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Leading Rehab Centers to Check Out in New Mexico

It’s no secret that New Mexico has a massive drug problem. For several years now, New Mexico has ranked among the top 15 states for drug and alcohol addiction.

Even worse, the state’s overdose rate in 2018 was 29% above the national average– a clear indication of the need for immediate solutions to drug and alcohol addiction. 

The worrying addiction and overdose statistics underline the importance of addiction treatment, which leads to the question, does New Mexico have quality rehab facilities? 

Although New Mexico does not have as many rehabs as other states, you’ll be glad to learn the state is home to several credible addiction treatment centers serving both locals and out-of-state patients. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the leading rehabs in New Mexico, which should come in handy if you’re considering enrolling at an addiction treatment center in the state. 

Ready? Then let’s get started. 

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1. Vista Taos Renewal Center

Address259 Blueberry Hill Road, El Prado, New Mexico
Phone Number+1 575 613 9014
Treatment OptionsMedical Detox, Extended Care, Inpatient, Transitional Living Program
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults 
LocationEl Prado, NM

Vista Taos is a family-owned rehab center with over 20 years’ experience in administering addiction treatment to clients in and around El Prado, NM. 

The drug rehab uses the 12 Step Model and integrates individual and group therapies to make drug and alcohol treatment more effective and sustainable in the long run. Clients are eligible for 4 group therapy sessions and 1 individual session every week. 

Once you (or your loved one) enroll in the drug abuse treatment center, you’ll get to participate in a variety of therapies like acupuncture, equine, massage, spiritual guidance, and yoga. 

And while Vista Taos does not accept Medicare or Medicaid, you’ll be glad to learn it’s in-network with most health insurance providers. To know more about pricing and the extent of coverage, the rehab center recommends dialing +1 575 613 9014 to talk to a customer care agent. 

Vista Taos might not have an app for its alumni but organizes annual alumni gatherings as a way of maintaining contact and keeping graduates in check long after completing treatment. 

In addition to inpatient and medical detox services, Vista Taos also has a sober living program designed to help patients ease back to normal life after completing treatment. However, you (or your loved one) can opt for the intensive outpatient program if the transitional living program doesn’t float your boat. 

The El Prado- based drug rehab center also administers a 3-day family program every month. The program aims to involve family members in treatment and is offered at no extra cost

Some of the evidence-based practices used by the substance abuse treatment facility include Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

The residential program accommodates a maximum of 18 clients, while the sober living home accepts 12 men and 8 women at a time. 

2. Shadow Mountains Recovery Centers

Address250 Shadow Mountain Rd, Taos, NM
Phone Number+1 855 847 5684
Treatment OptionsDetox, Dual Diagnosis, Outpatient, Residential Treatment
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults
LocationTaos, NM

Shadow Mountains Recovery is a well-known name in the Southwest’s addiction treatment industry. The private rehab center is nestled among the scenic Rocky Mountains and boasts a modest 1:5 staff to patient ratio.

Some of the amenities you’ll get to enjoy while receiving treatment include a well-equipped gym, basketball court, hiking trails, music and art studio, and a gaming room. 

Shadow Mountains Recovery sits on 37 acres and is well-secluded, features that make it ideal for addiction treatment. 

The addiction treatment facility also relies heavily on outdoor therapy to make treatment more enjoyable for clients. Besides hiking and outdoor meditation, patients also get to participate in equine therapy and team-building exercises, which help foster a sense of community and togetherness. 

Shadow Mountains Recovery uses 12-Step methods and 12-step alternatives to provide personalized treatment to its patients. 

Besides the Taos campus, Shadow Mountains Recovery has campuses in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe, NM. 

The Santa Fe and Taos campuses offer detox and residential treatment programs, while the Albuquerque campus administers intensive outpatient services to clients living close to the area. 

The Rio Rancho campus is a male-only medical detox center and operates on a 24/7 basis. 

In addition to detox, residential and outpatient services, Shadow Mountains also treats co-occurring disorders and shares several useful articles on dealing with mental health issues. 

To know more about admissions and whether your insurance is in-network, we recommend calling +1 855 847 5684 to talk to one of Shadow Mountains’ representatives. 

3. Hoy Recovery Program 

Address 710 La Joya St, Espanola, NM
Phone Number+1 505 852 2580
Treatment OptionsInpatient, Outpatient, Detox, Family Therapy
Payment OptionsSelf Pay
Age RangeAdults
LocationEspanola, NM

Sure, Hoy Recovery Program might not have the most attractive website, but it makes up for it through its unique approach to treatment. The drug rehab integrates experiential therapy into its evidence-based treatment program to boost the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment. 

Some of the main services provided by the New Mexico drug rehab center include medically-assisted detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. The inpatient program lasts between 30-90 days, depending on a client’s unique treatment needs. 

Hoy Recovery Program also relies heavily on agriculture therapy, a unique program designed to impart skills like teamwork, patience, and responsibility to its residential patients. 

Through agriculture therapy, patients get to maintain the garden and grow produce that is later on harvested and used to prepare campus meals. The center also breeds goats, geese, chickens, llamas, and sheep. 

Hoy Recovery Program understands the importance of physical awareness and fitness to addiction treatment and, as such, has outdoor volleyball and basketball courts. 

Patients also benefit from skills training, a program that prepares alumni for life after treatment. 

Through skills training, you (or your loved one) will get to develop crucial skills like communication and how to maintain professionalism, which are crucial to boosting chances of securing (and maintaining) jobs once treatment is completed. 

Unfortunately, Hoy Recovery Program doesn’t have pricing policies on its website, which makes it hard to know whether or not they accept insurance. But as online reviews from former clients reveal, the facility is one of the most affordable in New Mexico. 

Dialing +1 505 852 2580 to speak to a customer care agent will allow you to get more information about pricing and the facility’s admission policies. 

4. Santa Fe Recovery Center

Address5312 Jaguar Dr, Santa Fe, NM
Phone Number+1 505 471 4985
Treatment OptionsDetox, Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Recovery Housing and Sober Living
Payment OptionsSelf Pay
Age RangeAdults, Children
LocationSanta Fe, NM

Founded in 2005, Santa Fe Recovery Center is a rehab center providing a full continuum of care to patients living in and around Santa Fe. 

Although the substance abuse treatment center was launched to treat locals struggling with addiction, it also opens its doors to out-of-state patients in need of compassionate addiction treatment. 

What we like the most about Santa Fe Recovery is its willingness to help all sorts of people to overcome addiction. Unlike most rehab centers in New Mexico, Santa Fe Recovery has a children’s program that provides short-term residential treatment to adolescents and teenagers battling addiction. 

The rehab center does not allow walk-ins and advises interested clients to call +1 505 471 4985 to schedule a screening appointment. All screenings are done on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and not on weekends. 

Besides residential services, Santa Fe Recovery Center also offers intensive outpatient and regular outpatient treatment programs to New Mexico residents. 

The IOP program lasts 16 weeks and consists of group and individual therapy programs. You’ll commit to 1-2 individual therapy sessions and 9 hours of group therapy a week under the IOP program. 

5. Recovery Services of New Mexico

Treatment OptionsOutpatient Services, Medication Assisted Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Family Counseling, 
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay
Age RangeAdults
Location Albuquerque, Roswell, Isleta, Belen, NM

Recovery Services of New Mexico is a collection of four outpatient treatment centers that provide medication-assisted treatment to New Mexico locals. 

One of the most popular campuses is Five Points clinic, which uses methadone, counseling, and a wide range of supportive services to help patients recover fully. 

Recovery Services of New Mexico is certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and uses evidence-based treatment methods to provide medication assisted treatment.

The addiction treatment facility claims to tailor its treatment plans to suit each patient’s unique needs and operates throughout the week and half-day on Saturdays. 

Recovery Services of New Mexico also partners with the local community to create opportunities for its patients. 

Some of the benefits of attending outpatient rehab at one of the facility’s campuses include access to services like addiction education, relapse prevention education, case management, and referral to employment-related community resources.

6. Viewpoint Rehabilitation Center

Address1114 Villa Rd, Rio Rancho, NM
Phone Number+1 505 315 6308
Treatment OptionsInpatient, Outpatient, Detox
Payment OptionsInsurance, Self Pay, Financing
Age RangeAdults, Young Adults
LocationRio Rancho, NM

Viewpoint Rehabilitation Center is a private addiction treatment center offering residential and outpatient services to clients battling drug and alcohol addiction. 

The addiction treatment facility uses evidence-based methods to treat substance abuse and doubles up as a sober living home for clients that want to transition to normal life gradually. 

All patients are given 24/7 clinical care and are expected to participate in both group and individual therapies. Additionally, experiential therapies like yoga, meditation, music, and art help make treatment more effective and enjoyable for clients. 

Other services provided by the rehab center include detox, family counseling, and relapse prevention. To learn more about the drug rehab and its admission policies, we recommend dialing +1 505 315 6308 to talk to a customer care agent. 

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FAQs About Receiving Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In New Mexico

Does New Mexico Have Good Rehab Facilities?

Although New Mexico does not boast as many resort-style drug rehabs as states like Florida and Hawaii, it is still home to several well-respected facilities. Rehabs like Vista Taos, Shadow Mountains, and Hoy Recovery are among the most trusted in the region and continue to attract an impressive number of out-of-state patients.

Is New Mexico A Good Location for Drug Addiction Treatment?

New Mexico is a great place to receive substance abuse treatment, more specifically for patients that need to detach from their immediate environments to avoid triggers. The vast landscape, coupled with the fresh air and picturesque views of the Rocky Mountains, make the state a great place to take a break from city life and focus on holistic healing. 

What Factors Should I Consider Before Attending Rehab In New Mexico? 

Before attending Rehab in the Land of Enchantment, it’s crucial to consider factors like the type of treatment programs you want and pricing options of a rehab center. For instance, outpatient treatment might be suitable for locals but impractical for people coming from distant locations or even out of state. 

Therefore, when choosing an outpatient rehab center, be sure to choose one that’s close to where you live or work. It’s also vital to inquire about schedules of the treatment programs and the cost of treatment to be on the safe side. 

If you plan to attend inpatient rehab in New Mexico, we recommend checking on factors like amenities, location, services offered, and accepted payment methods. Inpatient treatment can be expensive, so it’s always best to know beforehand whether a facility accepts insurance or not. 

Leading Rehabs In New Mexico: The Takeaway

Now that we’ve examined some of the leading addiction treatment centers in New Mexico, the ball is in your court to choose one that best meets your unique needs. 

All the treatment providers we’ve reviewed in this read are CARF accredited and licensed to serve both locals and out-of-state patients. 

Remember, it’s always good to inquire with a drug abuse treatment center days or weeks in advance to know more about admission policies and the overall cost of treatment. 

And while sending an email to a rehab center can work, calling directly through the official number is highly recommended, more so if you have an urgent inquiry. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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