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9 Highest-Rated Texas Rehab Centers in 2024

The Highest-Rated Drug & Alcohol Treatment Options in the Lone Star State

Does someone you know struggle with drugs or alcohol use disorder? If so, there are Texas rehab centers where they can get the help they need.

Addiction centers are open throughout Texas and the nation with inpatient and outpatient programs, and they are waiting for you to enroll.

There are drug rehab centers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and numerous other parts of Texas. Each has an addiction treatment program for individuals with varying degrees of drug or alcohol dependency.

So which are the most preferred rehab centers in Texas? The following list covers the highest-rated centers in the state.

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Addiction Treatment Centers in Texas

  1. Highest-rated rehab center in Houston – Into Action Recovery Centers
  2. Highest-rated drug rehab center in Dickinson – Bay Area Recovery Center
  3. Highest-rated drug, alcohol treatment center in Dallas – Turtle Creek Recovery Center
  4. Highest-rated drug rehab center in Grand Prairie – GreenHouse Treatment Center
  5. Highest-rated alcohol, drug rehab center in Canyon Lake – Windmill Wellness Ranch
  6. Highest-rated rehab facility in Azle – Stonegate Center
  7. Highest-rated music therapy drug rehab in Austin – Recovery Unplugged Austin
  8. Highest-rated drug rehab center in Bastrop – Willow Springs Recovery
  9. Highest-rated drug, alcohol detox center in Austin – Infinite Recovery

1. Into Action Recovery Centers – Highest rated Rehab Center in Houston

17250 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058

(844) 303-3969

Treatment programs: alcohol, opioids, fentanyl, prescription drugs, benzo, OxyContin, Vicodin, codeine, heroin, cocaine, crack, Molly, spice/k2 and more.

Insurance accepted: BlueCross/BlueShield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, TriCare, Baylor Scott & White, Friday Health Plans, Value Options, ComPsych, Numana, Magellan Health, Oscar, Ambetter, Molina Healthcare

All ages

Into Action Recovery Centers offer on-site medical detox, family therapy, intervention, customized treatment, 12-step programs, and recovery activities for patients recovering from drug and alcohol dependency.

In their residential treatment program, patients spend 30-60 days at Into Action’s 48-bed Houston facility. The program includes 24-hour nursing care and group and individual therapy with Master’s level counselors. In the extended care program, patients stay longer at Into Action’s 21-bed facility and attend 12-step meetings.

In the intensive outpatient program, patients attend three weekly meetings for 10-12 weeks. The scheduling is flexible and family members are welcome.

Into Action has received five-star reviews from former patients, who credit the facility as a life-saver.

2. Bay Area Recovery Center – Highest rated Drug Rehab Center in Dickinson

1807 FM 517 Rd E, Dickinson, TX 77539 (men)

3111 Yupon St Dickinson, TX 77539 (women)

(281) 949-6905‬

Treatment programs: alcohol, cocaine, heroin, hydrocodone, marijuana, methamphetamine, OxyContin, prescription drugs, Xanax, suboxone, valium, Vicodin

Insurance accepted: Cigna, United Behavioral Health Optum, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, PHCS, Value Options, Beacon, ComPsych

All Ages


  • Men’s Only Residential Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab
    1807 FM 517 Rd E Dickinson, TX 77539
  • Women’s Only Residential Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab
    3111 Yupon St Dickinson, TX 77539
  • East Houston Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab
    1100 Hercules Ave #130 Houston, TX 77058
  • Central Houston Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab
    2915 S Sam Houston Pkwy E #300, Houston, TX 77047
  • Pasadena Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facility
    6427 Fairmont Pkwy #104 Pasadena, TX 7750

Bay Area Recovery Centers offer alcohol detox and drug detox treatment programs for men and women. They offer inpatient and outpatient treatment options to people of all ages at multiple locations. Each program offers private and group support to patients seeking to overcome addiction.

In their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), clients partake in nine weekly group therapy hours and at least one hour per week of one-on-one counseling.

At Bay Area, the counselors understand that detox is just the first step toward recovery. The next step involves mastering the habits of an addiction-free life.

3. Turtle Creek Recovery Center – Highest rated Drug, Alcohol Treatment Center in Dallas

2707 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 871-2483

Treatment programs: alcohol, drugs, mental illness

Payment options: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express (call or email for insurance options)

All ages

Turtle Creek Recovery Center offers a residential treatment program for men at their 32-bed facility. Patients stay, on average, for 28 days. The program includes case management, dual diagnosis classes, recovery counseling, and relapse prevention. The program’s goal is twofold: to free patients from addiction and help them positively engage in their community.

Turtle Creek also offers a COPS-D (Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder) program, designed to nurture mental health in patients coping with psychiatric disorders in addition to struggling with chemical dependency.

For individuals seeking a structured weekday program, Turtle Creek offers an outpatient program that meets 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm Monday through Friday. The program covers counseling, addiction treatment, best practices, and skill training. Turtle Creek also offers continuity for people who’ve completed the outpatient program. Bus passes are given to anyone with transportation difficulties.

4. GreenHouse Treatment Center – Highest rated Drug Rehab Center in Grand Prairie

1171 107th St. Grand Prairie, TX 75050

(972) 597-0843

Treatment options: alcohol, benzodiazepines, cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA, Molly), fentanyl, heroin, inhalants, khat, kratom, marijuana, meth, mushrooms, opioids, over-the-counter drugs, painkillers, prescription drugs

Payment options: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover. BlueCard PPO Basic, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

All ages

Greenhouse Treatment center offers treatment programs for common drug addictions and substance use disorders. Their programs cover everything from co-occurring disorders to detox and withdrawal.

The counselors at Greenhouse examine the root causes of an individual’s chemical dependency. They cover psychological factors such as imbalances in brain chemistry that could make a subject vulnerable to drugs that stimulate the brain’s reward system.

Greenhouse also considers genetic and environmental factors, such as a subject’s family history of substance abuse and exposure through peer groups.

The impact of trauma is also taken into account. Addictions often work in concert with mental illness, and Greenhouse counselors help patients cope with issues like PTSD and depression in tandem with drug withdrawal.

The programs offered at Greenhouse include residential treatment,  partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, and aftercare planning. Greenhouse was rated one of 2020’s most preferred 3 addiction treatment centers in Grand Prairie, Texas.

5. Windmill Wellness Ranch – Highest rated Alcohol, Drug Rehab Center in Canyon Lake

26229 N. Cranes Mill Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

(830) 217-6411

Treatment options: alcohol, cocaine, opiate, cannabis, benzodiazepine, multiple addictions, co-occurring mental health issues

Insurance accepted: CHRISTUS Health Plan, LA Exchange, TX Exchange, Humana, Choice POS, HMO Premier

All ages

At the Windmill Wellness Ranch, patients learn a series of skills for managing issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and mood swings. The clinical team works with each patient to determine the length of an individual’s stay at the ranch.

Each patient attends 30 hours of weekly program counseling. The daily sessions cover life management, interpersonal skills, anger management, relapse prevention, and recovery. These topics combine with yoga, movement, and coping therapy for issues such as grief and codependency.

The counselors dive deep into the psychological issues that might contribute to a patient’s chemical dependency. Aside from clinical participation, patients also attend 12-step sessions. After the program, each patient is given an aftercare plan with resources for ongoing recovery.

6. Stonegate Center – Highest rated Rehab Facility in Azle

7510 FM 1886, Azle, TX 76020

(817) 993-9733

Treatment options: drug, alcohol, health

Insurance accepted: Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Choice, Magellan Health, Cigna, Aetna, AmBetter, PHCS MultiPlan, Bright Health

All ages

Stonegate offers medical detox and 12-step programs, including gender-separate and family-integrated options. They also provide faith-based therapy for spiritual patients trying to conquer addiction.

At Stonegate, the clinical staff believes that three-month (not one-month) programs are the most effective chemical withdrawal means. That is why they recommend their intensive 90-day curriculum program, which uncovers each individual’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional  reasons for dependency and how to overcome these issues.

One unique programs that Stonegate offers is equine therapy, where patients are taught how to interact with and ride horses. Staff at Stonegate that interacting with horses can help clients overcome their fears of daily expectations and feel more connected with nature. Stonegate also offers nutritional therapy and programs for continuing care and ongoing recovery.

7. Recovery Unplugged Austin – Highest rated Music Therapy Drug Rehab in Austin

14109 FM 969, Austin, TX 78724

(512) 562-0667

Treatment options: drug, alcohol

Insurance accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield

All ages

Recovery Unplugged has a series of programs for people coping with drug-dependency and alcoholism, including outpatient rehab, comprehensive behavioral therapy, individualized treatment plans, medication-assisted treatment, music-assisted treatment, case management, and court services.

Recovery Unplugged offers medically supervised detox, overseen by medical staff in a safe setting. These clinicians provide therapeutic and medical support for individuals coping with withdrawal symptoms. When patients check into the facility, there is always someone available to help when withdrawal-related emergencies arise.

Recovery Unplugged’s mission is to give patients the emotional and mental coping mechanisms needed to live a chemical-free life. Recovery therapists tailor their approach to the challenges and needs of each individual.

Each person who enters a Recovery Unplugged program is considered part of their family of fellow recoverers for life. They foster a community environment through events and social media, keeping newly drug-free individuals connected with others who’ve committed themselves to a sober life.

8. Willow Springs Recovery – Highest rated Drug Rehab Center in Bastrop

1128 TX-21, Bastrop, TX 78602

(844) 215-4498

Treatment options: prescription drugs, alcohol, stimulants, benzo’s, barbiturates, hallucinogens, marijuana, depressants

Insurance accepted: Blue Cross / Blue Shield

All ages

The programs offered at Willow Springs include detox, inpatient, dual diagnosis, 12-step, SMART recovery, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Willow Springs examines each individual’s situation to determine the better program plan for his or her needs. Based on these evaluations, a patient’s program may include detox and/or psychological therapy.

At Willow Springs, counselors understand that different therapy types, both scientific and faith-based, suit different people according to their personal beliefs. For people looking to free themselves of chemical dependency through spiritualism, Willow offers faith-based therapy.  For secular people, they provide science-based therapy.

Patients undertake a full schedule at Willow Springs with various activities, skill classes, and therapy sessions, including group meetings. They structure each program to keep patients busy and active on their road to recovery.

9. Infinite Recovery – Highest rated Drug, Alcohol Detox Center in Austin

6404 Ridge Oak Rd, Austin, TX 78749

(844) 394-2593

Treatment options: drug, alcohol

Insurance accepted: Aetna, Choice POS II, El Paso Option One EPO, Elect Choice EPO, HMO, Health Network, Optum, Oscar, Magellan, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare

All ages

Infinite Recovery offers detox, sober living, inpatient, and outpatient rehab programs designed to get people off drugs and alcohol. The counselors at Infinite help patients assess their life goals and guide them to a newfound purpose in life. Each program is carried out in a judgment-free environment where patients engage in healthy activities.

At Infinite Recovery, they treat each addiction on a case-by-case basis. Knowing that each patient is unique, Infinite’s counselors personalize each treatment program to suit the needs of the individual.

Since treatment is a gradual process, each program is followed with transitioning steps that help outgoing patients re-integrate into society.

Each level of treatment combines holistic and personal wellness measures with varying degrees of intensity, overseen by Master’s therapists, addiction counselors, and recovery specialists.

Final Word: Get Help Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, it’s time to get help through some of the best drug rehab centers. To find the best addiction treatment in Texas for your needs, read each treatment facility’s program details and their methods for handling drug and alcohol addiction.

Never settle for simple one-two-three plans. When you’re dealing with substance addiction, alcohol and drug dependency, you need quality treatment.

Throughout the state of Texas, drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to teach coping skills, behavioral health and other factors necessary to conquer addiction.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has worked to make treatment programs in Texas available statewide, regardless of your health insurance coverage provider.

If the problem is minor, you or your loved one might be better served by one of the outpatient programs available in Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Lubbock, Hill Country, or other parts of the state.

If you have a far more serious problem with drugs or alcohol, you will probably need long term substance abuse treatment, complete with life-skills teaching and a reintegration program.

Don’t wait any longer. Act now for a better, healthier, and happier tomorrow.

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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