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The Ranch in Tennessee: Substance Abuse Treatment You Can Count On

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Does someone close to you struggle with drugs, alcohol, or depression? The Ranch Tennessee, offers substance abuse treatment programs for people coping with addiction.

Across Tennessee, drugs have been one of the biggest threats to communities. In 2020, 3,032 reported deaths from drug overdoses, a 54% jump from the prior year.

Fortunately, there is a place where Tennesseans can come to rural Nunnelly to get away from the vices of city life. The Ranch offers addiction treatment and outpatient psychiatric care.

  • The Ranch
  • 6275 Pinewood Rd, Nunnelly, TN 37137
  • Phone: (888) 645-7453

The Ranch Tennessee is one of nine treatment centers connected to Promises P.A.T.H. Program (Providing Access To Hope).

The Ranch Tennessee: Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At the Ranch in Tennessee, people can choose from multiple addiction treatment programs. The Ranch offers help with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health disorders. Depending on the extent of an individual’s problem, he/she might choose a part-time or full-time substance abuse treatment program.

  • Partial Hospitalization/Day Programs (PHP) – The PHP program offers full-time treatment for patients with advanced drug and alcohol issues. PHP consists of five sessions per week during the daytime, where patients come in for group and private counseling and wellness activities.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) – Patients with less severe issues and those who are further along in their treatment may opt for IOP, the part-time equivalent of PHP. IOP covers the same ground as PHP but with fewer weekly hours.
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs (VIOP) – One of the most convenient options during the pandemic is VIOP, where patients and counselors connect via video calls. VIOP is ideal for patients with minor issues and those with transportation difficulties.
  • Alumni Programs & Mutual Self-Help Groups – When patients complete PHP or IOP, they might have lingering treatment needs as they reenter society. The alumni program is always there for people who still need pointers, encouragement, and wellness exercise to readjust to work and public life as sober individuals.

The Ranch covers all aspects of addiction and the mental health issues that feed into chemical dependency. While the typical treatment facility will look at drugs as an isolated issue, Ranch counselors help patients overcome the compulsive tendencies that often accompany addictive behavior, such as eating disorders, sex addiction, and other mental health disorders.

The Ranch Tennessee: Types of Treatments Used

The Ranch recovery plan is designed to help each person reach his/her goals of sobriety and live a better life. Most people come to the Ranch with a sense of brokenness, and the counselors here take a trauma-focused approach to get to the heart of issues. Ranch counselors conduct group and individual therapy and encourage family involvement.

  • Group – In group therapy, people open up about their substance abuse struggles and co-occurring disorders in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment of like-minded individuals. People at the Ranch come from all walks of life, but they share a common goal, sobriety, and happiness.
  • Individual – Each patient at the ranch also meets regularly with a treatment counselor. Here, the patient shares his/her background and struggles with drugs and/or alcohol. This interaction helps the counselor pinpoint the roots of that person’s addiction and see if it’s linked to a mental health disorder. With this information, the counselor can customize the most effective treatment plan.
  • Family – The Ranch’s therapy team encourages the involvement of the family in the recovery process. In many cases, people with drug and alcohol problems feel alienated by their families. Relatives often don’t know how to reach out to addicted loved ones. The Ranch assigns a family therapist for clients with close, living loved ones to bridge the gap.
  • Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) – Opioids are addictive because they give the user euphoria. Some people take opioids to cope with bodily pain. As addiction takes hold, opioids lose their effect, and the person needs higher doses to get the same high. Ranch counselors may administer anti-opioid meds to help wean the individual off of drugs.

With a combination of group meetings, private counseling, and family therapy, the Ranch has helped hundreds of patients achieve addiction and trauma recovery. Each person who comes to the Ranch is assigned a certified incorporation therapist under the guidelines of general adult psychiatry.

The Ranch Tennessee: Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment

The Ranch warns that their outpatient treatment program is not for everyone. Some people need intense, prolonged care and supervision. Other people have more serious psychological issues that go way beyond wellness exercises and group therapy.

  • Risk of Relapse – People who’ve relapsed after completing an outpatient program should check themselves in at a 24-hour care facility. It is too risky to live unsupervised and possibly slip back into drug and alcohol abuse. In more severe cases, it’s best to enter a 90-day residential program.
  • Pose Danger – Addicts who suffer severe depression or who are prone to extreme mood swings should enter a residential program with strict supervision. Many American addiction centers offer mental health treatment programs in tandem with drug and alcohol counseling. Don’t let someone you know pose a risk to him/herself or others.
  • Lake of Safe Home Space – For a drug user or alcoholic to break the pattern, he/she must have a sanctuary with no access to drugs. It’s also crucial to have a safe distance from vice-triggers and pressures that would make an addicted individual more prone to consume or relapse. 

Consider these factors before you recommend an outpatient program for your friend or loved one. Is the problem something that could get fixed with daytime therapy or is his/her addiction much more severe? Residential rehab programs keep recovering individuals away from outside evils for the time required to build resistance.

Mental Health Treatment Services

At the Ranch, counselors recognize the links between mental health and addiction. The Promises P.A.T.H. program offers treatment for all types of depression and dissociative disorders.

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Comprehensive treatment involves dual-diagnosis therapy, which combines drug treatment with mental-health counseling. Most people with drug and alcohol issues have underlying problems rooted in deep-seated beliefs that a person can’t change at will. 
  • Trauma Treatment – Trauma is one of the leading underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction in many individuals. Adults who’ve suffered abuse as children might use booze or opioids to cope with the trauma. When counselors get to the heart of these issues, they can customize more effective treatment plans for each individual.
  • PTSD Treatment – People who suffer PTSD after living through horrific events might also use drugs to block the images. Ranch counselors take these matters to heart when treating survivors of trauma and PTSD. The Ranch uses therapeutic methods to help people overcome PTSD.
  • Depression Treatment – Another big cause of drug addiction is depression, which can creep up at any age. Young people often get depressed over social issues, breakups, and identity confusion. Older people often fall into depression over divorce, death, and loss of mobility. Some people resort to drugs late in life after unexpected hard knocks. 

Ranch counselors use evidence-based therapies that combine mental health and addiction treatment.

Gender-Specific Substance Abuse Treatment

People become addicted for different reasons, some of which fall along gender lines. At the Ranch, counselors recognize the different needs of men and women regarding drug treatment therapy. Counselors here also understand the unique needs of patients from the corporate sector. 

  • Men’s Addiction Treatment – Men often resort to drugs and alcohol as a coping measure for stress caused by pressure in life. If a man feels overworked or stressed over deadlines, he might use uppers to stay ahead. If a man lacks confidence about his performance (professional or sexual), he might use enhancers. Depressed men often reach for the bottle.
  • Women’s Addiction Treatment – Women typically grow addicted to drugs and alcohol due to insecurity. If a woman has body image issues, she might take drugs to ease her mind. If she feels pressure trying to balance the obligations of work (meetings, travel) and home (family, friends, children), she might resort to drugs to stay energized through long hours.
  • Treatment For Professionals – People in high-paid professions are usually afraid to open up about alcoholism and substance abuse. Executives fear they could lose their positions if the truth came out. Professionals from all fields can come for discreet counseling and find treatment plans that won’t interfere with their busy lives.

The Ranch takes a trauma-focused treatment approach with extra precautionary measures to ensure a successful recovery for each woman entering the PHP or IOP program. This way, counselors help clients address underlying issues that fuel drug addiction and other mental health issues.

Call the Ranch Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, get that person the help he/she needs today. Contact the Ranch and inquire about their treatment programs.

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