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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Houston Texas

Finding a rehab facility that matches your needs can be a difficult task. For this reason, we have created a detailed compilation of rehab centers in Houston prepared just for you.

Houston, a city in southeast Texas, is a notorious hotspot for drug smuggling and transportation across the US, pushing the DEA to classify the city as a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, HIDTA. Studies carried out from 2010 showed that more than 490,000 people aged 12 and older used illicit drugs in general. Similarly, in 2017 methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin topped the list of the most used drugs in Houston.

If you are searching for the best drug and alcohol rehab facility in the Houston area, these ten rehab facilities reviewed below have the highest positive testimonies from former addicts and might give you an idea on how to make your choices.

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Into Action Recovery Centers

  • Address: 17250 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77058
  • Phone Number: 844.303.3969
  • Treatment options: On-site Medical Detox, Residential treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), intensive Outpatient (IOP), Extended Care
  • Treatment Services: On-site medical detox, Family therapy, Customized treatment, 12-step program, intervention
  • Payment Options: Insurance

When the name Into Action Recovery Centers is mentioned, a team of licensed addiction treatment and hospitality professionals should always come to mind. These experts prioritize the complete recovery of every person who comes into the center. 

Patients will get the benefits of an individualized detox program. If the extent of your addiction problems are dire, Into Action Recovery Centers has a 48-bed facility very close to the Houston Hobby and Houston Intercontinental Airports. 

The duration of treatment at the residence varies; there is 30, 60, and 90 days program, all depending on the extent of your addiction issues. You will also be privileged to the benefits of a low client-to-staff ratio. 

Other services available at Into Action Recovery Centers include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for people who don’t have the luxury to take time off work. Sessions are held thrice a week and they take place in the evenings. 

There is also the partial hospitalization program for people who have successfully completed the residential program and are ready to take the next step to recovery. 

Finally, Into Action Recovery Centers provides extended care services for people who reached the end of their residential treatment program.

Taylor Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

  • Address: 5711 Lavender St. Houston, TX, 77026
  • Phone Number: (713) 557-8573
  • Treatment options: Medical detox, Residential treatment, Partial hospitalization treatment programs, intensive outpatient rehab program, sober living apartments
  • Payment Options: Insurance

The Taylor Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation has three locations. At the Lavender facility is a pet-friendly environment encouraging recovery with a trusted source. 

Patients can take advantage of a luxury experience as they recover in fully private, semi-private rooms. Luxury is a must, as the facility is fitted with wooden floors, granite countertops and more. Flat-screen TVs with cable is in all the rooms and the available WIFI provides another source of entertainment. Patients can utilize the workout facilities to help with detox and taking the focus off drugs or alcohol. And the basketball courts encourages community interaction, which some people value more than substance abuse.

The sober living staff here is made of a team of expert therapists whose duty is to provide you with a tailored recovery plan. 

Positive Recovery Centers

  • Address: 513 Thornton Rd. Houston, TX 77018
  • Phone Number: (877-476-2743)
  • Treatment options: Online treatment, medical detox, Residential Treatment, intensive Outpatient (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Treatment Services: After care, sober living
  • Payment Options: Private insurance, Self-pay

Positive Recovery Centers is a medical detox center with residential facilities where people recovering from drugs can stay. Instead of the staff using the traditional and popular 12-step approach, they adopt a combination of positive psychology, clinical psychology, and developmental psychology.

For some people, addiction starts when happiness is ineffectively pursued. They will do anything to ‘feel good’. However, recovery will only begin when addicts seek happiness in the proper ways.

Detox is one of the services offered, as you are provided with around-the-clock medical assistance during the withdrawal phase of recovery.

The Right Step Houston

  • Address: 12350 Wood Bayou Drive Houston, TX 77013
  • Phone Number: 1.844.768.0169
  • Treatment options: Inpatient Drug Rehab, Drug & Alcohol Detox, Aftercare Programs, Alumni Program, Outpatient Drug & Alcoholism
  • Treatment Services: Group and Individual Counselling, Recreational therapy, Empowerment through therapy, motivational Interviewing, Expressive and Experiential therapies, Addiction Education.
  • Payment Options: Insurance

The Right Step provides professional services offering multiple levels of care. Help starts at the residential center with Houston-based therapists.

Here you wouldn’t need to take a break from work or school due to addiction treatment. The outpatient programs are scheduled to hold 10hrs a week, three times a week, for morning or evening sessions.

Bay Area Recovery Center

  • Central Houston Address: 2915 S Sam Houston Pkwy E #300 Houston, Texas 77047
  • Phone Number: (281) 884-3761
  • East Houston Address: 1100 Hercules Ave #130 Houston, Texas 77058
  • Phone Number: (281) 557-6340
  • Treatment options: Residential In treatment, Outpatient programs
  • Treatment Services: Drug Rehabilitation, Drug Detox, Alcohol Detox, Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Drug Abuse Counseling, Intervention Assistance, Individual Counseling & Therapy, Group Therapy, Chemical Dependency Education Classes, Relapse Prevention Classes & Goals, Group Family Counseling, Individual Counseling for Family Members, Anger Management Classes, Communication Honesty
  • Payment Options: Insurance

Just south of Houston, Texas, there is an addiction treatment center called the Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC). This substance abuse facility was formed in 1992 to treat and provide relief to people suffering from substance abuse and misuse disorders. 

Here you will get to meet committed and dedicated professionals whose only desire is to see you overcome addiction.

Why is the Bay Area different, you ask? The recovery team is made up of individuals who, at one point in their lives, also struggled with addiction. So, they understand what you are going through and the best methods that can help.

To get into the BARC program, place a call to any of their numbers.

Some of the treatment options here include the detox program, which lasts 7-14 days. There is the 30-180days Inpatient treatment program. Additionally, there are two outpatient programs, one intensive and the other supportive, both lasting for a period of 30-180days too. Lastly, you have lifetime aftercare treatment.

Serenity House Detox Houston

  • Address: 9714 South Gessner Rd. Houston, TX 77071
  • Phone Number: 866.515.9508
  • Treatment options: Inpatient Rehab Center, Residential treatment center, Residential detox center, Inpatient Rehab center, Dual diagnosis treatment program, Men Detox center, women detox center
  • Payment Options: Insurance

At the Serenity House Detox Houston, the lives of people battling with drugs and alcohol addiction is likened to a book with several blank pages. The choice on what goes into those remaining blank pages is theirs. 

The center’s job is to provide the necessary resources, motivation and help that people struggling with addiction need in order to create a life story filled with happiness, satisfaction, and good health.

After admitting that you need addiction treatment, which is usually the most difficult part of addiction treatment, Serenity House Detox Houston will be ready to help you complete a pain-free detox program. 

You might think that the reality of pain-free detox is impossible. However, at Serenity House Detox Houston a full medical evaluation to determine the type of withdrawal symptoms you are prone to having will be conducted. After this, medications that will help will be administered.

Houston Recovery Center LGC

  • Address: 150 North Chenevert St. Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77002
  • Phone Number: 713-236-7800
  • Treatment Services: Partners in Recovery, Sobering center, Public intoxication transport (PIT)
  • Payment Options: None
  • Ages: 18yrs or older

Houston Recovery Center LGC aims to provide people who have nowhere else to go a place to get addiction treatment.

Many people are heading to jail because of the things they do when high. The founders of this center understands, therefore it was opened to serve as a jail diversion. Through intervention, men and women can find a place to go 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Authoritative agencies like law enforcement, EMTs bring people to this sobering center all the time. In fact, certain areas of the center looks just like a jail block as a reminder of where the person is headed if they do not get their minds right and back on the right track.

Staff from this facility are involved with the PIT program that requires them to go out into the community and help people who are actively using drugs get off the streets. 

The Partners in Recovery program is designed for people who need long term residential treatment but do not have the required funding.

Lastly, this treatment facility can be useful during emergencies if you have a family member who is currently intoxicated. The person will be attended to for 4-6hrs; after which the individual will be referred to a trusted addiction treatment center in the community.

Take Action Recovery

  • Address: 9112 Spring Branch Dr Houston, TX, US, 77080
  • Phone Number: +18339880595
  • Treatment options: Intensive Outpatient Program, Medication-assisted treatment, Prescription Monitoring program, Dual diagnosis
  • Payment Options: Cash, Checks, Credit cards

Individuals looking for addiction treatment tailored to their needs and background will benefit greatly at Take Action Recovery.

This rehab facility adopts an individualized treatment approach along with an integrated recovery model to help a person achieve full recovery. This model consists of getting counseling for life’s problems and behavioral life skills training that helps process pain better than resorting to substance abuse.

Mental and behavioral disorders and drug abuse typically go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the staff will help promote a personal recovery-oriented lifestyle.

Luna Recovery

  • Address: 5757 Woodway Dr, Suite 110 Houston, TX 77057
  • Phone Number: 888-448-LUNA
  • Treatment options: Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, Recovery Coaching
  • Treatment Services: Interventions, Assessments, Individual therapy, Family case management, recovery coaching
  • Payment Options: Out-network Insurance

At Luna Recovery, the treatment approach involves combining traditional and alternative methods to help the person as a whole.

A residential option is available for 30-45 days. However, if living in a structured environment is not your thing, then attending a day/partial inpatient treatment might be better for you. Additionally, you can also opt for intensive outpatient, which allows you to live your life while still getting the treatment you need.

The Council on Recovery

  • Address: 303 Jackson Hill Street Houston, TX, 77007
  • Phone Number: 713.942.4100
  • Treatment options: Outpatient treatment, Telehealth services, 
  • Treatment Services: Therapeutic counselling, intervention, child & adolescent services,
  • Payment Options: Insurance

The Council on Recovery provides substance abuse treatment for the whole family. Children and adolescents are the main focus of the staff’s approach.

Attending the programs here are more affordable than those at for-profit addiction treatment centers. Anyone who does not subscribe to private insurance can get state-funded treatment here.

One classic treatment program available is the 12-step meetings, helping you get through stages of recovery. A more holistic approach with yoga and meditation will assist. Additionally, acu detox is available.  

Not only does the patient benefits, but the entire community does. Social administrators, educators, and anyone who comes in contact daily with addicts can attend workshops here that will help them handle better the cases they encounter on the streets.

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FAQs for Rehab Centers in Houston

What are the Risks of not Getting Addiction Treatment?

When you fail to get addiction treatment, you end up making things worse. Not getting the help you need will land you into bigger troubles and affect your life negatively; here are the risks of not getting addiction help.

Problems with the Law

Not seeking help for your substance abuse and addiction issues will sooner than later get you into trouble with the law. These problems include jail sentences, huge fines, court-ordered community service, probation, or an arrest record, which can affect your standing in the society and reduce your chances of getting employment.

Deterioration of Physical and Mental Health

Apart from the negative external changes that the body experiences due to substance abuse, your internal organs will also be affected. Excessive alcohol, heroin, and opioids damage the liver and smoked drugs affect the lungs. 

Other vital organs affected by drug and alcohol addiction include; kidney damage which is life-threatening, gastrointestinal damage of the stomach walls; and cardiovascular damage, which includes heart diseases.

Addiction also affects the brain cells. Not seeking treatment can lead to impaired cognitive function; this means drug addicts will find it harder to think and learn new things. These drugs also kill brain cells.

Finally, drug and alcohol addiction many times lead to mental illness when not quickly treated. It can also be a trigger for mood and anxiety disorders.

Affects Productivity

Drug and alcohol addiction affects productivity at work, in school, and in the place of business. It will make you perform below expectation and also cause missing deadlines. 

Once your employer notices that you are not producing results, you will get fired. If you are in school, performing below expectations will lead to withdrawal. Even if you own a business of your own, the business will come crumbling down sooner than later.

Financial Burdens

Many addictive drugs do not come cheap; being addicted to them will bring you nothing but financial ruin. Some of the effects of not seeking addiction help will also lead to financial issues; paying fines, divorce settlements, and even getting fired will place a burden on your finances.

Isolation from Family and Loved ones

Drug and alcohol addiction isolates you from family and friends as addiction generally comes with psychological changes that can lead to aggression, mood swings, and the desire to be alone. 

Drug and alcohol addicts who refuse to get rehab treatment many times end up being divorced by their partners and being ostracised from groups and their family; this is largely due to behaviors like lying, stealing, or violence that are peculiar with drug and alcohol addicts.

Overdose and Death

Not seeking addiction treatment can lead to instant death at the end of the day due to overdose. Death can also be caused by impaired vision while driving and violent behavior that lead to fighting.

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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Your journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction starts with recognizing you need help. Once you are able to recognize you need help, take your time and pick one of the rehab facilities listed in this article. Each is unique in their own way; so, you will surely find a center that is right for you.

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