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Luxury Drug Rehab

At luxury treatment facilities, patients enjoy beautiful scenery and lavish amenities. Luxury rehab centers offer tranquil, peaceful settings for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment programs are designed for people who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. At luxury rehab centers, the treatment process consists of detox, therapy, wellness activities and private recovery time.

The luxury treatment center is usually set in a hillside or seaside setting. This offers peace and tranquility as patients undergo the recovery process.

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury treatment centers offer comfortable amenities and beautiful views of scenic nature. Most luxury rehab centers are equipped with:

  • Private rooms – Each patient gets his/her private bedroom, complete with a queen-sized bed and private bathroom. Bedsheets and bath towels are changed and washed daily by resort staff.
  • Dining areas – Luxury rehab centers have large kitchens and dining areas where patients are served gourmet meals. The food they serve is fresh, healthy and well-balanced. Treatment center staff promote healthy eating as part of the sobriety regimen.
  • Gyms – Most luxury drug rehab facilities have workout rooms where patients can lift weights and do cardio. Fitness is a good activity for patients to get into while they undergo drug and alcohol recovery. Physical fitness energizes the body and improves self-image.
  • Entertainment rooms – Luxury rehabs usually have large recreation areas with big screens for TV and movie watching. Patients can socialize in these areas and play board and card games.
  • Large outdoor areas – Luxury rehab facilities are located on lavish resorts with ample acreage for outdoor space. Patients can take walks, recline, stretch and observe beautiful sunsets while taking in the fresh air of nature.
  • Swimming pools – Swimming is another physical outlet for people undergoing rehab. Drug addiction destroys health and renders people lethargic. Swimming helps individuals restore their health and energy.
  • Tennis courts – Most luxury rehab facilities are located on lavish country estates where tennis courts are common. Tennis provides another outlet for people to be active and engage in good-natured sportsmanship. It’s not a contact sport and it doesn’t require advanced athletic skills to enjoy a good game of tennis.

Drug addiction treatment is a healing process for individuals who’ve struggled with substance abuse. At a luxury rehab facility, patients can overcome drug abuse in a safe, quiet, peaceful setting with maximum amenities.

Luxury Rehab Treatment Programs

Luxury rehab offers patients all the same program features offered at today’s addiction treatment centers. However, there’s more space and amenities at a luxury rehab facility. The luxury rehab experience gives each patient more space, privacy, convenience and individualized treatment options.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

In luxury rehab, patients get numerous treatment options. They offer a range of treatment modalities to accommodate different personality types. Some of the most popular addiction treatment options include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment – A form of treatment that pinpoints the patient’s co-occurring disorders that feed into his/her addiction. In most cases, addictive behavior stems from deep-seated mental health issues, such as childhood abandonment or trauma. This can help patients recover from chronic depression and bipolar disorder at the same time as addiction.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – A type of treatment that pinpoints ingrained beliefs that cause self-destructive behavior. People often abuse drugs and alcohol due to deep-seated hopelessness and despondency. It’s a mental health condition that counselors treat by helping the patient reverse such thoughts, turning “no you can’t” into “yes you can.”
  • Equine therapy – Part of animal therapy, which connects patients to the innocence of animals and wildlife. One of the precious things about animals is their lack of culture or civilization. They have no politics, crime, currency or addiction. Activities like riding and interacting with horses (equine therapy) help humans get more in touch with their humanity.
  • Massage therapy – Massage helps relieve physical and emotional stress and bodily tension. Among patients at luxury rehabs, this is one of the most popular features. During massage, people relax and drift to more peaceful, positive thought patterns.
  • Nutrition counseling – This helps rehab patients develop healthier diets and lifestyles. When people first enter detox, they’re typically in poor health. Drug addiction and alcoholism clash with health. When people form habits around healthy living, they’re less likely to relapse into unhealthy addictions.
  • Physical health – The other aspect of a healthy recovery is physical health. At a luxury rehab facility, each patient learns about habits and exercises that help improve physical health. Rehab center staff help patients develop health and exercise plans for long-term recovery.
  • Family therapy – When people first enter rehab, they often have frayed relations with family members. Drug addiction isolates people and alienates others. In family therapy, patients and their families meet in group settings, moderated by a treatment counselor. This helps families mend their communication gaps and prepare for the return of their loved ones. 
  • Alternative treatments – Some luxury rehabs offer alternative forms of drug addiction treatment like acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy.

Select American addiction centers offer luxury amenities in beautiful countryside and oceanside settings. For people seeking treatment, the best thing to do is contact facilities throughout the US to determine which one has the luxury rehab program most suited to the individual’s needs.

Luxury Rehab Cost

At luxury rehab treatment facilities, patients get help for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Luxury drug treatment programs generally consist of the following:

  • Detox – Addiction treatment starts with detox, where the patient stops using drugs and commits to sobriety. Cravings peak during the first three days but subside after chemicals clear from the body. Luxury rehabs offer 24/7 supervision and support during this crucial first step toward long-term recovery.
  • Residential Treatment – Luxury drug rehab centers offer 30-90 day accommodations with private rooms and gourmet meals. Treatment consists of private counseling, wellness activities, lectures from addiction survivors and support groups where patients meet for counselor-moderated discussions.
  • Outpatient treatment – Patients can also choose day programs for substance addiction treatment. Outpatient programs consist of part-time (9-19 weekly hours) and full-time (20+ weekly hours) treatment at a luxury facility. Outpatient treatment covers the same ground as residential programs (counseling, group meetings, wellness, etc).

At luxury facilities, addiction treatment services are discreet and confidential. Most people who check into luxury rehab centers have prominent positions in sectors of business and high society. To find the right program, individuals and their loved ones should do a substance abuse self-assessment to determine their level of drug or alcohol addiction.

Find the Best luxury Rehab Center

Luxury rehabs offer high-class treatment for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. Most luxury treatment facilities accept private health insurance and individualized treatment plans.

If you have a family member who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse, contact a luxury rehab center in your state and ask about their programs and amenities. Your call could help your loved one achieve lasting recovery.

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