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7 Rehab Centers In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & the Programs they Offer

Drug abuse is quickly becoming an issue of major concern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city. 

Based on statistics published on Philadelphia’s official website, almost every neighborhood is affected by the opioid epidemic, with most deaths resulting from drug overdose compared to homicide. 

The good news, however, is that Philly is home to several world-class addiction treatment centers that can help you (or your loved one) win the fight against addiction. 

But with several rehab centers in the city, knowing which one to choose can prove daunting.

Read on as we review 7 rehabs in Philly based on track records, customer satisfaction, features, and services offered.

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1. Philadelphia Addiction Center

  • Address: 2200 Michener Street Unit 12, Suite #5, Philadelphia, PA
  • Phone Number: +1 267 284 4143
  • Treatment Options: Cupping therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, acupressure, moxa, and magnetic pellets.
  • Payment Options: Self Pay
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Addiction Center is a globally recognized treatment center for holistic medicine. 

This Northeast Philadelphia-based alcohol and drug rehab uses a variety of healing techniques like acupuncture procedures, reiki, magnetic pellets, moxa, acupressure, cupping therapy, and hypnotherapeutic sessions. 

Before treatment commences, the staff team performs an all-inclusive evaluation that helps determine the best type of approach to treatment. The personalized treatment allows patients to receive the most suitable drug and alcohol addiction treatments, which increases the chances of successful rehabilitation. 

As an outpatient-only drug rehab, the Philadelphia Addiction Center believes that treatment should not be done in a restricted, jail-like setting.

 As a result, all patients are treated in the comfort of their homes.  

2. Limitless Recovery

  • Address: 1206E Palmer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Phone Number: +1 215 309 5844
  • Treatment Options: Individual therapy, family therapy, wellness services, outpatient program, alcohol rehab, 12-step program, intensive outpatient program.
  • Payment Options: Cash, Insurance, Check
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Limitless Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center that administers psychotherapeutic services to help patients recover from addiction. 

And to ensure that treatment methods are effective, the center integrates a sophisticated and progressive clinical approach with other wellness services like yoga, chiropractic services, meditation/mindfulness, and fitness.

The center’s Intensive Outpatient Program is among one of the best in Philly as it uses evidence-based interventions and group therapy to help patients transition from residential treatment. 

Limitless Recovery also offers family therapy services that are administered by licensed professionals to help bolster family ties and improve relationships, thereby reducing the chances of relapses.

3. Banyan Treatment Centers

  • Address: 100 N Bucks Town Drive #100e, Langhorne, PA 19047
  • Phone Number: +1 215 385 5712
  • Treatment Options: Medical detox, intensive inpatient, residential treatment, stabilization, partial hospitalization, dual diagnosis, dialectical behavioral therapy, equine therapy, EMDR therapy.
  • Payment Options:  Insurance, cash, check
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Banyan Treatment Center is one of the best drug rehab centers in Philadelphia. The facility stands out mainly due to its inpatient and outpatient services as well as its use of different evidence-based treatment methods.

Before clients are admitted, extensive tests must be conducted to determine the depth of the problem, which helps the treatment team set recovery goals based on a patient’s unique needs. 

Besides medically assisted treatment, patients also get to benefit from a variety of holistic therapies, including yoga, meditation, reiki, aroma therapy, and movement therapy. 

As an internationally recognized rehab, Banyan Treatment Center boasts one of the most effective alumni programs in Pennsylvania. 

Alumni get to engage in a variety of social programs, volunteer projects, and seminars, which helps reduce the chances of relapses by creating a family of like-minded individuals. 

4. Self Help Movement 

  • Address: 2600 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA
  • Phone Number: +1 215 677 7778
  • Treatment Options: Substance abuse treatment, halfway house, short term inpatient, long term inpatient.
  • Payment Options:  Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: 17+ Men 
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Self Help Movement is a Philadelphia-based alcohol and drug rehab facility targeting men above 17 years. The treatment center provides three levels of residential treatment:

  • Medically monitored short and long-term residential
  • Halfway house treatment
  • Transitional living

By combining clinical addiction treatment and holistic therapies, the Self Help Movement allows patients to enjoy and own their respective covery journeys. 

Some of the therapies include art therapy, music, meditation, spirituality. Patients also stand to benefit from vocational support, substance use dependency education, and emotion and anger management classes. 

All patients get to stay in private rooms. However, some clients might be assigned one roommate if deemed necessary by management. 

5. Avenues Recovery Center At Philadelphia

  • Address: 1753 Kendarbren Dr STE 612, Jamison, PA
  • Phone Number: +1 215 792 7305
  • Treatment Options: Chronic relapse, codependency, dual diagnosis, medical detox, substance use, residential inpatient, 12-step program.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adolescents, teenagers, adults 
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Located between Doylestown and Philadelphia, Avenue Recovery Center is a state-of-the-art rehab center that focuses primarily on the 90-day extended care program. 

Instead of focusing solely on substance abuse, Avenues claims to treat the mind, spirit, and body. 

In addition to drug addiction treatment, the Avenue Recovery Center also integrates several holistic therapies (evidence-based) to help patients recover fully. Some of the commonly used therapies include music therapy, fitness activities, role-playing, mediation, and art therapy. 

Patients can choose to enroll for either inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, depending on the extent and depth of the drug addiction. 

Avenues is open to teenagers and adults in need of rehab services and partners with experienced staff members to provide the highest possible level of addiction treatment. 

6. Junction House Sober Living And Recovery Homes 

  • Address: 1400 Old York Rd, Warminster, PA 
  • Phone Number: +1 215 815 0113
  • Treatment Options: Sober living, recovering residences.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adult women
  • Location: Warminster, PA

Junction House Sober Living and Recovery Homes is a collection of recovery residences and sober living homes in Pennsylvania. These recovery homes are strategically designed to mimic home settings and provide the best possible rehabilitation environment for affected women.

The sober living home is nestled in a serene, well-forested location that’s perfect for rehabilitation. 

Patients also get access to house-wide internet, memory foam mattresses, and 55′ flat screens. 

Even better, the Junction House Sober Living Home is well-respected and connected, meaning alumni will have easy access to employment and volunteer opportunities once done with treatment.

7. Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford

  • Address: 287 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 
  • Phone Number: +1 844 489 0585
  • Treatment Options: Residential treatment, medical detox, counseling, co-occurring disorders, substance abuse. 
  • Payment Options: Insurance Cash
  • Age Range: Adult and Young Adult
  • Location: Medford, NJ 

Pinelands Recovery Center is nestled in a secluded, densely forested 42-acre property and is designed to help substance abuse victims reclaim their lives by overcoming addiction. 

In addition to its state-of-the-art yoga studio, the Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford also boasts tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, which help keep patients physically fit, entertained, and occupied throughout the treatment period. 

And upon admission, all patients get to meet with the chief chef to discuss dietary requirements and meal preferences. All meals are served in the dining hall three times every day, while coffee, beverages, and snacks are available all day. 

The home-like comfort that comes with Pinelands makes the drug and alcohol rehab center among the best for addicts looking to recover in well-secluded, homely surroundings. 

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FAQS About the 7 Rehab Centers In Philly

Does Philadelphia Have Good Rehab Centers?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is home to some highly-rated rehabs with good performance records. Centers like Philadelphia Addiction Center, Limitless Recovery, Banyan Recovery Centers, and the Self Help Movement are some of the better ones in the region that offer a diverse range of addiction treatment services to patients in different stages of recovery. 

Should I Join An Outpatient Rehab In Philadelphia?

If you live in or around Philadelphia and want to receive addiction treatment without uprooting your life, then you can consider an intensive outpatient program or a basic outpatient program, depending on your treatment needs. 

Several centers like the Philadelphia Addiction Center, Limitless Recovery, and Banyan Treatment Centers offer some of the best outpatient services in Philadelphia. 

Outpatient rehabs work best for patients who’ve already completed their residential treatment and are looking to transition to their normal lives while still receiving treatment. 

Before choosing an outpatient program, it’s important to consider factors such as proximity, transport services, and the type of treatment programs offered. 

Is It Advisable to Join An Inpatient Rehab In Philadelphia?

Joining an inpatient rehab in Philadelphia comes with many advantages. Not only will you be recovering in treatment-friendly environments free of triggers, but you’ll also receive full attention during your stay at the facility. 

Treatment Centers like Banyan, Junction House Sober Living, and Pinelands offer some of the best inpatient programs in Philadelphia, making the city a great place for patients looking to detach from their immediate environments. 

What Factors Should One Consider Before Joining A Rehab In Philadelphia?

Joining a drug and alcohol rehab center in Philadelphia isn’t as straightforward as most people perceive. The city is home to several rehabs, which can make it hard to choose the best one that perfectly meets your needs (or those of your loved one). 

Here are some things to consider before settling for a particular rehab in Philly. 


Location is an important consideration to make when choosing a rehab center not just in Philly but in other areas as well. For residential treatment, you want a rehab that’s secluded and located in a quiet, scenic location with good enough access to nature like the Pinelands Recovery Center and Junction House Sober Living. 

For outpatient treatment, the idea is to enroll in a treatment center that’s close enough to where you live or work. The Philadelphia Addiction Center, for instance, is strategically located in the heart of Philly, meaning you’ll be close to major amenities while receiving treatment. 

Services Offered

Another important factor to consider is the types of services offered by a treatment facility. Some facilities offer medically assisted detox, group, family, and individual counseling, codependency, chronic relapse, and dual diagnosis, among other services, while others are a bit limited in the services they offer. 

Therefore, before registering at a particular Philadelphia-based rehab, it’s best to confirm the rehab programs offered as some like the Junction House Sober Living And Recovery Homes don’t provide medical services, while Philadelphia Addiction Center administers outpatient services only. 


Not all rehab centers in Philadelphia boast the same amenities. Some come packed with world-class amenities designed to make the rehabilitation process a lot smoother and manageable, while others have basic amenities. 

The more the amenities and services offered, the costlier the rehabilitation. So you’ll need to choose wisely to stay within your budget. 

Besides amenities and recreational services, you should also check on a rehab’s approach to privacy. Some centers allow a maximum of two people per room, while others operate on a one-patient-per-room basis. 

You can even find some budget rehabs that stack more than four people in a well-spaced room. It all comes down to your preferences in regards to privacy.

Cost and Accepted Payments Methods

The importance of checking a rehab’s approved payment method cannot be overstated. As a good rule of thumb, you should always check whether a rehab center accepts insurance, cash, PayPal, or credit card payments. This means contacting the support team and making finance-related inquiries before settling for a particular facility. 

Staff-patient ratio

Another important- but often assumed- factor to consider in a rehab is the staff-patient ratio. A staff-to-patient ratio of 1:3 (or less) is ideal, but a 1:4 ratio isn’t bad either, depending on the services offered. However, be wary of Philadelphia-based rehabs that have a limited number of staff members but still want to enroll many patients. 

Wrapping Up Info Regarding the Rehabs in Philadelphia

Despite being massively affected by the opioid epidemic, Philadelphia is home to several respected rehab facilities with proven track records. 

For instance, the Philadelphia Addiction Center is an ideal option if you’re after outpatient treatment and want to try out alternative treatments like acupuncture and hypnotherapeutic treatment. The Self Help Movement and Banyan Treatment Centers are also great options if you prefer inpatient treatment. 

When choosing addiction treatment centers in Philadelphia, remember to always compare prices and the accepted payment options. Knowing how much you’ll spend beforehand will help you avoid unwanted surprises further along the line. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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