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Massachusetts Detox and Rehab Facilities

Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts

Are you looking for a drug or alcohol rehab center in Massachusetts? All across the state, rehab centers help treat a wide range of behavioral, mental health health, and addiction issues.

So what are the highest rated drug and alcohol rehab centers in Massachusetts, and how do they help patients achieve sobriety? Read on.

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10 Highest-Rated Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

  1. Highest-rated rehab centers in Danvers and Westminster, Massachusetts – Recovery Centers of America
  2. Highest-rated treatment center in Ashby, Massachusetts – Spring Hill Recovery
  3. Highest-rated recovery center in Wilmington, Massachusetts – Banyan Treatment Centers
  4. Highest-rated treatment facility in Abington, Massachusetts – Brook Recovery Center
  5. Highest-rated treatment facility in Quincy, Massachusetts – Northeast Addictions Treatment Center
  6. Highest-rated addiction treatment center in Teaticket, Massachusetts – Recovering Champions Rehab Center
  7. Highest-rated addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts – Lake Avenue
  8. Highest-rated detox facility in Worcester, Massachusetts – Washburn House
  9. Highest-rated treatment center in Boston, Massachusetts – North End
  10. Highest-rated treatment center in Canton, Massachusetts – Bedrock Recovery

1. Recovery Centers of America – Highest rated rehab centers in Danvers and Westminster


75 Lindall St.
Danvers, MA 01923




9 Village Inn Rd.
Westminster, MA 01473



  • Treatment options: alcohol and drug detox, inpatient and outpatient residential treatment
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • 18+

At Recovery Centers of America, clients receive drug and alcohol rehab services from a staff of master nurses and physicians. These services include 24/7 supervised detox, outpatient programs, and inpatient residential treatment. Clients partake in 12-step practices and also receive addiction treatment medication when necessary.

In Danvers, Massachusetts, the Recovery Center offers exceptional care for members of the LGBTQ+ community who wish to undergo detox and addiction recovery with like-minded people.

In Westminster, Massachusetts, the Recovery Center has a unique program for clients over age 50 who wish to recover from alcohol and drug addiction among peers.

Recovery Centers of America offers programs to help patients overcome vice-triggers like trauma, depression, and anxiety. They also offer round-the-clock admissions, interventions, and transportation without any extra charge.

2. Spring Hill Recovery – Highest rated treatment center in Ashby, Massachusetts

  • Address: 250 Spring Hill Rd.
    Ashby, MA 01431
  • Phone: 888-483-9514
  • Treatment options: detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, sober living, aftercare
  • Payment options: insurance (30+ providers), credit card, check
  • All ages

Spring Hill Recovery offers recovery services on a 70-acre campus surrounded by beautiful nature. Outside the treatment facility, clients can relax in the grass and trees, removed from urban settings’ vice-triggers.

The center accommodates 32 patients. Each client receives individualized care and partakes in group activities. People struggling with addiction come to Spring Hill, attend support groups and leave with improved mental health, strength, clarity, and willpower.

Treatment plans include trauma therapy, mental-health treatment, gender-specific treatment, detox, and inpatient alcohol and drug rehab.
A typical day at Spring Hill involves:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Yoga
  3. Community reading and goal-setting in the morning
  4. Lunch
  5. Group therapy and individualized treatment in the afternoon
  6. Dinner
  7. Personal time
  8. Outdoor meetings
  9. Art/music therapy in the evening.

3. Banyan Treatment Centers – Highest rated recovery center in Wilmington, Massachusetts

  • Address: 66k Concord St.
    Wilmington, MA 01887
  • Phone: 978-631-0146
  • Treatment options: Drug & Alcohol Treatment, Music Therapy Offered, Faith in Recovery
  • Payment options: insurance (60+ options, including Aetna, BlueCross, Cigna, Humana, MultiPlan, ValueOptions, etc.), check, credit card
  • All ages

Banyan Treatment Center in Wilmington, Massachusetts, runs a partial hospitalization program where clients meet for 25 hours each week. The therapy involves sober living and daily programming with round-the-clock support.

In Banyan’s outpatient program, small groups meet once per week for a 90-minute group therapy session. This is the least intense treatment program, for people with minor opioid-related issues or those wanting to follow through on their inpatient recovery.

The intensive inpatient program at Banyan gives clients 24/7 supervision and care in a relaxed, remote environment, free from drug access or vice-triggers.

Banyan also offers an alumni recovery program for past clients who wish to stay connected with like-minded individuals. Here, sobriety is treated as an ongoing commitment and journey.

4. Brook Recovery Center – Highest rated treatment facility in Abington, Massachusetts

  • Address: 673 Bedford St.
    Abington, MA 02351
  • Phone: 866-532-9867
  • Treatment options: day treatment, intensive outpatient, evening IOP, cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

Brook Recovery Center conducts a cognitive behavioral therapy program, where clients learn to recognize the correlation between their feelings and actions. This helps clients develop self-awareness, one of the building blocks to recovery.

Cognitive Therapy also treats co-occurring disorders, including post-traumatic stress anxiety, bipolar, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Brook Recovery also employs Dialectical Therapy, which helps recovering addicts develop tolerance to stress and regulate emotions. Clients who complete this program are less prone to relapse when confronted with life stresses. Part of this therapy involves seeking out new drug-free environments and peer groups.

Other programs at Brook Recovery include Trauma Therapy and Didactic Therapy. Given the high prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction among people who’ve suffered trauma and PTSD, Trauma Therapy is a vital component for those seeking sobriety.

Didactic Therapy is a group-oriented program where clients learn about problem-solving and goal-setting without drugs.

5. Northeast Addictions Treatment Center – Highest rated treatment facility in Quincy, Massachusetts

  • Address: 36 Miller Stile Rd.
    Quincy, MA 02169
  • Phone: 855-265-2159
  • Treatment options: outpatient, day treatment, telemedicine, 12 step, aftercare
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

The Northeast Addictions Treatment Center offers individualized treatment for people struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. The programs include intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP). Each program is overseen by master clinicians with extensive mental health services and residential inpatient and outpatient rehab experience.

Past clients at Northeast have successfully treated addictions to opioids, cocaine, alcohol, painkillers, steroids, benzos, heroin, methamphetamines, and other substances.

Northeast programs address the external factors that often trigger alcohol and drug consumption among individuals suffering from addiction. Clinicians stay connected with clients long after treatment to ensure lasting recovery.

Day Treatment (PHP) at Northeast involves six weekly group meetings, six hours per session, plus a one-on-one counseling session. IOS involves five weekly group meetings, three hours per session. OP involves one weekly group session, plus a one-on-one counseling session.

6. Recovering Champions Rehab Center – Highest rated addiction treatment center in Teaticket, Massachusetts

  • Address: 279 Brick Kiln Rd.
    Teaticket, MA 02536
  • Phone: 844-888-5391, 855-277-1155
  • Treatment options: alcohol, drug addiction treatment (opioid, heroin, methamphetamine, crack/cocaine), IOP, OP, PHP, family, medical
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

Recovering Champions offers drug and alcohol rehab based on transformation. The facility is staffed with clinicians who help clients empower themselves with life goals and positive mindsets. Most addictions start from places of weakness and despair. Clients at Recovering Champions learn to reverse those frameworks.

The programs at Recovering include partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient (OP).

The most intensive outpatient program is PHP, where patients attend up to 36 weekly hours (six hours per day, six days per week) of treatment. Since it doesn’t involve 24/7 supervision (the patient lives at home), PHP is ideal for clients with moderate addiction.

IOP consists of nine weekly hours of treatment. It’s the ideal program for clients with a mild addiction. Clients who’ve undergone inpatient or PHP will sometimes follow up with IOP.

OP is the most free-form program, where the client picks his or her hours for treatment. It’s best for clients with minor cravings. OP includes fewer services than other treatment programs.

Recovering Champions counselors employ various types of rehab therapy. The most important is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), where clients learn how to recognize vice triggers and stop them in advance. Other vital treatments include motivational interviewing, contingency management (rewards for sobriety goals), group therapy, and family counseling.

7. Lake Avenue – Highest rated addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Address: 425 N Lake Ave Suite 202
    Worcester, MA 01605
  • Phone: 508-794-4400
  • Treatment options: day treatment, evening treatment, outpatient, intensive outpatient
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

The Lake Avenue rehab facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers substance abuse treatment with night and day programs and intensive and regular outpatient programs. Lake Avenue counselors conduct sessions in a discrete setting where clients can identify their vice triggers and achieve sobriety.

Lake Avenue treatment covers a range of holistic activities, such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, and nutrition. For clients who complete the programs, Lake Avenue offers aftercare services, such as health club memberships in Central Massachusetts.

8. Washburn House – Highest rated detox facility in Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Address: 1183 Main Street
    Worcester, MA 01603
  • Phone: 855-280-9442
  • Treatment options: addiction treatment (heroin, cocaine, opioid, meth, benzo, morphine), men’s rehab, women’s rehab, dual diagnosis, inpatient, IOP, extended care
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

The Washburn House offers medically monitored detox for patients struggling with substance use disorders. The facility provides a safe and comfortable setting while the body cleanses itself of drugs and alcohol. For many recovering addicts, it’s a challenging period when cravings are at their highest. The Washburn House protects and isolates clients from vice triggers.

After detox, clients can enter Washburn’s inpatient rehab program. Here, patients reside at the facility and get round-the-clock care. The program includes ten weekly hours of group counseling and 15 weekly hours of psychological education. Patients also get three individual therapy sessions per week.

After the inpatient program, some clients also attend day treatment. In the partial hospitalization program at Washburn, patients attend five therapy sessions per week, each lasting six hours. This program combines group and one-on-one behavioral therapy and may involve prescribed medication.

Washburn offers an IOP consisting of three-hour group sessions three times per week for people with mild chemical dependency. Some clients attend this after completing inpatient or PHP.

Washburn conducts various group activities, including yoga, cooking, painting, poetry, music therapy, and budget planning.

9. North End – Highest rated treatment center in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Address: 70 Fulton Street
    Boston, MA 02109
  • Phone: 617-843-5001
  • Treatment options: drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Payment options: insurance, check, credit card
  • All ages

North End is staffed with a dedicated team of counselors who help clients find strength, resolve, and a sense of purpose for a vice-free life. They do this through a mix of innovative care, family involvement, and advanced technology.

Situated on the North End of Boston, the facility offers a peaceful setting where each client can feel comfortable and welcome. North End’s high standing among New England treatment centers is partly due to its family atmosphere, where wellness is approached as a community goal.

North End offers a clean, vice-free environment with a host of amenities for people struggling with substance issues, including private rooms, fine dining, laundry, flat-screen TVs, WiFi, beauty services, and more. Friends and family are welcome to stop by at any time.

10. Bedrock Recovery – Highest treatment center in Canton, Massachusetts

  • Address: 1 Meadowbrook Way
    Canton, MA 02021
  • Phone: 855-713-0075
  • Treatment options: detox (alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription drugs). dual diagnosis, 12 step, residential inpatient, medically assisted
  • Payment options:
  • All ages

Bedrock Recovery Center is a detox facility for people struggling with substance-use disorders and drug and alcohol addiction. At Bedrock, clients undergo treatment based on holistic methods and empirical medical data. During detox, clients receive 24/7 supervision in a safe, peaceful setting.

After months or years of alcohol or drug abuse, detox is usually the most challenging part of the transition. Bedrock physicians help clients through this period with guidance and understanding.

After detox, patients may enter the residential inpatient treatment program. At Bedrock, clients partake in group and solo therapy and healthy activities in a vice-free, positive setting with modern amenities.

FAQs for Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

What makes Massachusetts so special for treatment?

Massachusetts drug centers are peaceful environments with supportive clients and staff. Patients unwind at these places, free from vice-triggers and drug access.

What are the highest rated treatment centers in Massachusetts?

Depends on the case. For example, Spring Hill, Banyan or Brook Recovery are highly rated for recovery and Washburn and Bedrock Recovery are highly rated for detox.

What is better: inpatient or outpatient treatment?

It depends on the specific factors of an individual case, including the severity of substance abuse. For mild cases, outpatient rehab is often the best option. For severe cases, detox and inpatient treatment are usually necessary.

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