths, and trees that create a calm, peaceful environment that’s ideal for rehab. 

Some of the amenities patients get to enjoy include a meditation room, fully-fitted treatment center, business center (with phone and internet access), social areas, and flat-screen TVs for gaming and entertainment. 

The Avera Addiction Care Center integrates several evidence-based approaches to its treatment and requires patients to participate in at least 30 hours of clinical services every week. 

While the standard residential program lasts for 28-days, patients can extend their stay depending on their response to treatment. 

Therapies like art, recreation, outdoor, and yoga are used by the facility to help make treatment more effective and sustainable in the long term. 

Unlike most rehabs that don’t allow for family visits, the Avera Addiction Care Center believes that family is a vital part of recovery and permits weekend visits provided prior permission is granted by management. 

As you check-in, you’ll receive a tablet for use throughout your entire stay. 

The tablet has an app that allows for smooth communication between you and your assigned therapists. Besides communication, the therapist can also send useful resources about addiction and recovery that can help you better understand how to overcome the condition. 

We also like that Avera Addiction Care Center provides additional support to its patients upon completing treatment. You can enroll in the facility’s outpatient program or register for telemedicine sessions with your therapists. 

All patients that clear the treatment course are assigned a navigator (for a year) whose role is to monitor progress and provide timely reports to prevent relapse. 

6. Project Recovery

Address 625 Flormann Street, Rapid City, South Dakota
Phone Number+1 605-340-123
Treatment OptionsMedication Assisted Addiction Treatment
Payment OptionsInsurance, Cash, Patient Assistance Program
Age RangeAdults
LocationRapid City, South Dakota

Project Recovery is a Rapid City-based rehab facility that specializes in medication-assisted treatment for people in and around South Dakota. 

The rehab treats alcohol and opioid addiction and is licensed to prescribe suboxone, oral naltrexone, and vivitrol

One of the standout features of the facility is its telemedicine program that allows you to receive prescriptions remotely after consultation with your provider. However, you must first have a physical evaluation at the facility to join its telemedicine program. 

Disclaimer, Project Recovery is only open on weekdays from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm MST and doesn’t accept walk-ins past office hours. 

Project Recovery’s commitment to affordable addiction treatment is commendable as it has a flexible payment policy that allows qualified patients to receive subsidized consultation and even free tests. 

Does South Dakota Have Reliable Rehabs?

South Dakota might not have as many rehabs as other states, but it’s still home to some well-respected rehab facilities like the Addiction Recovery Centers Of The Black Hills, Avera Addiction Care Center, and Keystone Treatment Center. 

Is South Dakota Ideal For Residential Addiction Treatment?

 If you’re not from South Dakota but want to receive residential addiction treatment, you’ll be glad to learn the state has several high-grade rehabs that offer residential treatment. 

For instance, the Teen Challenge of the Dakotas offers a long-term residential program that has helped many locals and out-of-state patients overcome addiction. 

The Keystone Treatment center is also suitable for residential treatment as it offers both short and long-term inpatient services for both teenagers and adults (separately).  

Leading Rehabs In South Dakota: Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen throughout the review, the Mount Rushmore State is not short of top-class, well-reputed rehabs. 

Facilities like Keystone Recovery and Avera Addiction Care Center are popular destinations for people in pursuit of addiction treatment in South Dakota and surrounding states. Additionally, you can also try out Project Recovery for outpatient medication-assisted treatment. 

But if you’re comfortable staying put for over a year and a half in a rehab facility, we’d recommend trying out the Teen Challenge of the Dakotas as it has helped thousands of people in recovery to remain sober years after completing treatment. 

When choosing a rehab facility for yourself (or a loved one), remember to check on key factors such as pricing policies, amenities, services offered, and treatment programs. 

Calling a facility through the official numbers is highly advisable as not all facilities allow for walk-ins or operate 24/7. 

Remember, addiction is a disease and not a lifetime burden. With the right approach and support from professionals and family members, you (or your loved one) can overcome addiction and reclaim your life.

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