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Oregon’s Most Preferred Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers, Detox Clinics, Inpatient Facilities

Alcoholism and drug addiction are two of the most challenging problems to overcome. It requires help. Fortunately, Oregon has rehab centers throughout the state for anyone open to eliminating those demons.

Today’s mental health experts agree that addiction is not a problem rooted in weak morals or lack of self-restraint. It’s an emotional and physical matter, often co-occurring with mental health issues like depression, stress, and trauma.

The most effective treatment takes all these factors into account and tailors treatment to each individual and their unique problems.

Of all the Oregon centers, which places have the best practices, amenities, group activities, and resources? Read on to learn.

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7 Rehab Centers in Oregon

  1. 12-step, detox center in Portland – Oregon Trail Recovery LLC
  2. Oregon rehab center for women – Awakenings by the Sea
  3. Central Oregon addiction treatment center – Serenity Lane
  4. Recovery center in East Portland – CrestView Recovery
  5. Eastside center for detox, family therapy – Portland Metro Treatment Center
  6. Rehab center in East Oregon – Powerhouse Detox
  7. Portland treatment facility for young adults – Recovery Blvd Treatment Center

1. Oregon Trail Recovery LLC – 12-step, detox center in Portland

  • Address: 10600 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Suite 207, Milwaukie, OR 97222
  • Phone: 844-692-7528
  • Treatment options: drug/alcohol addiction, men’s/women’s rehab, detox, sober living, wellbriety, partial hospitalization, outpatient
  • Payment options: insurance, loans, grants, private payment (credit/debit card, check), fundraising, government programs
  • All ages

Oregon Trail Recovery provides patients with a group and individual therapy in a supportive, comfortable environment.

OTR’s long-term recovery is an intensive outpatient program that lasts from three-to-six months. For maximum long-term recovery, patients engage in support groups where they learn to deal with daily stresses without falling back into old vices.

The OTC staff operates according to CDC and WHO guidelines. The therapy systems employed include 12-step, anger management, and relapse prevention. Each week in the Partial Hospitalization Program, patients attend 10 group meetings and one session with their primary counselor.

The OTC detoxification center provides 24/7 support and crisis supervision with the round-the-clock nursing staff. Each patient receives cooked meals, snacks, clean sheets, and toiletries. Clients also receive references upon discharge to help them with the readjustment process.

At Oregon Trail Recovery, patients are greeted with a compassionate staff of counselors who specialize in all areas of drug and alcohol rehab. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol and drug dependency or any substance abuse, consider a partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment program at Oregon Trail.

2. Awakenings by the Sea – Oregon rehab center for women

  • Address: 1325 North Holladay Drive, Seaside, OR 97138
  • Phone number: 1-800-923-HOPE
  • Treatment options: alcohol/drug treatment, detox, family program, aftercare, yoga/gym facilities, intensive outpatient, individual counseling
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit/debit card
  • All ages

Awakenings by the Sea is near the beautiful Pacific coast in Seaside, Oregon. Here, the counselors address the unique needs of women who cope with drug and alcohol addiction. At Awakenings, therapy covers all the areas vital to a vice-free existence, including life skills and stress management. It is the northwest’s only ASAM-certified program for women.

As part of their risk-prevention program, women learn to identify relapse triggers and conquer the emotions (guilt, frustration, disappointment, fear, heartbreak) that can cause relapses. Women also learn how to curb risky behaviors and cope with societal factors that often feed off chemical dependency, such as female peer pressure, cross addiction and codependency.

Clients at Awakenings undergo a regimen of clean living that includes health and exercise. The facility offers prenatal and postnatal medical care, as well as childcare.

3. CrestView Recovery – Recovery center in East Portland

  • Address: 6025 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215
  • Phone number: 866-580–4160
  • Treatment options: drug/alcohol therapy, men’s/women’s, treatment programs (heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, methadone, etc.)
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit/debit card
  • All ages

The counselors at Crestview help clients on the road to recovery with a range of behavioral healthcare, including 12-step programs, cognitive therapy, family and group counseling, individual sessions, and dual diagnosis.

Crestview provides a safe environment for clients seeking to conquer various forms of substance use. Crestview’s programs include base rehab, addiction therapy, and aftercare for both men and women. Clients have the choice of Crestview’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Clients come to Crestview to treat all types of addictions to drugs and alcohol, including Adderall, amphetamine, cocaine, heroin, methadone, opiates, oxycodone and pain killers.

People come away happy from Crestview Recovery because it offers personalized treatment according to the individual’s needs. Additionally, clients get post-treatment to keep them on track during their transition to the real world.

4. Portland Metro Treatment Center – Eastside center for detox, family therapy


  • Address: 16420 Southeast Division St, Portland OR, 97236
  • Phone number: 503-762-3130
  • Treatment options: drug/alcohol therapy, men’s/women’s, treatment programs
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit/debit card
  • All ages

The Portland Metro Treatment Center offers comprehensive services for adults coping with alcoholism and substance use disorders. They offer programs for men, women, and young adults. Their postpartum rehab program helps women who struggle with depression and vice-triggers after giving birth.

For clients in need of more intensive treatment services, Portland Metro offers medically assisted detox, which removes patients from all access to drugs and alcohol, allowing time to cleanse the body of such substances. While this happens, each patient has his or her vital signs monitored by a licensed medical professional.

During individual therapy sessions, counselors and patients cover the root causes of chemical dependencies, such as depression, stress, and trauma. For loved ones, the center offers family therapy, emphasizing the importance of support and understanding from relatives of the addicted.
Portland Metro also offers outpatient aftercare for clients seeking further recovery beyond the initial program.

5. Powerhouse Detox – Rehab center in East Oregon

  • Address: 32405 Diagonal Rd., Hermiston, Oregon 97838
  • Phone number: Women’s House: 541-567-2949, Men’s House: 541-567-2593
  • Treatment options: drug/alcohol therapy, men’s/women’s, treatment programs
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit/debit card
  • All ages

Powerhouse Detox offers gender-divided treatment for men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The Men’s House has 15 beds, a swimming pool, a basketball hoop, and exercise machines. Here, clients engage in healthy physical activities, free from vice-triggering factors. Group activities include hiking and camping in the beautiful Hermiston wild.

The Women’s House also has 15 beds and on-site exercise machines. Clients partake in outdoor activities where they connect with nature in a supportive environment with others undergoing recovery.

Powerhouse Detox stresses a positive approach with a focus on mental health. Clients undergo therapeutic training where they learn to identify how the mind functions and deals with conflict. In doing so, clients master self-control and learn how to foresee and deal with life stresses without drugs or alcohol.

6. Recovery Blvd Treatment Center – Portland treatment facility for young adults

  • Address: 1316 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
  • Phone number: 503-447-5057
  • Treatment options: drug/alcohol therapy, men’s/women’s, treatment programs

The Recovery BLVD Treatment Centers offer unique treatment approaches geared toward young adults. The center is in East Portland, just 12 blocks in from the Willamette River. At Recovery BLVD, they embrace the quirky personalities that set Portland apart from other cities.

The drug rehab and mental health services at Recovery BLVD cover a full range of programs. They offer sober living residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs.

The therapy is tailored to individuals’ unique needs and the vice triggers they face in their respective lifestyle communities and professions.
People in specific fields (sports, music) encounter vice-lures that aren’t present in more ordinary professions. People who live in certain areas or come from troubled backgrounds are also more likely to have drug or alcohol disorders. Recovery BLVD takes these factors into account and customizes treatment plans accordingly.

Clients who stay at Recovery BLVD get laundry, utilities, kitchen, cable, Wi-Fi, and more. Recovery houses have on-site basketball hoops and tables for ping pong and foosball.

Find the Right Rehab Program

Approximately one in 10 American adults struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. In many cases, co-occurring mental health disorders also play a part. The impact this has on addicted individuals and their friends and families is often devastating.

If the problem in question is a recent occurrence, the best solution might be an outpatient program. If the problem has persisted for months and spiraled further out of control, it will probably require long-term clinical assistance on a sober-living campus.

No proper treatment program treats addiction recovery as a quick fix. It’s a complex process that involves habit-forming and stress management. When you seek out drug rehab centers in Oregon, only consider places that offer a range of programs and activities that cover both the physical and mental health aspects of alcoholism and/or substance abuse.
Fortunately, Oregon rehab clinics have research-based treatment systems that lead patients on the road to recovery and healing. In Portland and across the state, rehab and detox centers operate round-the-clock, helping clients improve their mental health and stress-management skills, vital tools for a life free of vice.

If you or someone you know has worsening alcohol or drug problems, call a treatment center and inquire about their residential and outpatient services. Don’t wait any longer. Act now to secure a healthier, more positive, and productive future.

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