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Most Preferred Rehab Centers In Arizona

Drug addiction rates in Arizona have been increasing annually, with the rate of the state’s overdoses firmly beyond the national average. 

Some of the most commonly abused drugs in The Grand Canyon State include marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, oxycodone, cocaine, and alcohol. 

Unfortunately, addiction treatment is not a one-step process and cannot be done without proper treatment methods. But with a good rehab center, you can give yourself (or a loved one) a fair shot at overcoming addiction and living a sober, fruitful life.  

If you’re in search of a rehab center in Arizona, then you’ll find this article useful. Read on as we review several rehab facilities in Arizona, discussing their services, main features and payment options.

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1. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

  • Address: 10446 N 74th St #130, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 602 346 9130
  • Treatment Options: Addiction treatment, medical detox referrals, inpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, co-occurring disorders, telehealth for addiction treatment, life and recovery coaching, opiate rehab, alcohol addiction rehab, and cocaine rehab.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash. 
  • Age Range: Adult treatment 
  • Location:  Scottsdale, AZ

The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) is among the best-rated in terms of rehab centers in Arizona. Some of the main services offered include outpatient services, residential treatment, co-occurring disorders, dual-diagnosis treatment, sober living home, aftercare, and case management. 

In addition to having a simplistic, easy-to-navigate website, AARC also has a blog section that answers many drug addiction-related questions. The rehab facility also has a transparent pricing policy that allows you to pay via cash or insurance after verification. 

The AARC includes outdoor therapy, music and art therapy, yoga, and physical therapy as part of its treatment methods to make the recovery process smoother.

2. Fountain Hills Recovery 

  • Address: 16872 E Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Phone Number: + 1 602 346 9130
  • Treatment Options: Intensive outpatient care, outpatient, partial hospitalization program, individualized treatment plans, substance abuse, executive treatment program. 
  • Payment Options: Cash, Insurance
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Fountain Hills, Arizona

If you’re looking for a private luxury rehab center in Arizona, then you might want to give Fountain Hills Recovery a try. The drug and alcohol rehab center accepts most insurance cards and is highly flexible regarding cash payments.  

Fountain Hills provides cocaine, heroin, opioid, alcohol, meth, marijuana, and benzodiazepine treatment. In addition to addiction treatment, the top-rated addiction recovery facility also provides dual diagnosis treatment, addiction coaching, intervention, and addiction counseling. 

The substance abuse treatment agency also stands out due to its world-class amenities and amazing scenery, which helps patients settle in faster while also increasing the chances of successful treatment. 

3. Silver Sands Recovery 

  • Address: 3636 Crossings Drive, Prescott, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 833 543 7267
  • Treatment Options: Sober living home, behavioral disorder treatment, outpatient, detox, inpatient treatment, substance abuse, and dual-diagnosis treatment. 
  • Payment Options: Cash, Insurance
  • Age Range: Adults 
  • Location: Prescott, Arizona

Silver Sands Recovery caters to individuals struggling with addiction and pre or co-existing psychological disorders using world-class holistic therapies.

The drug and alcohol rehab also claims to hire only the best-qualified and experienced staff, which increases the chances of successful outcomes during treatment. 

The Prescott-based rehab is a renowned expert in heroin, opiate, and alcohol addiction treatment. The addiction treatment center also specializes in chronic relapse and has a stable alumni program that partners with other support groups to help keep former addicts in check. 

4. Springboard Recovery

  • Address: 11624 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 833 590 0960 
  • Treatment Options: Behavior disorder treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, outpatient, sober living home, intensive outpatient care
  • Payment Options: Insurance 
  • Age Range: Adults 
  • Location: Scottsdale, Az 

Springboard Recovery is among the best-rated drug and alcohol addiction centers in Arizona, especially when it comes to outpatient treatment. Some of the treatment methods used by the center include group counseling, nutritional counseling, therapeutic activities, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

In addition to its outstanding outpatient program, Springboard Recovery also offers clients a recovery housing option to prevent relapses as patients transition.

Another advantage of enrolling in the Springboard Recovery program is its flexibility when it comes to treatment as the rehab claims to tailor its treatments to suit the needs of each patient. Springboard Recovery also partners with most of the major insurance companies.

5. Royal Life Centers At Chapter 5

  • Address: 818 W Gurley St, Prescott, Arizona 
  • Phone Number: +1 877 732 6837
  • Treatment Options: Inpatient detox, residential inpatient treatment, sober living home, intensive outpatient services, behavioral disorder treatment, substance abuse treatment, co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis treatment. 
  • Payment Options: Cash, Insurance
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Prescott, Arizona

The Royal Life Center At Chapter 5 combines physical activities with a holistic approach to increase successful treatment. As a nationally accredited facility, Chapter 5 Recovery focuses on improving the treatment outcomes of its patients. 

Not too many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Arizona can boast adequate, patient-friendly staff like Chapter 5 Recovery. The drug treatment facility is committed to maintaining a low staff-to-patient ratio for personalized treatment. 

If you think the serene outdoor environment makes The Royal Life Center At Chapter 5 stand out, then you’ll be amazed by its world-class facilities. 

All patient rooms are fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, while the common areas are packed with board games, gaming consoles, and several movies to ensure patients focus on relaxing as much as recovery. 

6. Renaissance Recovery Center

  • Address: 459 N Gilbert Road, Gilbert, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 480 526 7738
  • Treatment Options: Partial hospitalization program, substance use disorders, IOP alcohol treatment, IOP drug rehabilitation, family recovery, detoxification, behavioral health, co-occurring disorders, group therapy, inpatient treatment, and dual diagnosis. 
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash 
  • Age Range: All Ages
  • Location: Gilbert, Arizona 

In addition to helping patients recover from addiction, Renaissance Recovery Center focuses on helping its alumni remain sober. The Arizona rehab boasts a world-class team of staff members that walk with patients every step of the way, allowing patients to develop positive coping mechanisms. 

Unlike most treatment centers in Arizona, the Renaissance Recovery Center provides telehealth services to its patients in observation to nation (and state) Covid-19 guidelines. 

The drug rehab further disassociates itself from the one-size-fits-all approach, claiming it tailors its treatment programs to suit the unique needs of every patient. 

The Renaissance rehab in Arizona also stands out due to its unique partial hospitalization program that provides greater care and attention than normal outpatient programs. The partial hospitalization treatment program allows patients to maintain their normal lives while receiving treatment. 

7. Vogue Recovery Center 

  • Address: 4122 N 17th St, Phoenix, Arizona 
  • Phone Number: +! 866 462 8172
  • Treatment Options: Detox, inpatient and outpatient programs, sober living home, mental health services administration, behavioral health therapy, intensive outpatient care, residential inpatient treatment
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adults 
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona

The Vogue Recovery center (VRC) is known for its family-centered approach towards promoting long-term sobriety. And unlike many substance abuse treatment centers that focus primarily on the 12-step program, VRC utilizes a well-balanced blend of different treatment modalities, including dialectical behavior therapy, behavioral therapy, and trauma-focused CBT.

The treatment center has 36 beds for inpatient treatment, while the 4:1 staff to client ratio ensures that all clients receive the maximum attention required during treatment. 

And although the drug rehab does not allow for Medicaid and Medicare payments, it still recognizes many insurance companies and has flexible cash or insurance-based payment options. 

8. Stonewall Institute 

  • Address:  4020 N 20th St #302, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 602 535 6468
  • Treatment Options: Dual diagnosis, alcoholism, mental health, substance abuse, intensive outpatient, mental health treatment, aftercare support, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, holistic healing, couples therapy. 
  • Payment Options: Cash, Insurance 
  • Age Range: All Ages 
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona 

If you’re in search of a world-class outpatient substance abuse and mental health facility, then you should consider giving the Stonewall Institute a shot. The Phoenix-based treatment center offers one of the best outpatient and intensive outpatient programs for career men and women who want to continue with their normal lives while receiving treatment. 

And to minimize the chances of a relapse, the addiction treatment provider also encourages its alumni to join its aftercare support program that ensures successfully treated patients have long-term support.

The Stonewall Rehab in Arizona is also flexible in terms of admissions as it has an elderly program, military program, young adult program, adult program, and LGBTQ program. 

9. The River Source  

  • Address: 16286 S Sunland Gin Rd, Arizona City, Arizona
  • Phone Number: +1 866 286 0356
  • Treatment Options: Detox, outpatient services, residential inpatient, sober living home, detoxification medical advice, intensive outpatient program, substance abuse, alcoholics anonymous,
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Arizona City, Arizona

As a fully accredited drug rehab in Arizona, the River Source stands out due to its holistic approach to alcohol and drug abuse treatment. In addition to assisting patients in their recovery, the treatment center also helps patients achieve long-term sobriety through its lifetime alumni program. 

The River Source relies heavily on client-focused, evidence-based drug abuse treatment programs. This helps ensure that all patients are accorded unique treatment to boost their chances of successful treatment. 

It’s worth noting that the treatment facility is the only Arizona-based rehab offering its clients a guarantee should a relapse occur within a year after completing the Reclaim-120 program. 

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FAQs About Rehabs In Arizona 

Why Choose Facilities in Arizona?

Proximity to Home 

Enrolling in an Arizona rehab is a great way for locals to receive treatment without uprooting their lives. On most occasions, career men and women postpone or hold off treatment due to the fear of losing their jobs or spending time away from family. 

However, by enrolling in some of the world-class rehabs in Arizona, you’ll have the chance to overcome the addiction without having to relocate. This allows you to focus on rehabilitation as you won’t get homesick or feel like your life has been taken away. 

Access to Family

The role of the family in successful rehabilitation cannot be overstated. Studies on drug dependence and recovery show that addicts who receive support from family members have increased chances of successful treatment.  

Enrolling yourself (or a loved one) in a top-drawer Arizona rehab means you’ll have family and close friends visit you during treatment. The thought that family and friends are always a few miles away can help make patients comfortable and a lot more responsive to treatment. 

World Class Outpatient Programs 

Most treatment centers in the state offer internationally recognized rehab programs. The intensive outpatient programs provided by many rehabs in the state allow Arizona residents to receive treatment while going on with their normal lives. 

If taken seriously, outpatient treatment is enough to help a patient recover and completely overcome addiction. 

What To Look for In Rehab Centers In Arizona


When looking to join a substance abuse rehab in Arizona, checking on some of the amenities provided is highly recommended. All the rehabs we’ve discussed in the article come with great amenities that also help in recovery. 

Gyms, swimming pools, tv rooms, and gardens are some of the amenities you’ll find in most well-rated rehabs in Arizona. However, it’s great to always inquire about the amenities to ensure you enroll in a rehab facility that focuses on holistic treatment and not just medication. 

Treatment Methods 

Before joining a rehab in Arizona, it’s best to check on some of the treatment methods offered. Some treatment centers offer a wide range of treatments, while others are relatively rigid when it comes to treatment methods. It’s best to go for substance abuse treatment centers that provide holistic, evidence-based treatment to their patients. 

Good integration of physical therapy such as walks, yoga, team sports, and group hikes can help improve the chances of successful outcomes, especially if combined with proven alcohol and drug addiction treatment methods. 


As a rule of thumb, you should always go for rehab centers that are transparent about the services offered, and more importantly, their pricing policy. Steer clear of rehab centers with low-quality websites, poor online reviews, and inactive support teams. You should also check if a particular center accepts insurance.

Rehabs in Arizona: Final Takeaway 

The Grand Canyon state is blessed with a good number of high-quality rehabs providing world-class addiction treatment. The best Arizona rehab, however, depends on the treatment you’re after. 

And although amenities are important, they shouldn’t be the only consideration made when choosing a rehab. Check for the treatment methods, the pricing policy, customer satisfaction, and post-treatment programs when searching for the best Arizona rehab to enroll in. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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