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Rehab Centers in Connecticut for Drug Addiction Treatment

Does someone you know need rehab in Connecticut? Fortunately, the state has numerous centers that offer addiction treatment.

Already, drugs plague the state. In 2020, there were 1,379 deaths in Connecticut from fentanyl alone.

So what are the leading treatment centers in Connecticut? Read on.

4 Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Connecticut

  1. Connecticut rehab center – Mountainside Treatment Center
  2. Alcohol addiction treatment in CT – High Watch Recovery Center
  3. In-house treatment in CT – Aware Recovery Care
  4. Primary care in CT – APT Foundation

1. Mountainside Treatment Center – Connecticut rehab center

Mountainside Treatment Center offers programs that help people with substance abuse and mental health problems. They operate two locations in Connecticut:

187 S Canaan Road
Canaan, CT 06018
Phone: 860 824 1397

372 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897
Phone: 203 665 1148


Mountainside offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs that cover each step of recovery, from detox and abstinence to wellness and sobriety.

  • Detox – The moment the patient halts his/her substance abuse, detox begins. Cravings kick in on the second and third days, which make it difficult to handle alone. Mountainside offers supervised detox with 24/7 support.
  • Residential – Patients can stay at Mountainside’s beautiful Connecticut treatment centers. As inpatients, people engage in group and individual therapy and wellness activities.
  • Outpatient Services – For patients who don’t wish to reside at Mountainside, there’s the option of outpatient therapy, which involves daytime wellness activities at the facility and nights at home.

Patients get a variety of drug and alcohol treatment services at Mountainside. People in need of more intensive addiction and mental health services may opt for inpatient treatment. Those with milder cases may choose outpatient care.


Each addiction treatment program covers a range of wellness activities with individual and group therapy. Mountainside’s goal is to help people recover on the mental and physical levels.

  • Recovery Coaching – This involves daily activities that help people internalize productive habits. Most people who struggle with addiction lack structure in their daily routine. Recovery coaching helps reverse that.
  • Family Recovery Coaching – An important part of wellness counseling is family communication. A lot of people with substance abuse problems are estranged from their loved ones. Mountainside hosts family recovery sessions to bring loved ones together.
  • Adolescent Services – Teenagers face unique challenges, such as insecurity and peer pressure. Mountainside addresses adolescent needs in its specialized treatment programs.
  • Psychiatric Services – Mountainside counselors treat the co-occurring disorders that fuel substance abuse. Methods like dual diagnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy are designed to help identify these underlying issues.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – During detox, as withdrawal symptoms peak, patients typically feel high levels of stress and some physical pain. Mountainside nurses may administer anti-addiction medicine to help patients through.
  • Continuing Care – The best addiction treatment program always offers aftercare. At Mountainside, they care about the success of each patient that finishes the inpatient or outpatient programs. Continued support is always just a phone call away.

Each person who comes to Mountainside has his/her own story. What they all have in common is a wish to beat drug and alcohol addiction and stay sober permanently.


In addition to the family therapy and group counseling at Mountainside, patients partake in wellness activities that broaden the mind.

  • Therapeutic Art – Activities like drawing and painting help people develop new skills. A finished piece of art is an accomplishment that takes time and mental engagement. These are the kinds of healthy activities that can replace drug and alcohol dependence.
  • Nutritional Education – When people care about their health, they become more resolute against substance abuse. Mountainside encourages healthy eating. This helps people stay energized and in shape.
  • Meditation – In rehab treatment, patients often practice meditation. This helps people gain clarity and overcome co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression and despair.
  • Yoga – Mountainside encourages patients to practice yoga, which involves stretch and meditation. Yoga helps people achieve serenity in a relaxed state. It’s good for people with tension and body pain.

Activities like art and exercise give recovering individuals new interests to feel passionate about.

2. High Watch Recovery Center – Alcohol addiction treatment in CT

High Watch Recovery Center offers addiction services with on-site and online options. They are committed to helping people stay sober, regardless of time or mobility.

P.O. Box 607
Kent, CT 06757
Phone: (860) 927-3772 

High Watch Treatment Programs

High Watch offers programs of varying duration for people struggling with substance abuse. Some people need a two- or three-month program, other people may need more.

  • Residential Programs – Patients can stay at the High Watch treatment center for 24/4 supervision and activities. Residential treatment involves counseling, wellness and group sessions.
  • Extended Stay – Some patients need additional care and help before entering the real world. Upon completion of one of the basic programs, patients may stay an extra 60 days for further care.
  • Online IOP – For patients who are unable to attend rehab counseling in person, High Watch also offers an online treatment option.
  • Continuing Care – Most people seeking addiction treatment need continued moral support and encouragement once they finish drug rehab. High Watch provides this with an open heart.

Substance abuse disorders should never overtake an individual. High Watch offers renewed hope and guidance to people struggling to overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

High Watch Treatment Options

High Watch Recovery Center offers unique features as part of its residential inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs. To assist each patient in drug withdrawal, behavioral health and relapse prevention, they offer:

  • Interventions – Some people in need of drug detox are hesitant to enter a treatment facility. High Watch is staffed with treatment providers who can assist friends and family with interventions and medical emergency scenarios.
  • Accommodations – High Watch Recovery Center offers comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment in a comfortable, quiet setting with amenities. 
  • Online AA Meetings – Not everyone who seeks treatment and counseling can physically attend drug or alcohol rehab centers, at least not regularly. High Watch offers an online option.
  • Transitional Sober Living – People who recover from substance use disorders often need additional support once they leave a rehab facility. High Watch can connect patients with local sober living options.
  • Equine Therapy Program – These days, retreat behavioral health involves creative activities like equine therapy, where patients interact with and ride horses.

At High Watch, patients get the care they need from staff who engage in compassionate treatment practices. Patients are happy in the residential and intensive outpatient programs, which cater to the individual with a combination of therapy and wellness activities.

3. Aware Recovery Care – In-house treatment in CT

Drug rehab centers are out of reach to a lot of people. Aware Recovery Care brings alcohol and drug rehab treatment home to people in eight states, including Connecticut.

35 Thorpe Ave, Suite 104
Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone: 203-779-5799

Private Appointments

Aware Recovery takes a private approach to addiction care. Instead of having patients come to a rehab center, they bring it out to people personally with at-home visits by treatment providers.

  • At-home Detox – Aware Recovery sends care providers to people’s homes to aid in detox.
  • In-home Recovery – Aware’s care staff employ inpatient treatment practices (counseling, wellness) on an outcall basis.
  • Family Sessions – Family therapy is part of the treatment process. Aware counselors engage family during in-home treatment.

Aware’s in-home recovery model gives patients a sense of comfort that they don’t get at most American addiction centers.


Aware Recovery Care teaches about substance abuse issues to keep people informed about the dangers.

  • Drugs and Alcohol – Today’s downer drugs like fentanyl are more potent and deadly than speed, hence the current epidemic.
  • Young Adults – Teenagers, especially those in urban centers, are highly susceptible to drug pushers.
  • Therapy – Competent treatment providers, such as Aware Recovery, combine behavioral health therapy with treatment.

Aware Recovery Care is an ideal option for people unable or reluctant to enter a treatment center.

4. APT Foundation – Primary care in CT

APT, founded by members of the Yale Medicine Department of Psychiatry, provides substance abuse treatment services in Connecticut.

1 Long Wharf Drive
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: (203) 781-4600


People seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse come to APT for:

  • Primary Care – APT takes a holistic approach to treatment that integrates behavioral health services with sobriety.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP combines the features of inpatient treatment in a daily schedule, allowing patients to spend nights at home.
  • Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) – Medically assisted treatment helps patients overcome the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

APT welcomes walk-ins for outpatient treatment.


APT offers a private and convenient solution to people seeking rehab and behavioral health services.

  • Self Care – APT representatives are always available to answer questions to those seeking treatment.
  • Friends and Family – APT encourages loved ones to engage in the patient’s recovery.
  • Group Schedules – Patients can meet in groups at any of four APT locations.

APT is dedicated to the complete, long-term recovery of each client.

Find Addiction Services in Connecticut

Drugs and alcohol claim lives daily. Don’t let your loved one fall prey to these stats. If you notice a problem, contact one of the rehab centers in Connecticut today to set up an appointment.

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