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Category: Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholism Support Groups 

Alcohol use disorder is a serious condition that, although hard to treat, can be overcome by integrating a variety of treatment methods.  As a patient advances in treatment, the need for medical assistance and individual therapy reduces as recovery leans more towards group therapy and support groups.  By joining support groups, recovering alcoholics get to …

Alcohol Addiction Treatment For Professionals

Alcohol use disorder does not discriminate and can affect people in professional positions, from lawyers to business executives, healthcare practitioners, pilots, members of the armed forces, and even clergymen and women.  And since professionals have great responsibilities towards the community, some turn to alcohol to cope with day-to-day stresses, which can gradually lead to underperformance …

Alcohol Withdrawal: Mild, Severe Symptoms

Alcohol addiction affects more than 14.5 million Americans aged 12 and over. People who struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD) are bound to experience withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop drinking. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are inevitable for anyone who wishes to conquer a drinking problem. Excessive alcohol intake (overdrinking, binge drinking) was the start of …

Recognize Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder is a condition where an individual is preoccupied with alcohol and cannot control the drinking behavior despite its negative effects.  Uncontrolled alcohol abuse more often than not leads to alcoholism, whereby an addicted person continues to drink despite the habit causing social, career, or relationship problems.  The situation gets …

Alcohol Treatment Medications

The thought of severe withdrawal symptoms is usually a buzzkill for alcohol abuse patients seeking treatment. But while the treatment process can be mentally and physically demanding, there are several  medications that can ease the recovery process and make it a lot smoother.  FDA-approved drugs like Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Benzodiazepines, and Acamprosate are usually used by …

LGBTQ Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Rehab Programs

Do you know an LGBTQ individual with an alcohol or drug problem? Fortunately, American addiction centers now offer specialized treatment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning people who struggle with alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a tragic factor in the LGTBQ community. Roughly one in four LGBTQ individuals (25%) has a problem with alcohol abuse, …