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Best Rehab Centers in Delaware

Despite being one of the smallest states in the US, Delaware experienced 401 drug overdose deaths in 2018 alone.

The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse has made the search for rehab centers offering the best treatment for substance abuse a nationwide occurrence. 

However, finding the right facility near you can often be overwhelming and frustrating. There are many factors to consider when choosing a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, especially if you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one. 

This article aims to make the decision process easier by providing a detailed review of the very best rehab centers in Delaware.

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Top Five Rehab Centers in Delaware

  1. Banyan Treatment Center
  2. Essentials Recovery Delaware
  3. AMS of Delaware
  4. Dover Behavioral Health Systems
  5. Gaudenzia New Journey
  6. MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital
  7. Claymont Comprehensive Treatment Center

1. Banyan Treatment Center

  • Address: 21 W Clarke Ave Suite 4001, Milford, DE 19963, United States
  • Phone number: (855) 722-6926
  • Website:
  • Treatment programs: 
    • Medical detox
    • Intensive inpatient
    • Residential treatment
    • Partial hospitalization
    • Dual diagnosis
    • Gestalt therapy
    • Equine therapy
    • Pet therapy
  • Payment options: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Insurance (Magellan, MultiPlan, TRPN, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Beacon, Tufts, AmeriHealth, Value Options, VA)

The Banyan Treatment Center in Milford, Delaware, provides dual diagnosis and intensive inpatient treatment for the residents of Delaware and surrounding states. 

People attending Banyan Treatment Center in Delaware can participate in unique programs like equine and pet therapy while residing in a facility that is close to the beach and offers a tranquil environment that encourages peaceful recovery.

The specialized programs offered by the Banyan Treatment Center in Delaware encourage addiction recovery by helping build new neural pathways and break old habits through participation in evidence-based recovery and treatment procedures.

The Banyan rehab in Delaware promotes the process of personal transformation by working through an intense and challenging program that, upon completion, qualifies you to rejoin society with confidence.

Patients attending the Banyan Treatment Center benefit from learning new ways of managing relationships, anger, conflicts, and personal lives. 

The services offered by this rehab center in Delaware addresses one of the most challenging obstacles for addicts to overcome: changing and no longer returning to what is familiar to them. 

Their inpatient treatment and addiction rehab services focus on a holistic approach that teaches discipline, self-management, and producing a positive outlook on life. 

The cumulative effect of these programs and beliefs helps provide new horizons for each patient in attendance.

2. Essentials Recovery Delaware

  • Address: 3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite #305, Wilmington, DE 19805
  • Email:
  • Phone number: (302) 990-3353
  • Website:
  • Treatment programs: 
    • Intensive outpatient programs
    • Outpatient programs
    • Aftercare programs
    • Telehealth 
    • Teletherapy
  • Payment options: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Insurance (Aetna, AmeriHealth, BlueCross and BlueShield, Beacon, Cigna, Humana, MHN, MHNet Behavioral Health, Magellan, Optum, UHC UnitedHealthcare)

At Essentials Recovery Delaware, patients are provided with specialized care. Their intensive outpatient program encourages those in attendance to develop their capabilities while focusing on providing greater independence and societal integration during their treatment. 

Through their focus on empowerment, Essentials Recovery, Delaware works to rehabilitate patients while encouraging them to seek a better life and achieve their hopes and aspirations.

Located on a sprawling grass lawn, this home-like facility provides a comfortable and secure environment to encourage healing and recovery in its attendants. 

The center offers addiction services to both men and women while their advanced drug and alcohol rehab programs use the latest scientific developments to provide a clinical approach to recovery. 

3. AMS of Delaware

  • Address: 20576 Coastal Highway Suite 101, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
  • Phone number: (302) 227-1320
  • Website:
  • Treatment programs: 
    • Medically managed detoxification
    • Medication-assisted treatment
    • Maintenance to abstinence
    • Intensive outpatient program
    • Outpatient program
    • Aftercare
    • Recovery monitoring
  • Payment options: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Insurance (MD Medicaid and VA benefits; private insurance is not accepted although they can assist with reimbursement )

The AMS of Delaware rehab center offers assistance from highly skilled, licensed, and certified addiction specialists with extensive experience treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Their comprehensive treatment plans offer in-depth solutions to these complex conditions while working with your current medical provider to manage any dual diagnoses. 

The facility is centrally located, easily accessible, and offers a basic appearance while focusing on providing high-quality services and treatments. 

To ensure long-term recovery, the center also provides access to aftercare and recovery monitoring programs.

4. MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital

  • Address: 575 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
  • Phone number: (844) 577-9731
  • Website:
  • Treatment programs: 
    • Medication-assisted treatment
    • Group therapy
    • Creative/expressive therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Daily 12-step meetings
    • Educational lectures
    • Free, confidential mental health assessments
    • Adolescent behavioral program
    • Adult psychiatric program
    • Senior behavioral health program
    • Co-occurring diagnosis hospitalization program
    • Co-occurring partial hospitalization program
  • Payment options: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare)

The MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, is much more than just a hospital or rehab center. 

The facility specializes in co-occurring disorders and senior, adolescent, and adult inpatient programs. 

Their services are tailored to the needs of each new patient and offer a premier drug and alcohol rehab experience involving not only the patients but their families and clinical team members in their recovery journey.

The treatment center offers unique amenities like a basketball court, common room, and expansive grass lawns so patients can enjoy spending time outdoors. 

The MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital team is highly skilled and experienced and treats their clients with kindness, empathy, and attention to their needs.

The center is also one of the only rehabs in Delaware that offer telehealth and virtual treatment programs. 

Their dual diagnosis services offer treatment for mental health disorders, including: 

  • PTSD
  • Conduct disorder
  • Self-harm
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis

5. Claymont Comprehensive Treatment Center

  • Address: 2999 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE 19703
  • Phone number (855) 993-6517
  • Website:
  • Treatment programs:
    • Substance abuse and addictions rehab
    • Traditional outpatient treatment
    • Opioid maintenance treatment
    • Buprenorphine maintenance
    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Medication-assisted treatment
    • Methadone maintenance
  • Payment options: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Insurance (Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, United Healthcare )

The Claymont Comprehensive Treatment Center is a lovely, deluxe-style house managed by an experienced team focused on traditional outpatient and opioid maintenance treatment. 

The facility specializes in medication-assisted treatment for adults involving methadone and buprenorphine maintenance alongside counseling to prevent relapse or possible overdose. 

The team of caregivers and healthcare providers includes doctors, nurses, and counselors dedicated to offering comprehensive, individualized care to every patient. Based in Philadelphia Pike, the rehab is easily accessible and welcomes all who need help overcoming addiction. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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FAQs for Best Rehab Centers in Delaware

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about rehabs in Delaware.

How to Get Treatment in Delaware

If you or a loved one are looking for suitable drug and alcohol rehab centers in Delaware, contact our specialized team through the number listed at the top of this page. 

Alternatively, you can contact each of these Delaware-based treatment centers by visiting their websites or calling them directly.

Every facility on this list has been extensively vetted to provide only the best drug and alcohol addiction services in the state.

Why Choose Delaware for Treatment?

Some of the top reasons to choose one of the rehab centers based in Delaware for substance abuse treatment include: 

  • The treatment centers are close to home if you already live there
  • All Delaware treatment centers on this list are of the best quality available nationwide
  • Most centers provide 24-hour service
  • The state is small, calm, and has low crime rates
  • The people of Delaware are generally helpful and friendly
  • The state is home to long stretches of beautiful coastline and beaches 
  • There is an abundance of nature surrounding the treatment centers in Delaware and offering a relaxing environment for those seeking to escape the noise of the city

How Can I Find the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Delaware?

The simplest way to find the right rehabilitation center for you in Delaware is by getting in touch with the local directory and talking to an admissions expert. 

However, the article above can also provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best facilities in the state for substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery.

Getting Help for Substance Abuse and Addiction

Get Help Today

Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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If you or someone you love suffers from addiction and needs help obtaining substance abuse treatment, reaching out to others for assistance is the first and most crucial step towards addiction recovery. 

Get in touch with a local rehab center, or one listed above, today to get the advice and information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment and get started on your journey to recovery.

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