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Addiction Recovery
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5 Stages of Addiction Recovery & How Long Do They Take?

Addiction is something which is developed after long term substance abuse. There are many similarities between the individual, but every case has its unique outcomes. There are many things which are of influence like biological factors, psychological factors, social factors, etc. With so many influencing factors, they have similar phases which allow them to walk through the recovery process.

Awareness and early acknowledgement


This is the first stage of recovery, where you become aware of the problem. This is the realisation which will result in family members, friends and co-workers giving you the support and encouraging you to get better. You will still have to face a lot of addiction problems which is essential to make the willingness to change.


This is the second stage which involves the awareness into action. In this stage, the addicts can take the first step towards recovery, which is a form of earning and improving about those who care. This stage is important as many addicts try to look beyond themselves to help understand the negative effects of their choices. This is also a stage where they make the essential transition from awareness to action.

Exploring recovery

This is a stage where people begin to overcome their addiction with small steps. They start exploring the concepts of moderation and abstinence. This is a stage where the recovery actually begins. Addicts start to educate themselves by learning the process and understanding the importance of having a sober life. There are many factors which involve family friends and other members who are experiencing a lot of conflict and information which can allow one to have the right treatment. It is important to note that this is a very critical time where they make the decision to enter the addiction treatment program.

Early recovery

This is also the time of great significance and skis. There are many positives where the addicts in recovery will stop substance abuse and start to begin their journey into being drug-free for a long time. The addicts in recovery are very vulnerable as they are abandoning the foundation, families and behaviours, which they have played a significant part in their previous life. There is a huge chance of relapse. This is a stage where most of the important steps are being taken to help cope with skills and habits are building.

Active recovery and maintenance

This is the fifth stage, where a great deal of work has been completed. This is the stage where they have learned to continue, which will allow them to work hard for the rest of their lives. There is still a chance at relapse, but with active monitoring, they can stay away from any kind of temptations.

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