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Opiate Rehab Centers In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is among the hardest-hit states in the country’s worrying heroin epidemic. Besides heroin, there has also been an alarming spike in fentanyl-caused deaths in the state, which highlights the need for addressing the substance abuse situation before it gets worse. 

And although New Hampshire doesn’t have as many addiction treatment centers as other states, it is home to some suitable rehabs capable of providing world-class treatment programs for addicts. 

In this article, we’ll review some rehab centers in The Granite State based on client reviews, features, and success rates. Ready? Then let’s get straight to business. 

1. New England Recovery & Wellness Center  

  • Address: 81 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301
  • Phone Number: +1 855-416-8221
  • Treatment Options: Inpatient, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Services, Outpatient Services, Dual-Diagnosis Treatment, Detox, Alcohol Addiction, Medication Assisted Treatment, Heroin Addiction, Opioid Addiction
  • Payment Options: Insurance, Private pay
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Concord, NH

Located in the peaceful outskirts of Southern New Hampshire, the New England Recovery & Wellness Center is dedicated to helping heroin, crack cocaine, alcohol, opiates, valium, and oxycodone addicts reclaim their lives. 

The highly-rated treatment center utilizes a wide range of treatment services including group therapy, 12 step therapy, holistic therapy, music and art, yoga, and psychodrama therapy to help alcohol and drug addicts recover from addiction.  

By recreating a home-like environment, the New England Recovery & Wellness Center helps patients become more responsible and accountable to other residents. 

The center’s inpatient program has helped many patients achieve long-term sobriety due to a patient-focused approach to treatment.  

2. Avenues Recovery Center at New England 

  • Address: 81 Hall St Suite #2, Concord, NH 03301
  • Phone Number: +1 603-505-8365
  • Treatment Options: Drug Rehab, Dual Diagnosis, Opiate Drug Detox, Residential Inpatient, Residential Relapse Recovery, Medication Assisted Treatment, Medical Detox, Individualized Treatment, 12 Step Program, Alcohol Rehab, Co Occurring Disorders
  • Payment Options: Insurance, credit cards, check, cash, bank transfer
  • Age Range: Teenagers (14-19), Adults  
  • Location: Concord, NH

The Avenues Recovery Center prioritizes holistic, evidence-based treatment as opposed to a time-based recovery program. 

Besides receiving inpatient addiction treatment, patients who enroll in Avenue’s rehabilitation program also benefit from medical advice and valuable lessons in life skills, social acceptance, family values, and financial responsibilities. 

Clients from Concord and Manchester, NH can opt for intensive outpatient programs or traditional outpatient rehab programs if they don’t prefer full-time admission. All outpatient clients are eligible for local transportation. 

Avenues Recovery Center at New England has a modern gym, well-manicured lawns, spacious rooms, and a host of other convenient amenities that make the addiction treatment program a lot more bearable and enjoyable for clients. 

3. The Process Recovery Center 

  • Address: 33 E Pearl St, Nashua, NH 03060
  • Phone Number: +1 888-649-1149
  • Treatment Options: Inpatient Treatment, Drug Rehab, Outpatient Services, Medication Assisted Treatment, Sober Living Home, Detox, Mental Health, Behavioral Disorder Treatment, Individualized Treatment, Hypnotherapy Services.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, Cash
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Nashua, NH

The Process Recovery Center is a Joint Commission-accredited rehab facility that incorporates various treatment methods to suit unique patient needs. The treatment center focuses mostly on providing medical advice and assisting patients to determine the root of their addiction problems.  

Some commonly used treatment programs include behavioral therapy, group therapy, acupuncture, breathwork, sober living coordination, and medication-assisted treatment. The center also has comprehensive aftercare services that help prevent alumni from relapsing.

The Nashua-based treatment center has one of the best outpatient programs around, which allows patients to continue with their normal lives while receiving medical addiction treatment. 

In addition to the intensive outpatient program, the rehab also prioritizes family therapy to help the patient’s family heal since they’re also affected by addiction.

4. Granite Recovery Center

  • Address: 6 Manor Parkway, Salem, NH 03079
  • Phone Number: +1 866-957-3125
  • Treatment Options: Medical Detox, Alcohol Use, Substance Use, Medication Assisted Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Addiction, Mental Health Treatment.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, Credit cards, Check, 
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Salem, NH

To increase the effectiveness of alcohol and drug rehabilitation, the Granite Recovery Center combines evidence-based clinical treatment and holistic therapies in its programs. This has allowed the rehab center to tailor its programs to suit the individual needs of each patient. 

After examining a patient, one of the center’s qualified practitioners will recommend a suitable treatment program (30 days, 60 days, or 90 days). Some of the inpatient programs offered by the Granite Recovery Center include clinical psychotherapy, exercises, community-based therapy, skill-building, and individual therapy. 

The treatment facility also offers sober living homes for clients in Manchester, NH, which ensures recovering addicts have a safe environment and the necessary support to remain sober. 

5. Aware Recovery Center

  • Address: 15 Constitution Dr #2N, Bedford, NH 03110
  • Phone Number: +1 603-769-8462
  • Treatment Options: Dual Diagnosis, Addiction Treatment, Telehealth, Outpatient Services, Drugs, and Alcohol abuse, Co-occurring Disorders.
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Bedford, NH

Aware Recovery Center needs no introduction when discussing high-quality rehabs with effective treatment programs. Besides the New Hampshire branch, Aware Recovery Center also has branches in Connecticut, Maine, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Florida- a true testament to its commitment to treating addiction. 

Unlike most alcohol and drug rehab facilities, the Aware Recovery Center offers an In-home addiction treatment (IHAT) plan that allows patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. 

The drug addiction program is ideal for patients that don’t want to receive inpatient treatment. The Aware Recovery Center delivers this substance use treatment both virtually and through planned in-home visits. 

The unique IHAT allows both the patient and the family to heal as the addiction treatment program continues. This approach ensures that the addict recovers in a familiar setting and receives support from close family and friends. 

All patients enrolled in the IHAT program have access to Aware Recovery Center’s physicians, therapists, and medical specialists. 

6. Blueprint Recovery Center 

  • Address: 2 Chenell Drive, Concord, NH 03301
  • Phone Number: +1 833-641-0610
  • Treatment Options: Substance Use Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, Codependency, Chronic Relapse, Continuing Care, Co occurring disorders, Mental Health Treatment Alcohol Rehab, Transitional Independent Living Programs, Residential Treatment
  • Payment Options: Insurance, Personal finance
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Concord, NH

The Blueprint Recovery Center has a robust alumni program designed to help former patients remain sober months and years after completing treatment. 

As part of its aftercare program, the treatment facility regularly calls and emails former patients to check on progress and even arrange for get-togethers and seminars. 

And to make the rehabilitation process a lot easier and enjoyable for patients, the Blueprint Center integrates physical therapy (dance, yoga, Tai Chi, and competitive sports) in its addiction treatment program. 

Other therapies used include expressive therapy (drama, visual art, writing, and music), group therapy, family therapy, and motivational interviewing. 

7. Balance Recovery Center 

  • Address: 60 Main St STE, Nashua, NH 03060
  • Phone Number: + 1 877-996-9024
  • Treatment Options: Regular Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Addiction Treatment, Twelve Step Program, Relapse Prevention, Mental health
  • Payment Options: Insurance
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Nashua

The Balance Recovery Center is a Nashua-based outpatient rehab facility that seeks to help locals reclaim their lives from the ever-tightening grip of substance abuse and addiction. 

And although the treatment center isn’t as large as other rehab centers in New Hampshire, it has impressive success rates that make it ideal for addicts living in Nashua and its environs. 

The outpatient alcohol and drug rehab has flexible treatment plans for group, individual, and family counseling. 

Unfortunately, the Balance Recovery Center only offers outpatient treatment, making it hard for people from far to seek their services. But the center’s unique rehab programs have allowed clients to feel at home and become more receptive to outpatient treatment. 

8. White Mountains Recovery Home

  • Address: 669 Union St, Littleton, NH 03561
  • Phone Number:+1 603-262-3964
  • Treatment Options: 12 Step Program, Mental Health Care
  • Payment Options: Cash
  • Age Range: Adults
  • Location: Littleton
  • Address: 96 Church St, Laconia, NH 03246
  • Phone Number: +1 877-533-9115
  • Treatment Options: Relapse Prevention, Medically Managed Withdrawal, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Mental Health, Inpatient Treatment, Detox, Life Counseling, Alcohol addiction, Substance Use Disorders
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adult men
  • Location: Laconia, NH

The White Mountain Recovery Home is a family-centered rehab center located in Littleton, NH. And although the treatment center doesn’t have flashy amenities like tennis courts and large swimming pools, it makes up for its lack of amenities with its serene, home-like environment. 

The sober home uses the 12 step model to help its patients maintain sobriety and relies heavily on spirituality and religion to help clients achieve long term sobriety. 

Please note that the facility is more of a sober home than a treatment facility. However, participants will be required to enroll in (and attend) external therapy and treatment programs depending on the level of addiction. 

9. Riverbank House

Since its formation in 2012, Riverbank House has established itself as one of the most preferred drug and alcohol rehab centers in Laconia, NH, and its environs. The men-only facility focuses on holistic, long term treatment and utilizes the 12 step program as the basis of its addiction recovery treatment. 

Besides group and individual therapy, the Laconia-based treatment center also has an abundance of amenities like a basketball court, music room, yoga rooms. Patients also have access to kayak equipment and gaming consoles. 

10. NFA Behavioral Health 

  • Address: 367 Shaker Rd, Canterbury, NH 03224
  • Phone Number:+1 866-335-9783
  • Treatment Options: Drug addiction, Dual Diagnosis, Alcohol Addiction, Medication Assisted Treatment Program, Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Program, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Inpatient drug rehab, 
  • Payment Options: Insurance, cash
  • Age Range: Adult men
  • Location: Canterbury, NH

NFA Behavioral Health takes on a client-centered approach towards addiction treatment. By focusing on a patient’s unique addiction-related problems, NFA attempts to determine the root cause of addiction and help patients reclaim their lives. 

The 20-bed rehab facility is nestled in Canterbury, one of New Hampshire’s quiet countryside towns. And to ensure that patients receive holistic, life-changing substance abuse treatment, NFA Behavioral Health incorporates various treatment programs like group therapy, individual therapy, yoga, and meditation. 

FAQs About Rehab Centers In New Hampshire

How Much Does It Cost To Join A Rehab Center In New Hampshire?

Similar to other states, the cost of joining a rehab center in New Hampshire depends on several factors such as insurance coverage, type of rehab facility (state-funded, private, non-profit, etc.). The type of treatment also plays a pivotal part in determining the total cost of addiction treatment.  

Are New Hampshire Rehab Facilities Open During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Most New Hampshire-based drug and alcohol rehab centers are open 24 hours a day as their services are considered essential. However, it’s important to confirm with a rehab facility of choice about their opening/closing times as schedules vary from facility to facility. 

Is Inpatient Addiction Treatment Better Than Outpatient Treatment?

Most rehab centers in New Hampshire offer residential inpatient treatment services. Residential inpatient treatment is ideal for patients who need full treatment for addiction lest they continue to self-destruct. Residential rehabs often come packed with amenities like gyms, basketball courts, cinema rooms, and even swimming pools and saunas to enhance the patients’ comfort. 

Outpatient rehab centers in New Hampshire are suitable for patients who don’t want treatment to interfere with their day-to-day lives. Such programs are usually daily or can be tailored to meet a patient’s schedule. Some facilities combine both inpatient and outpatient programs to suit a patient’s needs. 

Is Addiction Treatment Covered By Insurance In New Hampshire? 

Both public and private health insurance providers cover substance abuse treatment in New Hampshire recovery centers. However, to learn whether you qualify for insurance payment, it is advisable to consult with your health insurance provider. Verifying the total costs associated with addiction treatment is highly recommended before enrolling in rehab programs. 

What Are the Advantages of Receiving Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire isn’t your typical vacation state; however, seeking treatment in the Granite State has some benefits, as mentioned below. 

Beautiful treatment environments: New Hampshire’s beautiful and serene surroundings make it a great place to take a break from the rigors of life and receive substance abuse treatment. The large acres of space and access to nature have contributed to the success of New Hampshire-based rehabs. 

New environment: Travelling to a New Hampshire-based rehab facility for inpatient services can also help you detach from familiar surroundings that often lead to drug cravings and other triggers. A change in environment helps boost your chances of long term recovery regardless of the level of care provided.

Business as usual: While some New Hampshire residents might opt for out-of-state recovery centers, those who enroll in local rehab programs get the chance to recover from drug addiction without uprooting their lives. Enrolling in local rehab programs makes it possible to continue with work or school while working on addiction recovery.

Family input: Addicted locals who enroll in New Hampshire-based rehab centers benefit from regular family visits and support. Enrolling in alcohol and addiction treatment centers close to home helps reduce anxiety for both patients and their respective family members. 

Rehabs In New Hampshire: Wrapping Up 

Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires patience, understanding, and an effective support system. As a result, it is advisable to seek medical attention before your drug and alcohol dependency gets out of hand and ruins your life (or that of a loved one). 

Luckily, as observed throughout the article, New Hampshire is home to several proper rehab facilities that provide detox, treatment, and aftercare services, which eliminates the need to travel out of state for treatment. 

Before settling for a particular rehab, however, it’s best to make inquiries about treatment plans offered and the total costs associated with treatment. 

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