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Rehab Centers in New Jersey: Addiction Treatment Services

Does someone you know have a problem with drug or alcohol addiction? New Jersey has numerous rehab centers with treatment services for people who struggle with substance abuse.

Throughout the state, alcoholism and drug addiction plague families and communities. In 2020, there were 3,046 deaths caused by drug overdoses.

What is the nearest treatment facility in your part of New Jersey?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services in New Jersey

  1. Addiction treatment and mental health programs – North Jersey Recovery Center
  2. Detox and inpatient addiction treatment – Serenity at Summit New Jersey
  3. Addiction treatment for young adults – SOBA New Jersey
  4. Detox, residential and outpatient care – The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper
  5. Rehab and wellness retreat – Seabrook

1. North Jersey Recovery Center – Addiction treatment and mental health programs

North Jersey Recovery Center (NJRC) offers residential treatment, outpatient services and mental health programs for people in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

22-08 NJ-208 Suite 2
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Phone: (877) 786-0572

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

NJRC has programs that help people conquer substance abuse and drinking problems.

  • Inpatient Treatment – The patient stays at NJRC for an extended period. Includes therapy and wellness activities.
  • Outpatient Treatment – Covers the same ground as inpatient treatment (therapy, group sessions, activities, education) but during daytime. The patient spends nights at home.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – The part-time form of treatment, where the patient comes in several days each week. Ideal for moderate cases.
  • Evening Intensive Outpatient – The nighttime version, where the patient works during the day and comes in for evening rehab sessions.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – Helps patients through the difficult stages of detox and withdrawal.

NJRC offers a mix of medication management and therapy designed to wean patients off drugs and alcohol.

Additional Care

NJRC offers a range of programs and accessibility features that supplement basic drug treatment.

  • Partial Care Program – Consists of 5-8 hours of care at the treatment center, 5-7 days each week.
  • Relapse Prevention Plan – A game plan that helps patients maintain their drive and determination once they finish rehab.
  • Sober Living – For patients who need help landing on their feet once they finish rehab. Provides a structured, low-cost living arrangement.
  • Telehealth Treatment – Online options for people who wish to attend rehab but are unable to physically come to the treatment center.
  • Intervention – NJRC helps people who must intervene on a troubled friend or loved one.

NJRC has multiple options to accommodate people in different situations.

Therapy Services

NJRC understands that drug addiction often stems from co-occurring mental health issues.

  • Individual Therapy – Each patient meets with an assigned therapist to discuss his/her drug or alcohol problem.
  • Group Therapy – Patients meet in groups to discuss their struggles, fears, goals and triumphs.
  • Family Therapy – Brings families together in times of crisis. Helps relatives learn how to communicate with their addicted loved ones.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Helps patients conquer limiting beliefs that cause despondency and anxiety.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Helps patients master vital life skills like stress tolerance and emotional regulation.
  • Behavior Modification Therapy – Helps patients reverse behaviors that stem from subconscious beliefs and ingrained habits.

NJRC therapy services are practiced in accordance with the Mental Health Services Administration.

2. Serenity at Summit New Jersey – Detox and inpatient addiction treatment

The Serenity at Summit rehab facility offers detox and substance abuse treatment for people near Hamilton, New Jersey.

3500 Quakerbridge Road
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone: (855) 946-2490

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Serenity treatment programs start with drug detox and advance to inpatient care.

  • Medical Detox – Serenity staff administers medication to help patients overcome withdrawal symptoms.
  • Clinical Stabilization – Helps patients adjust to treatment and submit to a wellness plan.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – Eases the physical pain, emotional stress and cravings that peak during days two and three of detox.
  • Residential – Patients undergo treatment on site. Includes therapy, group meetings, activities and education.

Serenity guides patients through each step on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Therapy Options

Serenity combines drug treatment with mental health therapy that gets to the root of the addiction.

  • Dual Diagnosis Care – Helps counselors pinpoint the underlying issues that spur addictive behavior (trauma, loss) in each patient.
  • 12-Step Programs – Developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step model brings discipline and structure to recovering individuals.
  • Family Programs – Helps families connect with loved ones in rehab and mend communication gaps.

Serenity takes a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment that helps people heal on the physical and mental levels.

3. SOBA New Jersey – Addiction treatment for young adults

Soba offers detox and rehab with programs specially catered to young adults.

23 Duke St
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (800) 538-1205

Addiction and Recovery

Soba understands that young people face unique challenges and often resort to drugs for their stimulating or euphoric effects.

  • Detox – Starts the moment the patient stops using drugs and commits to sobriety.
  • Rehab – The months of treatment that follow rehab. Includes therapy, education and wellness.
  • Long Term Rehab – Most patients need at least three months to recover from substance abuse and master sobriety.
  • Young Adults and Drug Addiction – Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in youth culture, from party stimulants to binge drinking.

Soba helps patients through these stages and addresses the issues that cause addiction.

Levels of Care

Soba offers multiple levels of rehab treatment for recovering individuals.

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox – Typically lasts between three and seven days. Requires 24/7 supervision to avoid relapse.
  • Residential Rehab – Patients stay at the calm, peaceful Soba facility for the length of their recovery.
  • Partial Care Rehab – Patients stay at home but come to Soba for 25 weekly hours of rehab treatment.
  • Outpatient Services – Patients live at home and attend treatment part-time for several months.

Some patients start with residential rehab then use outpatient therapy as a step-down option.

Additional Rehab Services

Soba offers transportation for people within a five-hour radius of the treatment facility, plus:

  • Dual Diagnosis – Therapy that gets to the heart of addiction in each individual.
  • Mental Health Treatment – Helps patients heal on a physiological level as they master sobriety.
  • Family Program – Mends gaps between parents, friends, siblings, children, partners and addicted loved ones.
  • Adventure Therapy – Helps patients develop new hobbies and passions with animals and the great outdoors.

Soba has an eight-bed facility and a favorable staff-to-patient ratio.

4. The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper – Detox, residential and outpatient care

The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper provides compassionate care for adults struggling with alcohol, opioid and stimulant addictions.

761 Cuthbert Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone: (856) 890-9449

Treatment Programs

The Recovery Village offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient care, complete with nutrition and wellness activities.

  • Drug Detoxification – Involves 24/7 supervision during the critical first few days as chemicals clear the body.
  • Medical Detox – Clinicians administer medications to block cravings and ease withdrawal pains.
  • Inpatient Rehab – Includes physician visits, recreational therapy, nutritional support, group therapy and aftercare planning.
  • Outpatient Rehab – The same features as inpatient treatment, but the patient lives at home and attends daytime rehab.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Patients come to Cherry Hill for part-time rehab. Good for mild cases and those who maintain active work and social lives.

The Recovery Village employs programs that help patients overcome substance abuse and mental health problems.

Additional Treatment

The Recovery Village offers therapy that helps people overcome mental barriers to a happy, sober life.

  • Polydrug Abuse – Programs that treat dangerous mixed addictions, where substances are combined.
  • Teletherapy – Options for people unable to attend rehab in person at Cherry Hill.
  • Aftercare and Recovery – Further help for people who need further guidance once they finish rehab.

The Recovery Village also helps with interventions in crises.

5. Seabrook – Rehab and wellness retreat

Seabrook has helped people beat drug and alcohol addiction since 1974.

133 Polk Ln.
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone: 800-761-7575

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Seabrook offers holistic treatment that encompasses education, wellness, family outreach and spiritual options.

  • Withdrawal Management – Seabrook offers medication-assisted treatment and also helps with interventions.
  • Inpatient – Patients stay at Seabrook. Includes individual and group therapy, drug education and a 12-step regimen.
  • Family Matrix Program – Helps family members understand the needs of recovering loved ones and participate in the healing process.
  • Holistic Therapies – Treats patients on multiple levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Christian Track – Treatment options for people who wish to incorporate spiritual aspects into their recovery journey.

Seabrook has outpatient locations in Cherry Hill, Morristown, Shrewsbury and Bridgeton.

New Jersey Addiction Treatment Centers: Get Help Today

Each day, people die from drug overdoses and the overconsumption of alcohol. Don’t let anyone you know become a statistic. If you see the warning signs, get help immediately. 

If someone you know has a problem with substance abuse, call the nearest drug and alcohol treatment centers in New Jersey today. Sobriety could be just a phone call away.

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