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Windmill Wellness Ranch: Addiction and Mental Health Therapy

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Does someone you know struggle with substance abuse? The Windmill Wellness Ranch offers drug and alcohol treatment at a beautiful estate in Canyon Lake, TX.

Holistic therapy facilities like Windmill are vital in Texas, where more than 4,000 fatal drug overdoses occurred in 2020. People need substance abuse treatment by counselors that address co-occurring disorders.

At Windmill, recovery involves individualized treatment and family therapy. The programs are residential and intensive outpatient. Windmill also practices cognitive behavioral therapy according to the addiction treatment protocol.

Windmill Wellness Ranch Residential Programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Windmill Wellness Ranch takes a holistic approach to treatment. The counseling staff views drug and alcohol addiction as forms of mental or emotional illness. They offer addiction counseling that considers all aspects of the person and his/her background, lifestyle, circumstances and disposition.

  • Residential Treatment – Patients learn life skills and coping strategies during their stay at the Windmill Wellness Ranch. This makes them more equipped to handle stress in daily life and confront problems without resorting to drugs. Residential treatment consists of 30 weekly hours of programming and daily activities.
  • Family Program – Family members often grow estranged from drug and alcohol users. Many people just don’t know how to handle addiction, even when it hits close to home. Windmill counselors promote communication and understanding between patients and families. The family program brings both parties together to make the recovery process a mutual effort.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – For patients with less severe drug or alcohol addiction, Windmill offers an outpatient program. The patient lives at home but attends the ranch for at least 15 hours each week between Monday and Friday. Intensive outpatient treatment covers most of the same material as inpatient treatment. Windmill also offers an online version.
  • Aftercare Program – Like the best residential treatment facilities, Windmill offers aftercare. This is crucial for a lot of patients as they transition from the Ranch to everyday life in the outside world. Without aftercare support, addiction recovery might fall by the wayside as difficulties rear their ugly heads. Aftercare helps people land on their feet and avoid relapse.

Windmill practices individualized treatment and holds group therapy sessions. At each meeting, counselors treat underlying issues at play in the patient’s addiction. During group therapy, patients share their stories and insights in a supportive, judgment-free setting of people with similar goals.

Windmill Wellness Ranch Treatments: Sobriety, Emotional Health Recovery

Windmill Wellness employs various types of residential treatment methods to help people overcome drug cravings. It starts with detox then proceeds through a disciplined 12-step model. Along the way, Windmill counselors promote safe forms of pain relief and mental-health therapy.

  • Detoxification – Detox is the first step toward conquering drug and alcohol addiction. It starts the moment a person halts his/her substance abuse and commits to sobriety. The first few days are challenging because cravings and withdrawal systems take hold. Detox is best done under the 24-hours supervision of a medical and psychiatric provider, which patients get at Windmill.
  • Alpha-Stim – Windmill uses Alpha-Stim technology to help patients soothe physical pain and stress. People often get hooked on opioids for the euphoric effects. Alpha-Stim helps individuals overcome drug cravings with a healthier form of physical fulfillment.
  • EMDR Therapy – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an evidence-based form of treatment that helps people cope with traumatic past experiences. In an EMDR session, a patient learns to acknowledge what happened and overcome it without reliving the experience.
  • 12 Step Program – During each stage of addiction treatment and recovery, Windmill promotes the 12-step model, which gives patients a structured wellness regime. Most people who’ve struggled with drug and alcohol addiction have lacked proper structure in their daily lives. The 12-step model restores it.

Detox lasts between three and seven days, after which patients proceed with the recovery. Alpha-Stim can help people who suffer chronic pain end their use of opioids and prescription painkillers. With EMDR, the patient can open up to a Windmill counselor about his/her traumatic event. This helps counselors customize treatment plans for each individual.

Windmill Wellness Ranch SMART Recovery: Motivation, Restraint, Maturity, Balance

Windmill practices a form of wellness known as self-management and recovery training (SMART). It uses a combination of therapeutic methods — Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) — to help patients improve their state of mind. The SMART program consists of four basis points:

  • Build and Maintain Motivation – To achieve sobriety, it’s crucial to stay motivated on the wellness path. Most people become addicted out of feelings of despair, which only intensify as addiction takes hold. SMART helps people stay focused and develop proactive daily habits.
  • Cope with Urges – At addiction treatment centers, patients are cut off from access to drugs and alcohol. Still, cravings emerge now and then, even weeks after detox. In SMART Recovery, patients learn to conquer drug cravings and replace them with healthy activities.
  • Manage Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors – In most cases, addicted individuals are unrestrained and lack discipline in their behavior. They cannot often guide their minds in positive directions. SMART Recovery helps patients take control of their thought processes. This improves their emotional state and behavior.
  • Live a Balanced Life – Most addicts lead unfulfilling lives and use drugs and alcohol to fill the void. While the aim of sobriety is a drug-free life, it’s hard to maintain without a life full of rich, rewarding activities. SMART Recovery helps newly sober individuals balance healthy activities on the private, social and professional fronts.

The SMART Recovery model gives patients the tools to lead successful sober lives. When a treatment center sees a high percentage of relapse cases, it’s usually because the counselors did nothing more than keep the patients off drugs. Windmill practices SMART Recovery because it gives patients new things to live for once they leave the ranch.

Windmill Wellness Ranch Activities: Creative Arts Therapy, Exercise

Windmill combines drug and co-occurring disorder treatment with wellness activities. This is part of a solution-focused therapy where patients achieve good feelings and positive energy through physical and mental exercise. This helps replace the negative thoughts and feelings that function as vice triggers.

  • Yoga – Physical activities like yoga, which involves stretch and meditation, are good for people’s physical and emotional health. Yoga helps relax the mind and relieve the body of tension and stress. For people who’ve suffered chronic pain, yoga is a good form of physical therapy.
  • Personal Training – Most alcoholics and drug users are in poor physical shape. People who are out of shape tend to be less energetic and more prone to lethargy, depression and other states that fuel chemical dependency. Weight training can help turn that around. Fitness can become a new and healthy fixation for recovering individuals.
  • Outdoor Activities – A large part of addiction recovery treatment involves the great outdoors, where people connect with nature and wildlife. When patients experience beautiful trees and cute animals, it aids in the healing process. Activities like hiking, camping and animal care can be positive new pastimes for patients once they leave the Ranch.
  • Creativity – Art, music, writing and other creative pursuits can aid in the recovery process. Most drug and alcohol users lack hobbies and healthy pastimes. Activities such as drawing and painting can fill people’s hours with joy and satisfaction. Music and stories can activate the mind and imagination and help people overcome mental health issues.
  • Massage Service – In addition to ordinary therapy services, Windmill Wellness offers massage. For people recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders, massage can help relieve stress and relax the mind and body. It’s hard to think about stress or other factors that spur drug use while getting a massage.
  • Water Aerobics – The Windmill Wellness Ranch has a swimming pool where people can swim, stretch and soothe the body. Some of the most soothing activities take place in the water, including aerobics. The combination of water and stretch makes this an innovative and satisfying way to energize the body and free the mind of negative thoughts.

The Windmill Wellness Ranch also has a hair salon, which gives residents the chance to stay kempt and stylish during their stay. Between all the physical, mental and creative activities, there is no boredom or time to ruminate over negative thoughts at the Ranch.

Not Just the Addiction: Mental Health Recovery at the Windmill Wellness Ranch

No one should have to live with the pain of addiction. At Windmill Wellness Ranch, they offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation services that address co-occurring disorders. Each Windmill health care provider has a master’s level clinical license. They employ creative arts therapy, writing and exercise in addition to individual and group therapy.

Don’t let the person you love suffer one more day of addiction. Call the Windmill Wellness Ranch today and inquire about their residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs.

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