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Rehab Centers in Kentucky: Substance Abuse Treatment

Does someone you know struggle with substance abuse? Fortunately, Kentucky has rehab centers that offer the region’s most preferred drug and alcohol treatment.

Across Kentucky, alcohol and drug addiction have ravaged communities. In 2019, there were 1,380 deaths statewide attributed to drug overdoses.

To combat the problem, substance abuse treatment services operate throughout the state. What are the treatment centers in Kentucky?

5 Addiction Treatment Centers

  1. Drug treatment locations – Robert Alexander Center
  2. Holistic drug rehab programs – JourneyPure
  3. Medication-assisted treatment – Isaiah House Treatment Center
  4. Medical detox, outpatient programs – Stepworks Recovery Centers
  5. Faith-based treatment programs – Addiction Recovery Care

1. Robert Alexander Center – KY drug treatment locations

Robert Alexander offers treatment to people in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Corbin and Richmond Kentucky.

130 Hope Street Mount
Washington, Kentucky 40047
Phone: 1-502-443-9950

Robert Alexander Treatment Programs

Robert Alexander offers comprehensive treatment for individuals who struggle with substance abuse disorders. They cover everything from detox and inpatient care to family therapy and aftercare planning.

  • Detoxification – Detox begins the moment an individual ceases drug or alcohol abuse and commits to abstinence. At Robert Alexander, the treatment staff offer 24/7 supervision as patients overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Residential Inpatient – After detox, inpatient treatment is the logical next step in recovery. The Robert Alexander rehab center offers comfortable amenities and customized treatment options.
  • Partial Hospitalization – For recovering individuals with suitable domestic support, the partial hospitalization program (PHP) lets them come in for treatment during the day and spend nights at home.
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) – Similar to PHP but with fewer hours. With IOP, the patient comes in for treatment on a part-time basis. Good for advanced patients and those with daytime obligations.

Each program contains a mix of counseling, group support, wellness activities, education and goal-setting designed to prepare the patient for sober life on the outside.

Treatment Options

As with the best addiction treatment practitioners, Robert Alexander’s programs bring patients and loved ones together and prepare people for long-term recovery in the real world.

  • Family Therapy & Program – Relatives often don’t know how to talk with loved ones who struggle with drugs or alcohol. Therapy sessions where both parties are present help mend these gaps.
  • Aftercare Planning – Once a patient leaves a drug rehab center, he/she must know how to keep the momentum and stay focused though good and bad times. Robert Alexander is always available for continued support.
  • Alcoholism – People often drink to cope with stress. Young people binge drink at parties. Women have lower thresholds. Some people lack self-restraint. Whatever the cause, Robert Alexander can help.
  • Drug Addiction – At the Robert Alexander drug rehab center, they treat all kinds of addiction, including opioids, cocaine, heroin, meth and benzodiazepines.

Robert Alexander Center works with most insurance providers, including aetna, Humana, Cigna, Magellan Health and beacon.

2. JourneyPure – Holistic drug rehab programs in KY

JourneyPure offers rehab treatment with a holistic approach for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in southern Kentucky.

2349 Russellville Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: (800) 311-1677

JourneyPure Treatment Practices

For anyone seeking addiction treatment, the best possible drug rehab program incorporates mental health counseling.

  • Medical Detox – Once substance abuse stops, the second and third days are typically the hardest. JourneyPure gets people through this initial hurdle of drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Clinical Therapies – Drug and alcohol addiction are often accompanied by mental health disorders. At JourneyPure, counselors work with each patient to pinpoint the aggravating factors.
  • Holistic Options – Today’s best treatment providers combine wellness activities with counseling and drug education. This helps people heal emotionally and find new things to feel passionate about.
  • Relapse Prevention – To ensure long-term recovery, JourneyPure helps patients understand the mindsets and coping mechanisms of sober individuals.
  • Medically-assisted Treatment – To help people overcome cravings and withdrawal symptoms, JourneyPure may administer anti-addiction medicine.

JourneyPure offers a private and convenient solution for people seeking rehab in Kentucky.

JourneyPure Addiction Treatment Specialties

Today’s treatment methods include therapeutic innovations that help people find new healthy interests.

  • Experiential Therapy – Activities like art therapy and music therapy engage the mind and stimulate the imagination.
  • Intensive Trauma Therapy – People who drink and do drugs typically have co-occurring disorders with mental health, often rooted in past trauma.
  • Individual and Group Counseling – Each patient meets individually with an assigned counselor and also partakes in group counseling sessions with like-minded people on the same path.
  • Life Planning – Sobriety is a lifetime commitment. JourneyPure teaches patients about goal-setting, task completion and other vital skills for a healthy lifestyle.

Few drug rehab centers cover as much ground as JourneyPure, which incorporates mental health and physical wellness practices into each treatment program.

3. Isaiah House Treatment Center – Medication-assisted treatment in KY

The Isaiah House Treatment Center offers short and long-term residential treatment and outpatient care for people in central Kentucky.

2084 Main Street
Willisburg, KY 40078
Phone: (859) 375-9200

Isaiah House Addiction Treatment Options

Isaiah offers outpatient services and residential care at its inpatient treatment facility. People with substance use disorders can choose between:

  • Short-Term Residential – Evidence-based treatment methods and recovery services for those in need of drug or alcohol rehab.
  • Long-Term Residential – Covers the same ground (education, counseling, group therapy) with a longer duration.
  • Outpatient Treatment – For people who have work and/or social obligations and can stick to the program while unsupervised.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – Helps people through the biggest hurdle: withdrawal.

The Isaiah House is situated in a beautiful green setting, far removed from the stress and vices of the big cities.

Long-Term Drug Rehab Help

During drug rehab and alcohol treatment, it’s crucial to learn skills that help make recovery last forever.

  • Transitional Living – Offered to those who have trouble landing back on their feet, such as patients who lost everything before entering rehab.
  • Job Skills Training – Helps people gain employable skills for the real world.
  • Employee Assistance Program – Helps people find work once they leave rehab.

Drug abuse can devastate a person but as long as there’s life, there’s hope. Isaiah helps people get back on the right track.

4. Stepworks Recovery Centers – Medical detox, outpatient programs in KY

Stepworks Recovery Centers operate at five locations in Kentucky. They offer detox, residential treatment and sober living options, plus a women’s-only facility.

Phone: (270) 279-8590

Stepworks Recovery Drug Rehab Program Options

Stepworks drug rehab centers are located throughout Kentucky for people seeking addiction treatment. They offer:

  • Detox and Residential – Supervised detox at an inpatient treatment facility, followed by long-term care.
  • Intensive Outpatient – Full-time or part-time outpatient services for people with minor drug abuse or drinking problems.
  • Sober Living – Clean, supportive places to live for a time once people exit a Stepworks rehab facility.
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) – Essential during that hard, initial step to sobriety.

Stepworks treatment practices are in accordance with the US Mental Health Services Administration.

Stepworks Recovery Treatment Program Features

Stepworks Recovery offers special treatment options for people with conditions.

  • PICC Line Program – A one-month drug treatment program for patients on antibiotics via PICC or IV.
  • Multiple Locations – Stepworks drug rehab centers are located in Bowling Green, Crowne Pointe Facility (Elizabethtown), Woodland Drive (Elizabethtown ) and London, KY.
  • Women’s Only Treatment – Stepworks of Nicholasville is a drug and alcohol treatment facility exclusively for women.

Steps Recovery Centers have accreditation from CARF International.

5. Addiction Recovery Care – Faith-based KY treatment programs

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) has a residential treatment program at two locations, plus multiple rehab centers across the state for men and women. They also have an app.

Suite 160 3439 Buckhorn Drive
Lexington, KY 40515
Phone: (859) 559-0938

ARC Addiction Treatment Program Options

ARC offers substance abuse treatment with faith-based options at their residential treatment centers.

  • Residential Addiction Treatment – ARC has two main treatment centers in Kentucky: Crown Recovery Center (Lexington) and  Sanibel House (Catlettsburg).
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment – ARC offers daytime outpatient rehab to people who live near a treatment center.
  • ARC Anywhere – The ARC app, where people can get rehab treatment from the comfort of their homes. Good for people who live too far away from the best drug rehab centers.

ARC makes substance abuse treatment accessible to anyone who needs it.

ARC Specialized Treatment Programs

Addiction Recovery Care is one of the few options in Kentucky for people seeking faith-based rehab programs. ARC has a treatment facility in four locations for men, plus five for women.

  • Spiritual Counseling – For people of faith, this adds an extra layer to their treatment and recovery.
  • Men’s Treatment – ARC has men’s rehab centers in Lake Hills Oasis (Somerset), Belle Grove Springs (Fox Valley), Riverplace (Pikeville) and May Hill (Louisa).
  • Women’s Treatment – ARC has women’s rehab centers in Creekside (Pippa Passa), Karen’s Place (Lawrence), Hazel Hills (Owingsville), Beth’s Blessing (Annville) and Lydia’s House (Benham).

The female-only treatment option helps women feel more comfortable about rehab.

Centers in Kentucky for Drug or Alcohol Addiction: Call Today

Kentucky drug and alcohol rehab programs offer treatment options suited to the residents of this state.  If someone you know has a drug problem, contact the nearest addiction treatment center today.

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