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Rehab Centers in Dallas, Texas

10 Dallas Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

If you are tired of your addiction to drugs and alcohol dictating how you live your life, this article will help rectify the situation. Here, you are informed `11 substance abuse rehab centers in Dallas. that are worth checking out

Dallas, a city located in North Texas, faces a heroin epidemic that affects youths and young adults. For this reason, several substance abuse treatment centers have been built, and existing ones have been expanded. These facilities pack a good mix of luxury and economical treatment options.

With the presence of the famous Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in the city, if you or your loved one is looking for treatment centers away from home, you should have little or no issues arriving at the recovery centers that you are about to reviewed.

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Arise Recovery Centers

  • Address: 5440 Harvest Hill Rd Suite #230 Dallas, TX 75230
  • Phone number: 214-613-0616
  • Treatment options: Intensive outpatient Drug and alcohol addiction program, individual therapy for drug and alcohol rehab, group therapy for drug and alcohol, family counseling for drug and alcohol rehab
  • Treatment services: Drug and alcohol rehab services, relapse prevention, telemedicine therapy, relapse prevention, EMDR therapy, intensive outpatient program, a supportive outpatient program
  • Payment options: Insurance
  • Ages: 18 and above

Arise Recovery Center has seven locations within 15 minutes from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport; easy to get to from anywhere in the country. This substance abuse rehab center offers only outpatient services and partners with some high-rated inpatient treatment centers to deliver on their word of first-class treatment for everyone.

Here you will be taken care of by licensed and trained drug abuse counselors and clinicians. Professionals assist with the detox phase. The rehab center also boasts modern and uplifting facilities that guarantee safe, quick, and comfortable recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

At Arise Recovery Centers, you get to experience the benefits of personalized treatment tailored to your needs and environment. The intensive outpatient recovery program, which usually spans 6-10 weeks, depends on the extent of the clients’ substance addiction issues and the persons’ dedication to recovery.

Drug addiction services available at Arise Recovery Centers include the following:

  • Intensive outpatient drug addiction programs (three times a week for 3 hours)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling sessions

Finally, alcohol addiction services are also rendered; this is divided into a group, individual therapy, and family sessions.

Lighthouse Recovery Texas

  • Address: 5344 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75240
  • Phone number: 2149745876
  • Treatment options: Recovery coaching, intensive outpatient program, sober living
  • Treatment services: opiate addiction, methamphetamine addiction, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, benzodiazepine addiction, marijuana addiction
  • Payment options: Insurance

Lighthouse Recovery Texas has adopted proven methods from extensive drug and alcohol addiction research that helps addiction sufferers in every way. The staff employs an individualized treatment method for each person who walks through the doors.

With accreditations and certifications by the Joint Commission and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, compassionate and certified addiction experts are employed to put their professionalism to the test. In other words, recovering addicts will be supervised by people who know what they are doing.

The following addiction issues programs are offered at this 50-year old facility:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Sober living programs
  • Recovery coaching programs

In the 90-180-day sober living program, each recovery facility houses approximately eight men. A smaller population means a more focused treatment.

These houses are packed with homely amenities including the latest entertainment devices, transportation, and comfortable bedrooms.

Turtle Creek Recovery Centers

  • Address: 2707 Routh Street, Dallas, Texas 75201, United States
  • Phone Number: 214.871.2483
  • Treatment Options: COPS-D (Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder), Outpatient Program,
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Credit/Debit cards
  • Ages: 18-65yrs

Turtle Creek Recovery Centers focuses on providing help to clients for mental health and chemical dependency disorders. 90% of people with addiction issues likely suffer from mental issues, which justifies the need for a dual-diagnosis classification. A person interested in getting help will get all they need.

Experts provide a wide range of services, such as counseling, relapse prevention, and recovery assistance. The facility has 32 beds can take advantage of for 28 days.

Apart from the residential treatment program, Turtle Creek Recovery Centers also offer outpatient service for a more structured day program.

Nexus Recovery

  • Address: 8733 LA PRADA DRIVE, DALLAS, TX 75228
  • Phone Number: 214-321-0156
  • Treatment Options: Residential treatment, Outpatient treatment
  • Treatment Services: Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Use Disorder, Medical Detoxification, Pregnant and Parenting Women with children, Adult women, Medication-assisted treatment, generations, outpatient group treatment, recovery support services
  • Payment Options: insurance

Nexus Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation that focuses on providing services for women and children.

Medically supervised detox programs are available. Also, the 12-step residential program can accept up to 130 women for the treatment period between 5-90 days.

Outpatient programs are also available for women who feel like they do not get a break from family life, and that is adding more stress that pushes them to abuse substances. Nexus is partnered with several major insurance programs to ensure no one is turned away in such event.

At Nexus, women addicted to drugs can become free again.

Crossroads Recovery Center

  • Address: 5552 S. Hampton Rd. Dallas, TX 75232 
  • Phone number: (214) 339-3181
  • Treatment options: Medication-Assisted treatment
  • Treatment services: Counselling, Treatment Planning, Case management services
  • Payment options: Credit/Debit cards

Crossroads Recovery Center has helped people with addiction issues fight cravings and drug withdrawal symptoms through the use of methadone. This synthetic drug can imitate the effects of opiates on brain cells and help wean you off drugs. The staff assist with the withdrawal symptoms, emotional rollercoasters, and anything else related to your your journey to recovery.

Counseling sessions offered will pinpoint the problems in your life and how to rectify them. The advice given during these sessions will help you make better decisions about your responses to personal problems.

Finally, at Crossroads Recovery Center, clients’ confidentiality is prioritized with a guaranteed doctor-to-client privilege.

Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center LLC

  • North Address: 1451 Empire Central Drive Suite 900, Dallas, Texas 75247, United States
  • South Address: 2615 South Lancaster Road, Dallas, Texas 75216, United States
  • Phone Number: +1-855-662-9310
  • Treatment Options: Methadone and suboxone
  • Treatment Services: Physical Evaluation, Orientation to treatment and Patient Education, Methadone maintenance, medically supervised withdrawal, Individualized treatment plan with regular updates on progress, suboxone and methadone detoxification, individual and group counseling, case management and community referrals, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning
  • Ages: 18 years and older

If your loved one is battling an addiction to opioids/opiates, Life’s Second Chance Treatment LLC is a substance fighting center that attempts to put a stop to the war.

Here, the belief is that addiction is a disease, and should be treated with medical attention. For this reason, the facility aims to be the number one medication-assisted treatment center in the country.

At Life’s Second Chance, everyone from different cultures, and religions are invited to get treatment. You will be given a thorough physical evaluation once admitted and offered several other services that will aid in your recovery. 

Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living

  • Address: 10219 Sunridge Trail, Dallas, TX 75243
  • Phone number: (469) 599-2162
  • Treatment services: Detox, sober living, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment
  • Payment options: Credit/Debit card

Real Deal Sober Living rehab center offer extensive services aim to correct addiction problems, so clients can ultimately live productive and healthy lives.

This Northeast Dallas premium rehab treatment facility charge only $1500 a month to take advantage of their services – food, transportation, and live managers included. An $800 a month option is available, but has fewer amenities.

One major benefit choosing this rehab facility is you are free to bring your pets along with you as it’s believed that they can help you achieve a speedy recovery. Clients who are allergic to pets can get placed in a pet-free living environment.

Solution Outpatient Services

  • Address: 4300 MacArthur Avenue Suite 270
  • Phone number: 214-369-1155
  • Treatment options: Primary intensive outpatient treatment, Transition outpatient treatment, family program, bridging the gap
  • Treatment services: Assessment and Evaluation, Consultations, Interventions, Aftercare
  • Payment options: Out-Network Insurance
  • Ages: 18yrs and older

Solution Outpatient Services, as the name suggests, has evening outpatient services for adults and teenagers provided through a 12-step program and family system approach.

After evaluation and assessment takes place, consultation and intervention begins. The qualified staff bridges the gap by educating family members and their loved ones about the dangers of substance abuse. After completing treatment, aftercare services are also provided; this will help the patient to remain sober.

A 3-hour group that meets for four nights a week is available. If you feel more comfortable in a single setting, the facility offers individual client sessions as well. Additionally, family groups meet two nights a week. Therefore, you don’t have to stay there 24 hours a day to get the help you need.

The Magdalen House

  • Address: 4513 Gaston Avenue Dallas, TX 75246
  • Phone number: 214.324.9261
  • Treatment options: Residential, Non-residential, Peer to peer
  • Payment options: No cost

The Magdalen House is a safer-space for women recovering from alcohol addiction.

Treatment spans across three stages:

  • 14-day resdiential
  • Non residential
  • Peer-to-peer stage (Classes, meetings, and workshops)>

The Magdalen House raises funds for treatment through donations and also accepts volunteering.

New Season Treatment Center

  • Address: 123 East Colorado Blvd Dallas, TX 75203
  • Phone number: 214-946-5540
  • Treatment options: Methadone, BUPRENORPHINE
  • Treatment services: Medication-assisted treatment
  • Payment options: Insurance
  • Ages: 18yrs and older

The staff at the New Season Treatment Center utilizes innovative technologies to address Opioids Use Disorder (OUD). Medical doctors, nurses, and pharmacists provides medication-assisted treatment using either methadone, buprenorphine, and suboxone.

Once you get accepted into the New Season Treatment Center, you will be required to undergo an initial assessment to determine the proper medication level suitable for you. Next, the patient goes through the induction phase, where the patient will be closely monitored to determine the effectiveness of the medication.

Lastly, there is the maintenance phase involves steady medication doses, and client feedback is vital in this stage.

FAQs for rehab centers in Dallas

Why choose rehab in Dallas?

Rehabilitation centers in Dallas are not restricted to a single method of treatment. Several of them follow the 12 step approach to solving drug and alcohol addiction issues with patients. Also, many others focus on medication-assisted treatment methods like methadone or suboxone. They also focus on tailoring treatment to meet individual needs.

Lastly, these recovery facilities in Dallas offer various treatment options, so whether you need residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment, these rehab centers in Dallas have something for you.

How much does rehab in Dallas cost?

Rehab treatment in Dallas is majorly divided into standard and premium treatment. Rest assured that both cover all the essential services you need to get your life back.

Often, treatment will be based on the extent of your addiction issues and the type of comfort you desire. But altogether, the cost of rehab treatment in Dallas is not as high as many other places in the U.S; in fact, it is possible to get rehab treatment for as low as $800 a month.

Is Methadone addictive?

Methadone, a synthetic drug used to combat opioids addiction and withdrawal by imitating its effects of opioids in the brain, can be addictive if taken without strict monitoring by a health care expert or a doctor’s supervision.

Also, many addiction treatment providers know that this is not a cure for addiction, this is why they combine these drugs with several traditional addiction treatment methods known to work.

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Final Statement

Drug and alcohol addicts often don’t live to a ripe old age. Those who do live to see their grey hairs, often suffer from chronic health conditions requiring them to spend the rest of their lives in pain and discomfort. Why don’t you take that step towards recovery and get clean now?

There are many drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers in Dallas. Each one of them is ready to work with your insurance provider to find out the best treatment plan for you. If you don’t have insurance don’t worry, these facilities in Dallas also accept credit card payment. Also, several of them even offer free treatment to those who need it.

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