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6 Rehab Centers in Portland, Maine: Drug, Alcohol Detox

Do you have a friend or loved one in need of rehab? Fortunately, Portland has several recovery centers in the state of Maine.

In Maine and especially Portland, rehab is a vital service to the community.  During the first six months of 2020, the number of lethal drug overdoses spiked 27% over the second half of 2019 for a total of 258 deaths.

So which Portland rehab centers offer the best treatment programs? The following six have the most comprehensive programs available in the city.

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6 Maine Rehab Centers

  1. Drug treatment center in Portland, Maine – Pine Tree Recovery Center
  2. Opioid and alcohol rehab center in Portland, Maine – Liberty Bay Recovery Center
  3. Rehab and therapy center for women in Portland, Maine – Grace House For Women
  4. Medication-assisted treatment center in Maine – South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Centers
  5. Center for therapeutic addiction treatment in Portland, Maine – CAP Quality Care
  6. Recovery housing in Portland, Maine – Providence Place Sober Living

1. Pine Tree Recovery Center – Drug treatment center in Portland, Maine

  • Address: 17 Bishop Street, Portland, Maine 04103
  • Phone: (888) 601-0135
  • Treatment programs: Crisis Intervention, Addiction Assessment, Medical Detoxification, Case Management, Aftercare Planning
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Pine Tree Recovery Center provides numerous treatment services for Portland, Maine, residents who need intervention, drug detox, and transitional care. The clinicians here at Pine Tree specialize in treating people who struggle with addictions to various types of opioids and stimulants, such as fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, valium, oxycodone, and more.

Addicted individuals are typically unaware of the problem until things start to unravel in their personal and professional lives. Oftentimes, they’ll double down on their denial even when confronted with the danger signs. In many cases, it takes the intervention of loved ones to get that person the help he/she needs.

The staff at Pine Tree know how to handle the intervention process at all stages. They can help concerned friends and relatives to get that addicted individual into detox and recovery before it’s too late.

At Pine Tree, they do an initial assessment of each new patient to determine the causes and triggers of his/her addiction. Once they know the key details, such as the drugs used and the frequency of usage, they are better equipped to draft a treatment plan that meets the needs of the individual.

Another factor that Pine Tree considers is the family history of each patient. Oftentimes, the drug habits of parents rub off on children. For the offspring of drug users and alcoholics, the problem often carries into adulthood. Information on this helps Pine Tree counselors get to the root of the issue with each individual.

The first stage of recovery at Pine Tree is detox, which patients undergo in a safe and clean setting under 24-hour supervision by trained clinical staff. Pine Tree maintains a favorable ratio between clients and staff. This ensures that each patient gets the care and attention that he/she needs.

Once the patient completes detox, Pine Tree proceeds with case management and aftercare. Pine Tree also encourages family involvement to counsel loved ones in the issues at hand and involve them in the recovery process.

2. Liberty Bay Recovery Center – Opioid and alcohol rehab center in Portland, Maine

  • Address: 343 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101
  • Phone: (855) 607-8758
  • Treatment programs: Rehab, Detox, Intensive Outpatient, Addiction Treatment, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Anxiety Treatment,
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Liberty Bay Recovery Center has detox and outpatient treatment programs for people coping with alcoholism and drug addiction. At Liberty, clinicians and counselors specialize in addiction treatment for hard drugs, such as meth, coke, and crack. Patients at the center get the care they need during and after detox.

When people start using drugs, they get hooked before they even realize it. Some people take their first hit with no intention of becoming hardcore users. Even if they already know about the devastating effects of drugs, they might succumb themselves before they see a serious problem.

Opioid drugs are addictive because they stimulate the reward centers of the brain. Drugs like heroin and fentanyl have calming effects on the body that create a sense of euphoria. If a user is emotionally depressed or coping with physical pain, the opioid can make those feelings go away.

The trouble is, opioids destroy the body and attack the heart. An opioid overdose can be lethal. As the user spirals further and further into his/her addiction, the body becomes tolerant of the drug. To get the same effects as before, the person will use higher doses to feel the same effects. At this point, it’s a full-blown addiction.

Addiction risks don’t end with recreational drugs; prescription drugs can also be addictive and harmful. A person coping with body pain could easily get hooked on prescription painkillers. As with heroin, painkillers lose their effectiveness with overconsumption. Increasing the dosage causes more harm than relief.

In cases like these, the last person to recognize the problem is typically the addicted individual. That makes it crucial for friends and loved ones to step in and notify a drug rehab center like Liberty Bay.

At Liberty Bay, they offer similar treatment services for people coping with alcoholism and depression. For many drinkers, alcohol is a form of escape from life stress and emotional problems. The Liberty counselors help each patient through his/her problems. After detox, patients learn of new and healthier ways to cope with stress and make each day productive.

3. Grace House For Women – Rehab and therapy center for women in Portland, Maine

  • Address: 251 Pleasant Ave, Portland, ME 04103
  • Phone: (207) 615-4356
  • Treatment programs: Interpersonal Neurobiology, 12 Steps
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

The Grace House for Women bases its treatment model on Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). According to IPNB, the brain is set on predetermined thought patterns and behaviors, regardless of a person’s desire to change course. These habits are cast in stone through deeply ingrained beliefs and experiences. For a person to break from this cycle, it’s crucial to activate and exercise new muscles in the brain.

At Grace House, they help women unlock new mental pathways that lead to positive ways of thinking. This helps women find healthy ways to cope with stress and develop more productive daily habits. Grace House counselors encourage the daily practice of these mental exercises. Through repetition, women can reinvent themselves on the inside.

Grace House also offers support to women who struggle with trauma, depression, and grief. For many women, these are triggers for alcoholism and substance abuse. 

A woman dealing with the loss of a loved one or a traumatic event from the past might resort to drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms. If she’s compulsive by nature, the problem could envelop her life with even greater speed.

Women who come to Grace House come from all walks of life, but they share a common goal: to recover and heal as people. Some women enter in dire circumstances where it may seem like all hope is lost, only to leave the house as positive, transformed women who can face any challenge in life. 

Grace House counselors believe that any woman can be a positive winner in life if she puts her mind to it.

4. South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Centers – Medication-assisted treatment center in Maine

  • Address: 400 Western Ave, South Portland, ME 04106
  • Phone: (207) 405-0003
  • Treatment programs: Methadone Treatment, Suboxone Treatment, Subutex Treatment
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Maine Comprehensive Treatment Centers (MCTC) offer rehab programs for residents of Maine who struggle with opioid addiction. Aside from its South Portland location, MCTC also has centers in Bangor, Calais, and Waterville.

Addiction takes hold in the most unexpected circumstances. A person might dabble in an opioid or stimulant on a strictly recreational basis and, within weeks, be all-consumed by the drug. 

Others try drugs just to cope with stress or pressure. Even when they think of the drug as a one- or two-time fix to a “temporary” problem, they get hooked on the drug’s effects and lose sight of reality.

In rehab, the most difficult part is those first few days, immediately after a patient stops using drugs and enters the clinic. During the first few days (typically 24-72 hours out from when the last intake occurred), cravings are at their most intense. 

As drugs clear the body, that person may feel all types of discomfort (dizziness, nausea, muscle aches) that an active user might feel before an “overdue” fix.

At MCTC, the clinicians administer methadone to help patients through the difficult hours of drug detox. Methadone blocks cravings and minimizes the symptoms associated with drug withdrawal. It’s been approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a safe medication for adults, including pregnant women. 

MCTC may also administer suboxone, which contains naloxone, an opioid blocker. It also contains buprenorphine, which appeases the brain’s reward centers without causing addictive feelings of euphoria.

5. CAP Quality Care – Center for therapeutic addiction treatment in Portland, Maine

  • Address: One Delta Drive, Suite A., Westbrook, ME 04092
  • Phone: 207-209-1505
  • Treatment programs: Methadone Maintenance, Counseling Services, Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Pain Management, Anger Management
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

At the Center for Addictive Problems (CAP), the staff treats the mental and physical aspects of opioid addiction. CAP provides rehab services to people in Portland and other parts of Maine, including Bath, Freeport, and Saco. The counselors here treat drug addiction as a disease, not as a moral problem or willpower matter.

CAP conducts up to 50 meetings per month where patients interact in group settings. During each meeting, patients share their own experiences with opioids and the effects of such drugs on the mind and body. 

Through these discussions, patients identify the issues at the root of the problem, such as trauma, stress, depression, and other vice triggers. CAP counselors also promote meditation and physical therapy.

6. Providence Place Sober Living – Recovery housing in Portland, Maine

  • Address: 19 Bramhall St., Portland, ME 04102
  • Phone: 207.808.8204
  • Treatment programs: Sober Living
  • Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

Providence Place Sober Living is a 24-bed residential rehab facility for men in Portland, across from the Maine Medical Center. The facility acts as a halfway house for recovering drug and alcohol users as they transfer back into regular society. Its convenient downtown location makes it easy for residents to resume work and social commitments and rebuild their lives on all fronts.

In recent years, Portland has developed one of the most positive recovery communities in New England. At Providence Place, they keep rents low so that men can regain one of the key assets of sobriety: self-sufficiency. Providence rents are in the $700 range, about 30% less than the general going rate at most Portland sober living homes.

The low rents at Providence Place allow residents to support themselves without assistance from relatives. For recovering drug and alcohol users, this offers a sense of confidence that, yes, they can land on their own two feet and make it in this world. Most importantly, it allows them to work and get back into the swing of things as sober individuals.

Providence Place promotes the 12-step model, which keeps residents on a structured daily course as they rebuild their lives. All residents attend regular meetings, partake in house chores and submit to random drug tests. 

Two live-in managers oversee the residence. The place is situated inside two remodeled Victorian homes. Their low rents are made possible by donations from local nonprofits.

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FAQs for Rehab Centers in Portland, Maine

Does drug rehab work?

Sobriety is something that an individual can achieve when he/she commits to a life without drugs and alcohol. Like all accomplishments, it doesn’t simply happen due to outside forces. Good rehab programs can help people beat addiction, but no treatment can guarantee success for an unwilling patient.

A good rehab can make it easier for the recovering addict to achieve his/her goals. At treatment facilities, they offer round-the-clock supervision when a patient undergoes that first crucial week known as detox. During those first few days, the cravings can be hard, and its difficult for most recovering users to resist temptation.

Treatment facilities keep patients away from access points to drugs and alcohol. If left to his/her own devices, an addict could easily relapse as withdrawal symptoms take hold. Most treatment centers offer medications to help patients through detox.

Rehab can also be educational and helpful for patients on a psychological level. During the inpatient/outpatient stages of recovery, patients learn life skills and coping mechanisms that they might not otherwise learn independently.

What are the best Portland rehab centers?

Every treatment center discussed in this article has gotten good reviews from clients. Each follows practices by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. That said, each center stresses different types of treatment. The best drug rehab centers in Portland depends on the individual.

For crisis intervention and detox, Pine Tree Recovery is preferred. For opioid-specific rehab, Liberty Bay Recovery is a good option. Women seeking a women’s-only recovery center should try Grace House. Men in need of sober living should try Providence Place.

Is detox painful?

Most people become addicted to drugs or alcohol to cope with pain or stress. If cut off from their supply, great discomfort typically takes hold. In detox, when a recovering user quits cold turkey, the pain or stress can be intense, especially on days two and three as substances wash from the system.

Detox is the difficult yet crucial first step toward sobriety. Without detox, a patient cannot proceed to the activities of inpatient and/or outpatient treatment. Each patient must enter detox prepared for the challenge and eager for the end goal: sobriety.

Find Rehab Centers in Portland, Maine

Portland rehab centers offer medical detox and treatment for residents struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Anyone seeking treatment in Maine should consider the addiction treatment program or programs offered by the nearest facility to see if they meet the needs at hand.

If you or someone close to you is looking for a drug or alcohol addiction recovery program, call the nearest substance abuse treatment centers in Maine today. Don’t let drug abuse run your life for another day. Whether you need residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program, contact an addiction treatment center immediately.

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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