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Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a support group targeting people looking to maintain sober, drug-free lives. 

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, NA follows the 12-step principles of addiction recovery and opens its doors to anyone who desires to take up a drug-free lifestyle. 

But is Narcotics Anonymous the right support group for your needs? 

To help you out, we’ll take an in-depth look at Narcotics Anonymous, its main features, and how it can help you maintain lifelong sobriety.

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What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step program founded way back in 1953 to help people break the chains of addiction. 

NA ranks as the second-largest 12-step organization after Alcoholics Anonymous and has over 75,000 subgroups distributed in over 144 countries

Just like AA, Narcotics Anonymous is guided by the 12 steps and 12 traditions, although its wordings are slightly different. 

Anyone who wants to overcome an addiction is welcome to join NA. And while NA bases its steps on a higher power, the focus is less on religion but more on spirituality.

NA members use a primary text, the “Basic Text,” that guides both recovery and fellowship. The text also defines the basis for sharing experiences and advice between members. 

Meetings are usually held in various locations, from hospitals to community centers, church meeting rooms, libraries, or any other suitable places. 

How Narcotics Anonymous Works  

The Narcotics Anonymous philosophy revolves around group support, and as such, members are expected to participate in meetings consistently. 

During meetings, members share their respective challenges with addiction and how they’re dealing with the situation. The sharing of testimonies allows members to advise each other and learn from challenges, all while benefiting from a solid support system. 

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, NA meetings are either open or closed

Open meetings are suitable for friends and family who want to support their loved ones, while closed meetings are reserved for prospective and registered members only. 

It’s also worth noting that all meetings are free, and you won’t be obliged to pay if you aren’t in a position to make voluntary contributions. 

On most occasions, new members will be assigned sponsors- individuals who have been sober for several years. 

A sponsor will hold your hand as you move through the various steps of recovery, ensuring you have a reliable support system that will keep you motivated to attend the sessions. 

Advantages of Narcotics Anonymous 

Broadens Your Overall Perspective 

Narcotics Anonymous exposes you to a group of people who’ve been through similar (or even worse) challenges. This broadens your perspective, effectively changing how you view addiction.

By interacting within the group, you’ll learn more about how others deal with cravings and how they overcame their unique addictions. You can then apply these tips and lessons to make your recovery process smoother. 

Sense of Purpose

Attending regular NA meetings gives you the much-needed sense of purpose that you’re part of something bigger.  

You’ll eventually start feeling that your life is moving in the right direction despite not figuring everything out yet. 

Ideal for Long-term Recovery

Completing inpatient or outpatient treatment does not mean you’ll maintain lifelong sobriety. However, by joining a 12-step group like Narcotics Anonymous, you’ll be better placed to avoid relapses as you’ll learn positive ways to cope with cravings. 

Moreover, a support group like NA allows you to meet and interact with people who share similar goals. The supportive group of peers creates a conducive and compassionate environment that promotes long-term sobriety. 


When in Narcotics Anonymous, you’ll be linked with a sponsor who’ll hold your hand as you learn more about recovery. 

The idea is to have a sponsor to guide, encourage and support you during your good days and, even more importantly, during the bad days when you’re close to relapsing. 

Moreover, it will be your responsibility as group members to hold each other accountable and offer firm yet non-judgmental support to one another. 

Structured Routine

Maintaining sobriety is nearly impossible without a concrete plan. 12-step programs like NA give you a plan and a much-needed routine that’ll keep you occupied. 

NA’s engaging structure and perfectly detailed steps will ensure you don’t slide back to the chaotic life of addiction. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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Where Can I Find Narcotics Anonymous Near Me?

You can find NA meetings near you by searching on the official website. Several groups are likely to pop up depending on your location. You can also attend virtual NA meetings if you can’t find any physical location close to where you live. 

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