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Top-Tier Rehabs In South Carolina

Do you live in South Carolina and don’t know what drug addiction treatment centers offer the outstanding services? Or do you want to take a break from your normal surroundings and receive addiction treatment in South Carolina’s scenic, world-renowned subtropical beaches? 

Whatever your reason for receiving addiction treatment in South Carolina, you’ll be glad to learn the Palmetto State is home to several world-class facilities boasting outstanding track records. 

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ll take a look at some of the top rehab centers in South Carolina based on factors such as payment options, location, services offered, and amenities. 

Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ll have a rough idea of what drug addiction treatment facility suits you (or your loved one) most. 

Ready? Then let’s jump right into our detailed review. 

1. South Carolina Addiction Treatment Detox and Residential

Address 1187 Holland Rd Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone number1 866-326-3365 
Treatment options Detox program, residential program, co-occurring disorders, 
Payment options Cash, insurance
Age rangeAdults
LocationSimpsonville, SC

If you’re interested in joining a residential program that’ll keep you (or a loved one) grounded throughout treatment, then the South Carolina Addiction Treatment Detox and Residential might be your cup of tea. 

The substance abuse treatment facility is located in Simpsonville and has established itself as one of South Carolina’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centers due to its patient-centered approach to addiction treatment.

Each patient gets to work with board-certified doctors, nurses, and addiction specialists, which ensures that everyone gets the time and attention required for effective substance abuse treatment. 

Besides having the option to choose between private and semi-private rooms, patients also get to enjoy chef-prepared meals and access to a variety of amenities like a game room, a fully-fitted gym, and well-furnished common areas that help make treatment a lot more bearable. 

And although the substance abuse treatment facility doesn’t say much about its alumni program, several positive online reviews indicate that alumni benefit from a solid support system from recovery coaches even months after treatment. 

You’ll also appreciate the rehab facility’s family treatment therapy that seeks to rebuild broken ties between family members. This ensures that your loved one returns to a positive, compassionate, and highly supportive environment. 

2. Waypoint Recovery Center

Address (inpatient) 499 Wild Hearts Road Cameron, SC 29030
(outpatient) 5401 Netherby Lane, Suite 402 North Charleston, SC 29420
Phone number1 888 978- 5188
Treatment options Detoxification, residential treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, family services, initial assessment, alumni services, intensive outpatient program, recovery management, alumni services
Payment options Insurance, self pay
Age rangeAdults 
Location( Inpatient) Cameron, SC  (outpatient) North Charleston, SC

The Waypoint Recovery Center has two main facilities, an inpatient rehab center in Cameron, SC, and an outpatient facility in North Charleston, SC. 

The residential rehab center is ideal if you prefer hands-on, 24/7 support from Waypoint’s well-experienced multidisciplinary team. Patients under this program have unlimited access to nursing and medical staff all day. 

Some of the programs offered by the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center include group therapy, individual therapy, 12-step program, education about sustainable recovery skills, and relapse prevention. 

It’s also ideal that the rehab center uses outdoor therapy to help patients develop positive recreational skills. 

Did we mention that prior to discharge, patients begin to use the Trac9 Relapse Prevention Program for up to 12 months? This relapse-prevention program helps patients overcome cravings and stay firm after the first crucial months after discharge. 

Waypoint also has a responsive alumni app dubbed CaredFor that helps alumni engage, support, and interact with each other. Inside the app, alumni get to track sobriety time, read useful addiction-related articles and connect with Waypoint’s recovery experts. 

3. Owl’s Nest Recovery Community

Address 2528 W Palmetto St Florence, SC 29501
Phone number1 844 647- 0744
Treatment options Intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, supportive housing, therapy and counseling 
Payment options Self pay
Age rangeAdults
LocationSt Florence, SC 29501

The Owl’s Nest is an outpatient drug and alcohol abuse rehab that targets patients in the latter stages of recovery. The facility is set on 10 acres of private land and boasts a well-manicured lawn and scenic outdoors that enhances its therapeutic appeal to recovering patients. 

Some of the outpatient programs offered by the facility include partial hospitalization, outpatient levels of care, and intensive outpatient

All the outpatient treatment programs are customized to meet the unique needs of every patient, which increases the chances of successful treatment and recovery. 

The Owl’s Nest Recovery Community has 150 beds for patients in need of the partial hospitalization program and partners with several master’s level addiction specialists to guide patients throughout all the treatment steps. 

And while the facility does not have as many amenities as other rehab centers, it stands out due to its approach to treatment as it integrates modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, case management, mindfulness, and life skills training.   

4. Charleston Recovery Center 

Address 2578 Ashley River Rd. Unit G Charleston, SC 29414
Phone number1 843 718 2780
Treatment optionsResidential treatment, sober living home, outpatient, intensive outpatient, lifetime recovery programs, alumni program
Payment options Self pay
Age rangeAdults 
LocationCharleston, SC

Although Charleston Recovery Center’s official website isn’t the most attractive, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services. 

In terms of ambiance and scenery, not too many rehab centers in South Carolina compare to the Charleston Recovery Center (CRC). The substance abuse treatment facility is set up on 6 wooded acres that offer a serene, highly conducive recovery environment. 

CRC also integrates an effective outdoor therapy program to support its traditional, evidence-based addiction treatment methods. 

Besides participating in a variety of outdoor activities and team-building exercises, patients also get to enjoy the facility’s unique PGA-supported golf program. And the greatest part is that family members also get to join in the golfing fun when they visit. 

If you have any inquiries about the substance abuse treatment services offered or the cost of addiction treatment at the South Carolina-based facility, then you can reach out to the facility by dialing 1 843 718 2780. 

5. Oaks Recovery

Address 711 E Scotch Cross Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646
Phone number1 864-538-4569
Treatment optionsShort term program, long term vocational program, 12 step program, transitional housing,
Payment options Self pay
Age rangeAdult men
LocationGreenwood, SC

Before we review the services provided by Oaks Recovery, it’s crucial to note that the South Carolina-based center isn’t a medical facility and has no medical staff on site. 

Oaks is a men-only recovery facility designed to help affected men overcome drug abuse and maintain sobriety in a social setup. 

Members are not allowed to have cell phones but can have around 10 minutes of personal calls daily. However, in case of an emergency, the staff will always allow residents to make relevant calls. 

And although Oaks Recovery allows family members and friends to visit on weekends between 11.00 am- 7.00 pm, all guests must be pre-authorized to be allowed entry to the facility.  

The drug rehab center offers both short-term (28-day commitment) and long-term (4-month commitment) intensive treatment programs, depending on a patient’s unique needs. 

While recovering at Oaks Recovery, amenities you’ll get to enjoy include common recreational areas, sports and exercise equipment, comfortable dorm rooms, and an on-site convenience store.

6. BriteLife Recovery

Address 2200 Main Street, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29926
Phone number1 866-470-2187
Treatment optionsDetox, residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient, sober living, alumni, aftercare, medication assisted treatment 
Payment options Insurance, self pay
Age rangeadults
LocationHilton Head Island, SC

BriteLife Recovery is the ideal substance abuse treatment provider if recovering in a luxurious, compassionate setting is what you’re after.

 From the chef-prepared meals to the group beach outings, yoga studio, and movie theater, BriteLife is the ultimate South Carolina rehab facility that combines treatment with luxury. 

The facility offers a full continuum of care from detox services to inpatient, outpatient, extensive aftercare, alumni, and even a well-planned discharge program. 

Some of the treatment modalities offered include group therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, individual therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. 

BriteLife also has a sober living program designed to help patients in the advanced stages of recovery transition to their normal lives gradually. This program is ideal if you’re skeptical about living independently immediately after completing treatment. 

You’ll also appreciate BriteLife’s alumni program that helps patients maintain firm connections with fellow alumni and BriteLife’s staff members. The alumni program has helped thousands of reformed patients overcome cravings and remain sober even years after treatment. 

7. Go Forth Recovery

Address 282 South Church Street Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone number1 864 586 5885 
Treatment optionsTransitional home, residential program, life skills, 12 step meetings 
Payment options Self pay
Age rangeAdult men
LocationSpartanburg, SC

Go Forth Recovery is a non-profit drug and alcohol recovery facility designed to help patients recover from addiction. 

The facility requires patients to commit to a minimum of 6 months of rehabilitation in a comfortable, well-secluded environment. And although 6 months might sound like a lot of time, Go Forth Recovery insists that the prolonged duration of treatment is necessary to break bad habits and create new ones. 

All patients will be required to attend 8 hours of classes per week. These classes are categorized into two main categories, life skills, and 12 step meetings.

Some of the topics covered in the rehab program course include values and responsibilities, refusal skills, decision making, goal setting, job hunting, and interpersonal skills. 

Unfortunately, Go Forth Recovery does not accept insurance. But you can make further inquiries about payment methods and services offered through 1 864 586 5885.

8. York County Treatment Center

Address 377 Rubin Center Drive, Suite 101 Fort Mills, SC 29715
Phone number1 877 284 7074
Treatment optionsMedication-assisted treatment (MAT), counseling, medically supervised withdrawal, outpatient services
Payment optionsSelf pay
Age rangeAdults 
LocationFort Mills, SC

The York County Treatment Center provides outpatient addiction treatment in Charlotte and surrounding areas like Newport, Rock Hill, Riverview, Fort Mills, McConnells, and Leslie. 

Therefore, if you live in one of the above areas and want to receive outpatient services, trying out the York County Treatment Center is highly recommended. 

Some of the services administered by the facility include medication-assisted treatment (for cravings and withdrawal symptoms), counseling, and medical exams. 

The York County Treatment Center is also among the most affordable outpatient facilities in South Carolina, as addiction treatment starts from as low as $14 a day. 

Want to book your first appointment at York County Treatment Center? If so, then you should dial 1 877 284 7074 to talk to the support team and make further inquiries. 

FAQs About the Top-Tier Rehabs In South Carolina

Are There Any Good Rehab Facilities In South Carolina?

South Carolina is home to several drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that offer world-class addiction treatment. Facilities like the South Carolina Addiction Treatment Center and BriteLife Recovery are some of the finest in the Coastal Southeastern Region and tend to attract a lot of out-of-state patients. 

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing A Rehab Facility In South Carolina? 

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing rehab centers in South Carolina. Besides the types of services offered, you should also check on the pricing policies of a facility to determine whether it accepts insurance or only deals with self-pay options. 

Factors like amenities, staff-to-patient ratio, location, and aftercare services are also important when choosing treatment centers not just in South Carolina but anywhere in the country. 

Choosing a facility with a solid alumni program will allow you to connect with fellow graduates and participate in organized community and volunteer activities. This helps keep you motivated to remain sober even years after completing treatment. 

Is There A Non-Medical Addiction Recovery Program In South Carolina?

Most rehab centers in South Carolina rely on well-trained medical professionals to offer addiction treatment services like detox and medication-assisted treatment. However, facilities like Oaks Recovery and Go Forth Recovery offer recovery programs for patients that don’t need medical attention. 

Non-medical addiction programs are equally effective as they offer counseling services and integrate many useful therapies like outdoor, art and music, and yoga to help patients overcome addiction. 

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve come to the end of the review, our hope is you’ve learned enough about South Carolina’s premier rehab centers and know which one to choose. 

A facility like the South Carolina Addiction Treatment Detox and Residential is great for patients that need detox services. So if you (or your loved one) is a victim of chronic relapse, you might want to consider detoxing at the facility as it partners with master-level addiction specialists. 

The Owl’s Nest is an excellent option if you prefer outpatient services to residential treatment, while BriteLife Recovery is ideal if you want to recover in a luxurious setting with several world-class amenities. 

When seeking addiction treatment in South Carolina-based rehab centers, it is advisable to call the centers first to determine their treatment programs and their pricing policies, as not all facilities accept insurance payments.

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