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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Luxury rehab centers offer drug and alcohol treatment for professionals. For people with careers and public lives who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, luxury rehabs offer discreet alternatives to urban treatment centers.

Luxury vs. Regular Rehab

Professionals who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse often shy away from treatment. Some of them fear the rehab facility environment. In luxury rehab centers, no one has to worry about poor sanitation, shared rooms and dangerous fellow patients. Luxury centers are upscale facilities that offer:

  • Quality care – Luxury rehabs maintain the highest standards in their counseling and nursing staff.
  • Clean setting – Luxury rehab facilities maintain the highest levels of sanitation. Sheets and towels are changed and washed every day by the center cleaning staff.
  • Individualized care – Each patient gets the attention he/she needs at a luxury rehab facility. Luxury rehabs are never overcrowded or understaffed.
  • Like-minded surroundings – People who attend luxury rehab treatment facilities tend to come from professional and affluent backgrounds. The criminal-offending street addict is generally not found at luxury treatment centers.

Luxury rehab offers a quiet and peaceful environment where professionals can overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Alcohol abuse occurs among all demographics, including professionals. For people in high-power positions (lawyers, executives, CEOs), alcohol and drug addiction carry certain stigmas. At luxury alcohol rehabs, private care is just that, PRIVATE. Professionals can count on a luxury rehab to offer:

  • Discretion – Things discussed at a luxury rehab center remain strictly confidential. No one has to worry about being “outed” for entering treatment because each patient is there with similar high stakes in their professional and public lives.
  • Seclusion – Luxury addiction treatment is done in the peace and tranquility of secluded settings, far from the hustle of urban life, airports, the media and society. Most luxury rehab centers are located at oceanside, hillside and countryside settings.
  • Flexibility – In luxury rehab, program options are flexible. Patients can choose days and times that fit their busy schedules. Outpatient treatment centers offer sessions in the morning, day and evening.

It takes effort, guidance and support to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Luxury rehab facilities offer secure environments where professionals undergo addiction recovery and achieve long-term sobriety.

Luxury Rehab Centers: Amenities

At luxury alcohol rehab facilities, patients get a slew of features that help make the experience satisfying and well-rounded. Amenities include:

  • Private rooms – Each patient gets his/her private room, complete with a queen-sized bed and private bathroom.
  • Weight rooms – Luxury rehab centers include workout rooms where patients can lift weights and do cardio exercises. This helps patients improve their physical health and stamina, qualities lacking in sufferers of drug and alcohol abuse. Some luxury rehabs offer personal trainers.
  • Saunas – Luxury treatment centers also have pools, jacuzzis and steam rooms where patients can get full spa treatments.
  • Gourmet meals – Luxury treatment programs stress healthy foods and balanced diets. Each day, patients are served gourmet meals made with fresh ingredients and served in spacious dining areas. They also provide nutrition counseling during the educational segments of rehab.
  • Entertainment rooms – Luxury treatment centers are situated on lavish estates with large rooms and huge social areas. The entertainment rooms typically have multiple sofas with fireplaces, game tables and big-screen televisions for group movie watching.
  • Tennis courts – Luxury treatment facilities also have large outdoor areas with plenty of room to stretch out, take walks and do lawn yoga. Tennis courts are a fixture of luxury rehab estates.

Luxury addiction treatment provides a comfortable means for the crucial processes of detox and recovery.

Mental Health Programs at Luxury Treatment Centers

For most individuals, alcohol addiction stems from a pre-existing mental health condition. In luxury rehab facilities, the treatment staff understands that professionals who abuse drugs need mental-health counseling, which comes in the form of:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – This identifies the hardwired beliefs that keep most people down. When a patient identifies his/her toxic unconscious thoughts, it’s easier to beat the addiction. Something like “there’s no hope in life, alcohol is all I have” becomes “I can be anything and sobriety is the key.”
  • Family therapy – Most patients have trouble communicating with loved ones who don’t understand what it’s like to struggle with alcohol addiction. Luxury rehab centers host family therapy sessions where counselors moderate group therapy discussions with patients and family members.
  • Massage therapy – A soothing way to relax and relieve tension, massage therapy helps patients clear their minds of stress. For patients who engage in alcohol and drug abuse to cope with physical pain, massage is a healthy alternative remedy.
  • Equine therapy – Animal therapy is a key component of substance abuse treatment. When people connect with animals, they connect with life that lives free from the stresses of human society (economy, taxes, drugs, poverty, warfare). Equine therapy, where patients interact with horses, is a wonderful way to bond with animals.
  • Art therapy – This helps patients discover new goal-oriented hobbies. Art therapy includes drawing, painting, sculpting and other creative activities. Rehab counselors also encourage patients to take up writing and musical instruments. 

At luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers, patients can try a range of therapeutic models. Therapy helps patients overcome addiction and work through the co-occurring disorders that spur addictive behavior.

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Luxury alcohol treatment centers offer a sequence of programs designed to help patients through each stage of the recovery process. In luxury rehab, alcohol and drug addiction treatment is done in the following sequence:

  • Detox – This begins when the patient first enters a rehab facility and stops drinking altogether. The first three days are the most challenging because cravings and withdrawal symptoms peak as alcohol clears from the body. Luxury rehab programs offer supervision and guidance throughout this key stage of recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The patient meets with an assigned counselor to discuss his/her addiction history. Through dual diagnosis treatment, counselors pinpoint the co-occurring disorders that fuel the patient’s addictive behavior. Counselors use this info to draft individualized treatment plans for each patient.
  • Residential inpatient treatment – Luxury rehab centers offer residential programs where patients live at a country or oceanside treatment estate for 30-90 days. Inpatient treatment consists of mental health counseling, wellness activities, group therapy meetings, healthy meals, meditation time and experiential therapy.
  • Outpatient treatment – Patients who don’t wish to live for any length of time at a treatment center may opt for outpatient treatment. This consists of daytime sessions that cover the same ground as residential programs. Outpatient programs give help to professionals seeking treatment while also allowing time for work and social obligations. 

Luxury drug and alcohol rehabs offer discreet, confidential substance abuse treatment for professionals and members of high society. 

Find Alcohol Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem in all economic groups. Luxury rehab facilities offer discreet treatment for people whose careers and social standing could be at stake if word leaked of their drug or alcohol addiction.

Today’s American addiction centers offer treatment and mental health programs in accordance with the Mental Health Services Administration.

If someone you love has a drinking problem, scope your local listings to find the best luxury rehab center in your state or region. Ask about their treatment options and read reviews from former patients. Does this treatment center have a track record of patients who’ve achieved long-term recovery? Your diligence could save a life.

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