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Leading Rehabs In Louisiana

Drug abuse rates have been on a steady rise in Louisiana, with the National Center for Health Statistics reporting that approximately 1,930 locals died due to drug overdoses in 2020. 

And although the number is tipped to reduce in the coming years, there is still a need to take immediate action to limit the negative impacts of drug and alcohol addiction not only in the state but also across the entire country. 

Luckily, the Pelican State is home to several respectable substance abuse treatment centers that have helped people battling addiction reclaim their lives.  

So which Louisiana-based rehab is best for you (or your loved one)? 

To help you choose a suitable facility that meets your unique needs, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Louisiana, paying close attention to features like services offered, pricing policies, amenities, and quality of staff. 

Ready? Then let’s kick start your journey to recovery with these rehabs in Louisiana.

1. Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center

Address  2321 Hwy 80 E Monroe, Louisiana
Phone Number +1 318-600-333
Treatment Options  Residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program, Residual Detox
Payment Options  Insurance, self-pay, Medicaid
Age Range Adults
Location Monroe, LA

Despite launching in 2015, Pecan Haven has established itself as one of the best drug rehab centers in Louisiana. The treatment facility’s primary goal (as per its official website) is to provide a safe place for patients to recover and rebuild their lives. 

Pecan Haven is an 80-bed facility sitting on a well-secluded, 35-acre private property in northeast Louisiana. The treatment facility consists of 10 cabins (each 8-bed) that allow clients to receive substance abuse and addiction treatment without compromising comfort. 

Some of the main amenities that clients enrolled in the addiction treatment facility get to enjoy include a tennis court, a basketball court, a fully-fitted gym, and an expansive beach volleyball arena

You’ll also appreciate that the Pecan Haven also has a large multipurpose center consisting of a cafeteria, several therapy rooms, and a ping-pong table. A scenic outdoor pool also helps patients meditate while enjoying the clean, northeast Louisiana fresh air. 

As revealed on the official website, Pecan Haven partners with an ABAM (American Board of Addiction Medicine) certified addictionologist, mental health technicians, registered nurses, and qualified counselors to administer individualized addiction treatment services to its clients. 

Residential treatment is the main service offered by the rehab center and caters to adults aged 21 years and above. You can also register for the residential detox program (medically managed) to kickstart your journey to recovery. 

Pecan Haven’s Intensive Outpatient Program focuses on the 12-step process and is suitable for clients that have completed the residential program. The treatment center provides transportation and meals to clients enrolled in the IOP program. 

For more inquiries about pricing policies or addiction treatment programs offered, don’t hesitate to contact the support team through +1 318-600-333.

2. Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center 

Address  86 Palmetto Road, Rayville, Louisiana
Phone Number +1 318- 728- 2970
Treatment Options Detox, Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Co-occuring Mental Health Disorders, Relapse Prevention program, Family therapy, 3-Day Evaluation
Payment Options Insurance, Self pay
Age Range Adults 
Location Rayville, Louisiana

It’s impossible to review the leading Rehabs in the Pelican State without mentioning the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center, a highly regarded addiction treatment facility formed back in 1993. 

In addition to its main residential campus in Rayville, the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center also boasts 6 outpatient facilities sprinkled across Louisiana. 

The CARF-accredited rehab center provides detox, residential and outpatient addiction treatment services for its patients battling addiction.

 In addition to treating alcohol and substance abuse addiction, the treatment center also claims to treat eating disorders, gambling, and sex addiction.  

The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center’s dual diagnosis treatment is also suitable for patients with underlying conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. 

One of Palmetto’s standout features is its strategic location that provides the much-needed peaceful and secluded environment required for addiction treatment. This explains why the rehab center has been a favorite for out-of-state patients from as far as Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and even international clients. 

The beautiful bayou surroundings coupled with the peaceful sound of chirping birds in the cabin-living environment make Palmetto suitable for both short and long-term inpatient treatment. 

Besides the cabin-style houses, clients also get to enjoy a 3,000 square foot workout facility, scenic outdoor community spaces, and a wide variety of sports equipment. 

3. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center

Address 3015 LA-956, Ethel, Louisiana 
Phone Number +1 225- 924- 1910
Treatment Options Residential Care, Outpatient Care, Dual Diagnosis, Medical and Ambulatory Detox, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Personal Aftercare, Mental Health Services Administration
Payment Options  Insurance, Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Block Grant, Medicare, Cash
Age Range  Adults
Location  Ethel, Louisiana

If you’re in search of a substance abuse treatment center with several campuses in Louisiana, then you might want to consider the Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center. 

With treatment centers spread in Ethel, Abbeville, Mid-City Baton Rouge, Bogalusa, Denham Springs, and Lafayette, LA, you can count on the Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center to provide individualized treatment for you (or your loved one). 

Woodlake Abbeville administers similar services to the main campus in Woodlake. Others like Woodlake Mid-city, Denham Springs, and Lafayette are better suited for outpatient treatment, allowing patients to receive rehab services without moving too far from home. 

 Some of the main services offered by the Woodlake Recovery Center include inpatient residential treatment (suitable for patients battling with long-term addiction and chronic relapse), medically assisted detox, and outpatient services

It’s a treatment center that caters to all forms of addictions using the 12-step approach. 

All patients that complete Woodlake’s treatment programs are eligible for a free continuing care program (aftercare) for at least one year. 

You’ll also be glad to learn that the drug addiction rehab center accepts Medicaid for outpatient treatment and is open to admitting patients at any time of the day. 

To know more about accepted payment methods and your status of coverage, it is advisable to reach out to Woodlake’s support team by dialing +1 225- 924- 1910.  

4. Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat

Address  35059 Bend Road, Denham Springs, Louisiana
Phone Number +1 877 -959- 0075
Treatment Options Detox, Life Skills
Payment Options Cash, Insurance
Age Range Adults
Location Denham Springs, LA

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat is not your typical rehab center as it takes a unique approach to detox. 

Unlike most drug addiction treatment centers that use medication-assisted detox to kickstart addiction treatment, Narconon uses a non-medical program that’s heavily reliant on diet, life skills, and physical exercises

So how does Narconon’s non-medical detox work? The first step is usually introducing new patients to one of Narconon’s Withdrawal Specialists. The specialist will then decide on an appropriate diet, techniques, and exercises to help patients out (depending on the extent of addiction).

Put simply, the facility’s detox program involves nutrition, physical exercises, and sauna. 

Narconon has a maximum capacity of 45 patients and features massive walk-in bathrooms fitted with jacuzzi tubs. Other amenities include a pinball machine, pool table, gym (with sauna), an outdoor pool, and a scenic outdoor seating/ meditation area. 

5. Avenues Recovery Center At Louisiana

Address  4933 Wabash Street, Metairie, Louisiana
Phone Number +1 504- 470-0299
Treatment Options Residential inpatient, Dual Diagnosis, Detox, Family Therapy, Chronic Relapse
Payment Options Insurance, Cash, Bank Transfer, Check
Age Range Adults
Location Metairie, LA

Avenues Recovery Center is a well-known rehab center in the addiction treatment industry with facilities spread out in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 

And although the Avenues Recovery Center website is a bit cramped up, it has a chat with a coach button at the top right side of the home page that makes it easy to initiate a conversation with one of its addiction coaches. 

In Louisiana, Avenues Recovery Center has two major inpatient facilities- one in Townsend and another in Metairie, all of which provide individualized addiction treatment services to clients in and around the state. 

To enhance comfort during treatment, Avenues Recovery Center tries to limit the number of patients on each campus- with the Metairie facility accommodating a maximum of 48 patients despite having 10 converted townhomes.  

Patients will enjoy recovering in a homey setup that decreases the often derailing ‘institutionalized’ feeling. 

Another feature that makes Avenues treatment center stand out is its sober living apartments that allow graduates to continue their recovery in a supportive environment. 

Graduates are eligible to join the Avenues Alumni Program that provides a supportive network through planned events, volunteer projects, and group and individual therapy. 

6. Lake Wellness Center 

Phone Number +1 888 488 5253
Treatment Options Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Detox
Payment Options Insurance, Self Pay, Medicaid
Age Range  Adults
Location  Baton Rouge, Covington, Houma, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Metairie, New Orleans, Destrehan, LA

You won’t find many addiction treatment centers in Louisiana that specialize in outpatient treatment like the Lake Wellness Center. 

The Lake Wellness Center has over 7 outpatient rehabs in Louisiana, making it one of the most ideal places to receive drug abuse and addiction treatment while working or attending school. 

Some of the main services offered at Lake Wellness Center include day and evening outpatient programs, residential detox (at some facilities), outpatient medical detox, cognitive testing, group therapy, and substance abuse education

The treatment center also accepts most insurances and Medicaid, meaning the cost of treatment shouldn’t be too high. 

But to be on the safe side, we highly recommend giving Lake Wellness Center a call through +1 888 488 5253 to know more about payments and which campus to enroll in. 

7. The Grove Recovery Center

Address  5311 Dijon Dr, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Phone Number +1 225-300-4850
Treatment Options Detox, Residential, Dual-Diagnosis, Sober Living, Intensive Outpatient
Payment Options Insurance, Self Pay
Age Range Adults 
Location Baton Rouge, LA, 

The Grove Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment treatment facility with two main campuses in Louisiana- the Baton Rouge and Ascension centers. 

By addressing a client’s mental, spiritual, and medical health, the Grove Recovery Center is able to provide a full continuum of care from detox to inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient, and sober living programs

The Grove Recovery Center’s sober living program is a great option for patients that have completed treatment but don’t want to switch to normal living just yet. 

And although the rooms are not private, patients get to enjoy recovery in well-spaced houses that allow for meditation and self-reflection. 

The facility’s aftercare program runs for 6 months to a year and helps create a solid and sustainable structure to help graduates remain sober months and years after treatment. 

8. Victory Addiction Recovery Center

Address  111 Liberty Avenue, Lafayette, Louisiana 
Phone Number +1 337- 456- 9111
Treatment Options Detoxification, Inpatient Treatment, Professionals Program, Aftercare and IOP, Family Care, Continuing Care
Payment Options Insurance, Self Pay
Age Range Adults
Location  Lafayette, LA 

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is a Lafayette-based drug rehab facility providing a full continuum of care from detox to inpatient treatment, family care, and aftercare. 

According to the official website, the drug and alcohol treatment facility uses a multi-disciplinary model to heal the body, mind, and spirit, which gives patients a solid chance of maintaining sobriety long after completing treatment.  

Victory is also among the few drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that provide intensive outpatient treatment through telehealth

For more information on telehealth services, Victory recommends talking to the customer support team through +1 337 456 9111

FAQs About Rehabs In Louisiana

Are There Any Good Rehabs In Louisiana? 

Louisiana is home to several CARF-accredited addiction treatment providers, with some like the Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center and the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center boasting features like fully fitted gyms, well-equipped game rooms, swimming pools, and scenic outdoors.    

What Is The Leading Rehab In Louisiana? 

There is no single rehab facility in Louisiana that can be termed the best as they each come with their unique features, pros, and cons. For outpatient treatment, we’d recommend a treatment provider with several outpatient campuses like the Lake Wellness Center. 

Pecan Haven, Palmetto, and Woodlake Addiction Recovery are known for their individualized residential treatment programs, while Narconon makes a great pick if you want your loved one to receive non-medical detox to overcome drug abuse and addiction.

Leading Rehabs In Louisiana: Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve gone through some of the leading addiction treatment providers in Louisiana, you should be well-placed to choose one that meets your unique treatment needs. 

For residential treatment, we recommend feature-rich rehab centers located in strategic, well-secluded locations like the Pecan Haven, Woodlake, and Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center.

 The Lake Wellness Center is a great pick for outpatient treatment as it has over 7 outpatient branches in the state, while Victory Addiction Recovery Center’s telehealth outpatient program can come in handy if you want to receive addiction treatment from home. 

When choosing a rehab facility it is highly advisable to confirm the pricing policy and services offered as not all rehab centers offer the same services. 

And although communication via email can work, we recommend contacting support via call to get immediate responses and learn more about admissions.

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