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High Grade Rehabs In Arkansas

Arkansas’ rivers, lakes, and hot springs make it an ideal location for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  

For many years, the Natural State has attracted thousands of locals and out-of-state patients to its many substance abuse treatment centers. 

While the fairly large rehab attendance is partly due to the state’s beautiful sceneries and magical landscapes, it is also due to its premier facilities that provide world-class addiction treatment services.

So what are some of the first-class rehab centers in Arkansas?

To help you know which drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility suits your needs (or those of your loved one) most appropriately, we’ll review 6 of the top-rated drug addiction rehabs in the Natural State. 

Ready? Then let’s get straight to business.

1.  Oasis Renewal Center

Address 14913 Cooper Orbit Road, Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone number1 501 376 2747 
Treatment options Residential care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, continuing care, family services, continuing care, co occurring disorders, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, 
Payment options Cash, insurance 
Age rangeAdults
LocationLittle Rock, AR

The Oasis Renewal Center is a licensed drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that specializes in both residential and outpatient treatment programs. 

Besides offering drug addiction treatment services, the Oasis Renewal Center also provides continuing care services to its clients through 12-step meetings, one-on-one meetings with sponsors, and through a dedicated app. 

The full continuum of care allows you (or your loved one) to transition from residential care to partial hospitalization and then ease down treatment through an intensive outpatient program.  

One drawback of the Oasis Renewal Center is that it doesn’t offer detox services. The good news, however, is that the facility can refer you to other local drug and alcohol treatment facilities that offer the most efficient detox services around. 

The Oasis Renewal Center believes that family plays a huge role in recovery and allows for scheduled visitations every Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  

Please note that patients are not allowed to have phones at the facility. 

2. Crowson Open Addiction Treatment Center 

Address 1807 E Lawson Road Little Rock, AR 72210
Phone number1 501 904 8711
Treatment optionsIndividual counseling, group counseling, family groups, relapse prevention, massage therapy, aftercare,  
Payment options Insurance, self pay, municipal health benefit 
Age rangeWomen above 18
Location Little Rock, Arkansas

If you are in search of a women-only substance abuse treatment facility for yourself (or a loved one), then you might want to give Crowson Open Addiction Treatment Center (COATC) a try. 

COATC is located in a well-secluded private property and is designed to serve 7 patients at a time, ensuring clients receive intimate, highly personalized treatment. 

Instead of using drug replacement therapy, the drug rehab sets up its curriculum to follow the evidence-based 12 step program. 

The 12 step program is integrated with holistic therapies like yoga, massage, and outdoor therapy. Patients also stand to benefit from customized individual and group counseling therapies. 

The women-only facility has a robust aftercare program designed to keep graduates in check months and even years after completing their respective rehab programs. 

Smoking is also permitted at the alcohol and drug treatment center in specific areas.

3. Serenity Park Recovery Center

Address 2711 W. Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, AR 72204 
Phone number1 501 313 0066
Treatment optionsDetox, residential treatment, medication assisted services
Payment options Insurance, cash, 
Age rangeMen
Location Little Rock, AR

Serenity Park Recovery Center is a privately owned men’s alcohol and drug addiction facility that provides residential and medication-assisted services to its patients. 

At the time of writing, the drug rehab is undergoing renovation to increase its capacity from 20 clients at a time to 40. Although the plan is to increase the capacity and services offered, the Serenity Park staff reiterates its commitment to providing individualized care to all its patients. 

Patients get to enroll in 30, 60, or 90-day residential programs, depending on the type of treatment required. 

During your stay, you’ll be residing in spacious semi-private rooms designed with comfort and privacy in mind. 

Serenity Park also offers detox services to 8 patients at a time. The two types of detox services offered are observational and medication-assisted detox. All clients are monitored 24/7 by highly experienced clinicians, nurses, and addiction treatment experts. 

You (or your loved one) will also have access to a variety of holistic therapies and receive nutritional support during the detox stage.  

4. Recovery Centers Of Arkansas

Address 1201 River Road North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone number1 501 372 4611
Treatment optionsResidential services, outpatient program, recovery residence, veterans administration
Payment options Insurance, Self pay
Age rangeAdults
Location North Little Rock, AR

Recovery Centers Of Arkansas is easily among the top-quality treatment centers not only in The Natural State but also in the wider South Central region. 

The drug rehab has been growing since its formation and purchased the Oasis Renewal Center in 2010, which ensured that more addicts were offered residential and outpatient services. 

The Recovery Centers of Arkansas has campuses sprinkled in different locations, making it the state’s largest addiction treatment service provider.  

To learn more about the facility, let’s take a quick look at some of the main facilities under the Recovery Centers of Arkansas umbrella. 

The Riverbend campus, located along the banks of the scenic Arkansas River, is great for patients looking to kickstart their addiction treatment journey through an intense, highly personalized residential program. 

The second facility is the Sibley Hole campus, the newest division of the Recovery Centers of Arkansas. Some of the main services offered include residential services, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. 

The Williamsburg facility is located in Little Rock’s commercial areas and is a walking distance from many businesses, bus stops, and shopping centers. This center primarily administers an outpatient treatment program and chemical-free living services. 

The Steeplechase apartments is another branch of the Recovery Centers of Arkansas that provides housing for patients that have completed the facility’s treatment programs.

The final facility under the Recovery Centers of Arkansas umbrella is the Oasis Renewal Center, which is housed in 48 acres of serene, private property and is surrounded by three lakes. 

When choosing which of the Recovery Centers of Arkansas’ facilities to enroll in, it is advisable to consider the substance abuse treatment services offered (i.e., inpatient or outpatient).

Also, we recommend calling 1 501 372 4611 to speak to the support team to learn more about the locations and services administered in each center. 

5. Sozo Addiction Recovery Center Inc

Address 243 Nathan Ter Jessieville, AR 71949
Phone number1 501 984 5317
Treatment optionsResidential program, outpatient program, faith-based 12 step approach, 
Payment options Self pay, financial assistance
Age rangeAdults 
Location Jessieville, AR

 Tried several rehabs but nothing seems to work? If you’re at the point of desperation and need a different approach to treatment, then we’d recommend trying out the Sozo Addiction Recovery Center in the village of Jessieville. 

The rehab facility’s main goal is to treat addiction through God’s love by using a faith-based approach. The greatest part, however, is that the Sozo Addiction Recovery Center is CARF-accredited and state-licensed, making it a safe and trustworthy place to receive addiction treatment. 

 The core residential program is designed to last for 2 months.

However, patients can end up staying at the facility for up to 9-12 months if they opt to move to intensive outpatient treatment, then partial hospitalization, and finally transitional living. 

Under the residential treatment plan, you’ll receive 36 hours of treatment and professional instruction on a broad range of subjects, including anger management, living in balance, relapse prevention, coping skills, denial, family relationships, and financial management.  

Patients will attend bible study classes, church and participate in all spiritual activities as part of the facility’s curriculum. 

You’ll also appreciate that besides being located in a strategic, well-secluded piece of private land, SOZO also boasts world-class amenities like a fully fitted gym, recreation center, hiking trails, and several common rooms that allow residents to interact and take a well-deserved break from classes. 

6. Preferred Family Healthcare

Address 1300 AR-9, Morrilton, AR 72110, 
Phone number1 501 208 5911
Treatment optionsAlcohol addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment, Group therapy, individual therapy, aftercare
Payment options Insurance, self pay
Age rangeAdolescents, Adults 
Location Morrilton, AR

The Preferred Family Healthcare is a community-based healthcare organization offering addiction and mental health services in over 100 locations. 

Besides the Arkansas facility, Preferred Family Healthcare also has campuses in several states, from Illinois to Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 

Some of the main services offered include detox, residential and outpatient. However, prevention services are also offered in Kansas and Missouri facilities. 

The Preferred Family Healthcare has a virtual treatment program that’s suitable for locals and out-of-state patients in need of remote substance abuse services. 

One area the facility needs to improve on is its website layout, which can be a bit confusing for first-time clients that don’t know much about the services offered. 

But if you want to get immediate assistance, we recommend dialing 1 501 208 5911 to talk to a customer care agent.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing A Rehab Center In Arkansas? 

When seeking addiction treatment in Arkansas, you should make several considerations, as explained below: 

Services Offered

Not all drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Natural State offer the same services. Some focus solely on outpatient programs, while others provide a full continuum of care offering detox, residential treatment, outpatient, and aftercare services. 


Among the most important factors to consider when choosing a rehab is the cost and accepted payment options. Some rehabs accept Medicare and Medicaid, while others are in-network with most insurance providers. 

The trick, therefore, is to consult with a facility’s support team by calling their official phone numbers.


A facility’s reputation is also crucial, especially if you’re looking to travel to Arkansas to attend rehab. The good news, however, is that all our listed facilities have positive reviews from satisfied clients that overcame their respective addictions.

But to be on the safe side, it’s always good to check what former clients and alumni are saying before settling for a particular facility. 


 If you’re an out-of-state patient looking to attend rehab in Arkansas, the last thing you want is to spend close to 30 days attending residential treatment programs that offer no additional services to complement treatment. 

Ideally, a good residential facility should have spacious, comfortable rooms (private or semi-private), lounges, a fitness center, wi-fi and TVs, and even a swimming pool. 

And since not all rehab centers have the same features, inquiring beforehand is highly recommended to know if the amenities suit your preferences. 

Is Arkansas A Good Place To Receive Substance Abuse Treatment?

Although landlocked, Arkansas is arguably among the first-to-look states to receive addiction treatment, especially for out-of-state patients looking to detach from their otherwise toxic surroundings. 

The Natural State, as the name suggests, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and is renowned for its lakes, hot springs, and abundance of rivers. The rich scenery, coupled with the fresh air, ensures that patients catch a much-needed break from their usual routines and environments. 

Attending outpatient rehab in Arkansas is also ideal due to the state’s wealth of parks, museums, libraries, and man-made lakes that can help keep patients busy during their free time after treatment. 

What Are Some Of The Prime-Class Rehab Facilities In Arkansas?

Arkansas has some well-known drug treatment centers that provide effective addiction treatment services to local and out-of-state clients. The Recovery Centers Of Arkansas is the state’s largest addiction treatment center and has several divisions, including the highly-rated Oasis Renewal Center. 

For religion-based addiction treatment, we highly recommend the Sozo Addiction Recovery center, which uses a faith-based approach to administer addiction treatment to its patients. 

Other Arkansas-based drug rehab centers that provide outstanding services to clients are the Preferred Family Healthcare, Crowson Open Addiction Treatment Center, and the Serenity Park Recovery Center. 

Wrapping Up 

As we conclude our review of some of the top drug rehab centers in Arkansas, you should be well-positioned to choose one that most suits your needs (or those of your loved one). 

For specialized, women-only treatment, we’d recommend the Crowson Open Addiction Treatment Center, while the Sozo Addiction Recovery Center ticks the box for faith-based drug rehab programs in Arkansas.  

Whichever drug rehab you choose, remember to call their official number and talk to the support team to know more about the services offered, costs and admission requirements

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