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Tranquil Shores Review: Information Regarding the Programs, Services, Amenities & More

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Does someone in your life struggle with substance abuse? Tranquil Shores helps people gain long-term recovery at its oceanside treatment center in sunny Florida.

Throughout the Sunshine State, drug addiction is a major crisis. In 2020, Florida ranked second in the nation for drug deaths with 7,579 fatal overdoses.

Fortunately, Tranquil Shores is a reputable facility with a professional staff that offers personalized care for recovering drug and alcohol users from all walks of life.

Tranquil Shores Treatment Programs

Levels of Care

The Tranquil Shores treatment center has a medical and clinical staff that offers multiple levels of care for patients who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. The licensed clinical team can offer an individualized treatment plan uniquely specific to the needs of each individual.

  • Medical Detox – The moment a person commits to sobriety and stops using drugs and alcohol, detox begins. This stage is difficult to complete because cravings and withdrawal symptoms peak on the second and third days. Tranquil Shores treatment specialists supervise patients during this stage and administer symptom-inhibitors on an as-needed basis.
  • Alcohol RehabAlcohol is one of the most available vices in the US. Some people have low thresholds for alcohol consumption or are unable to control their intake. Alcoholism is linked to violent mood swings, hypertension, vehicular accidents, and cognitive problems. Tranquil Shores offers detox, therapy, and aftercare for people who struggle with alcoholism.
  • Drug Rehab – Drug addiction is a plague on communities throughout Florida. Thousands of residents are hooked on uppers (cocaine, speed), hallucinogens (LSD) and downers (heroin). In a state with a high population of senior citizens, there are also many cases of prescription painkiller addiction. Tranquil Shores helps people beat these vices and find healthier ways to cope in life.
  • Inpatient Rehab – During detox and recovery, patients need supervision and counseling. Tranquil Shores offers a safe and peaceful environment at its beachside facility. Patients typically stay for 30 days at Tranquil Shores, where they get 24/7 supervision, support and therapeutic help from a dedicated team of treatment specialists.
  • Long-term Addiction Treatment – Some people have more serious issues with drugs and alcohol that might not be overcome in a 30-day program. For people in need of serious long-term care, Tranquil Shores offers 60- and 90-day addiction treatment programs, where residents get life-skills training, education and a combination of evidence-based therapies.
  • Transitional HousingTranquil Shores offers transitional housing for patients who need to rebuild their lives after treatment. Here, people live in a supportive environment of like-minded individuals with the common goal of sobriety. In the transitional environment, newly sober individuals can get their health, finances, and career prospects back on track.

Throughout Florida, individuals seeking relief have sought Tranquil Shores for the substance abuse services that its holistic beachside facility offers.

Types of Drug Treatment Therapy

Exceptional Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Holistic Therapy

At the Tranquil Shores treatment center, each patient is assigned a licensed clinical social worker for confidential healing therapy. The staff also conduct multiple methods of treatment in a peaceful, family-atmosphere setting.

  • Dual Diagnosis Program – To conquer drug addiction and alcoholism, it’s crucial to treat the whole individual. Addictive behavior is often fueled by co-occurring mental health problems related to stress, depression, or trauma. At Tranquil Shores, the counseling staff treats each patient’s addiction along with any co-existing behavioral health issues.
  • Alternative Healing – At Tranquil Shores, they offer alternative forms of therapy from the Far East for patients who like these methods. One example is acupuncture, the ancient Chinese treatment that involves select needle placement on the body. Some patients find this treatment relieves stress. Other alternative therapies include movement exercises like Qigong and Kai Chi Do.
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy – People often visualize their trauma when they go into states where they reach for drugs and alcohol. Tranquil Shores counselors may employ accelerated resolution therapy to guide eye movement to help improve the patient’s mood.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – In most cases, the negative beliefs that fuel addiction are deep-seated in a patient’s subconscious. CBT works on cognitive distortions to reverse subconscious negatives and improve the person’s ability to regulate emotions.
  • Didactic Group Therapy – Tranquil Shores counselors offer a mix of individual one-on-one therapy and didactic group therapy, where patients gain insights from their peers in a collaborative setting. The didactic approach helps people improve their communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Massage Therapy – One of the most enjoyable forms of therapy for patients is massage, where the person lets go of mental and physical stress. Massage brings a sense of relaxation and ease to recovering drug and alcohol users, who typically lack such experiences in their pre-detox states. It helps patients forget about stress and develop a tranquil mindset that, once experienced, becomes habit-forming.
  • Experiential Therapy – To help patients break negative habits and mindsets, it’s crucial to engage them in activities that involve art and nature. Tranquil Shores promotes various forms of experiential therapy, which may include music (classical, jazz, new age), art (painting, drawing), nature (parks, camping), and animals (dogs, horses). Such activities promote positive thinking and peaceful attitudes that break the mold of the stressed, pessimistic drug user.
  • Holistic Recovery – Addiction is more than just chemical dependency; it’s a symptom of emotional brokenness. At Tranquil Shores, counselors treat each patient at all levels: emotional, spiritual, and physical. When patients heal physically and emotionally, they can beat drug addiction and ensure long-term recovery. Tranquil residents partake in activities that help in each area.

At Tranquil Shores, the compassionate approach helps patients achieve long-term sobriety. The client-support staff treat addiction on a mental, emotional, and physical level and guide each patient through the healing process.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals

Tranquil Shores offers something unique among treatment centers: counseling for affluent professionals who struggle with substance use disorder.

  • Athlete Rehab – In the world of sports, drug use is strictly prohibited among athletes. However, some athletes grow addicted to stimulants and performance-enhancers to stay energized or boost their game. Tranquil Shores offers a discreet environment where athletes can work with treatment specialists to overcome addiction without fear of being stigmatized or outed.
  • Executive Rehab – People with executive positions lead busy lives full of long hours, numerous meetings, and constant travel. The demands of success are physically taxing on many executives. As with athletes, executives are often afraid to check in to rehab to be ostracized in the business world. Tranquil Shores offers discreet treatment programs that address the needs of career people.
  • Entertainer Rehab – People who work in the performance arts (music, standup comedy, film) often get hooked on drugs while struggling to cope with career demands. Musicians often use uppers to get through grueling tour schedules and long studio hours. Comedians often use downers to cope with insecurity and stage fright. Tranquil Shores counselors are sensitive to the unique issues facing entertainers with drug issues.
  • Military Rehab – For some servicemen and servicewomen, the stress of military duty can lead to drugs and alcohol. People who’ve served in combat struggle with PTSD. Those who’ve had to treat wounded soldiers or carry dead bodies face psychological issues that are foreign to civilians. Tranquil Shores is staffed with counselors who understand the unique issues facing military veterans.
  • Medical Profession Rehab – People in the medical field are not immune to the lures of vice. Despite their knowledge of the ill effects of drugs and alcohol, addiction sometimes takes hold of doctors, dentists, and nurses. It often stems from the stress of medical work and the heartbreaking cases they see constantly. Tranquil Shores offers rehab treatment geared to people in the medical field.

With its favorable client-to-counselor ratio, Tranquil Shores gives equal priority to everyone who comes to the center.

Gender-Specific Treatment

The impetus of drug and alcohol addiction often differs between the sexes. The counseling practices that help men with their issues don’t always work on women and vice versa. Many women feel more comfortable discussing their issues in female-only groups.

  • Men’s Treatment – Addiction is often fueled by job pressure, financial stress, performance anxiety, and depression. Many men overwork themselves and grow addicted to stimulants and enhancers.
  • Women’s Treatment – Women often use drugs and alcohol to cope with insecurity, self-esteem issues, financial stress, and trauma. Some women constantly compare themselves to others and use downers or alcohol to curb their insecurity.

Tranquil Shores recognizes the needs of each gender and takes these differences into account when drawing up treatment plans.

Call Tranquil Shores Treatment Center

At Tranquil Shores, they accept most forms of private insurance coverage. If your friend or loved one has slipped into drug or alcohol addiction, get that person the help he/she needs before it’s too late. Call Tranquil Shores today.


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