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The Hills Treatment Center Review – The Best Luxury Rehabilitation Facility in Hollywood

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The Hills Treatment Center stands as one of the best luxury rehab facilities on the West Coast. Moreover, it’s generally regarded as a treatment center that not only provides help with patients’ drug and alcohol addiction but also a treatment facility that’s able to provide discreet service for them.

And, aside from the aforementioned top-notch substance abuse treatment programs that The Hills can give their clientele, their therapeutic and clinical services go beyond the usual methods that treatment centers provide.

Generally speaking, The Hills Treatment Center also offers mental health and psychiatric treatment; emotional support groups; group therapy that improve one’s family dynamics; and a whole host of other methods, both coming from traditional and unique educational approaches.

In this review, we’re going to provide you with all the information that you need to see if The Hills Treatment Center’s services can aptly provide you with the necessary rehabilitation program for you, your friends, or your family.

What The Hills Treatment Center Provides

  • The staff runs a variety of effective rehab and recovery programs that range from clinical approaches to therapeutic services.
  • This facility is ideal for high-profile individuals, as the center champions discretion and privacy.
  • The Hills accepts most major insurance providers and their experts are more than capable of assisting interested parties in providing treatment options for them or their loved ones.
  • It’s a “luxury” rehab center, which means clients will receive nothing but the best amenities during their stay.

Get in Touch with The Hills Treatment Center

Interested clients may find the support they need with one of the many clinical services that The Hills can provide their patients. Below, you’re going to find all the necessary contact information that you or a loved one might need to reach out to them.

  • The Hills hotline: 844-915-0287
  • Email:
  • Online contact form
  • Site location: 8207 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Whether it’s treatment programs for relapse prevention, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, or mental illness, you can rest assured that every staff member at The Hills is more than happy to help clients with their therapy.

The Hills Treatment Center—From Drug Addiction Treatment to General Mental Health Wellness

Substance abuse is one of the most prevalent problems plaguing America. Thankfully, there is an addiction treatment facility like the Hills Center that can provide a variety of substance abuse rehabilitation programs to help clients get their lives back on track.

What The Hills Center Can Do for Their Clients

The Hills Treatment Center has been operating for a very long time now. Rightfully so, the rehabilitation programs and treatments they provide have continuously proven that their clients can get free from the grips of mental health problems and alcohol or drug addiction.


Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, this Los Angeles, CA treatment center can help its patients flush out all the harmful toxins and substances in their bodies and ultimately help them get sober.

With the help of prescription drugs and addiction medicine and more mental health-oriented treatments (like cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy), clients can expect nothing but the most hands-on detoxification treatments with The Hills Center.

Residential Program

Drug rehabilitation through inpatient treatment can be considered one of The Hills Center’s premier addiction recovery services. Every person who undergoes rehab in this way has a high chance of taking back their life with the help of a counselor or an orderly.

This residential treatment program includes:

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatments

Partial Treatment

Apart from their residential treatment, drug rehabilitation for you or your family members is the intensive outpatient program.

Ideally, this intensive outpatient program is for a person who has either finished getting support from The Hills’ residential addiction rehab and recovery programs as well as their detoxification treatments. However, exclusivity shouldn’t be an issue here, as this program can help get people sober even if they came from a rehabilitation therapy process from a different facility.

You can expect some of the best therapy programs from this process, too. Programs include family support, dual diagnosis treatment, group therapy, and medical prescriptions backed by the most intensive therapy research. Therefore, you and your family get the necessary support to help turn your life around and get free from the addiction disease.

Sober Living

Addiction treatment and recovery don’t always have to come from within the four corners of a medical facility. As such, The Hills also provides addiction rehab and recovery support in the form of sober living facilities.

With over three sober living facilities in the Los Angeles area, clients can get their life back gradually as they transition from The Hills’ addiction recovery program to a less restrictive treatment environment in one of these places.

The Hills Understands the Disease—A Familial Approach

The staff at the Hills Center has made it their life’s mission to help people suffering from addiction get the treatment and recovery that they deserve. Therapy and rehab at this treatment center don’t always come in the form of pills and prescriptions.

Instead, The Hills emphasizes addiction recovery and treatment with the help of the patient’s loved ones: their friends, family, or any significant individuals in their life. This provides insurance that recovery is not only limited to the patient’s physical well-being but extends to their emotional and mental state as well.

Any given recovery program provided by The Hills involves the patient’s family in varying degrees and frequency. And though this might seem like an unconventional way to approach rehabilitation, one can’t argue with the results that this center’s program can deliver.

Becoming a Part of The Hills’ Family

Admitting yourself to a recovery program might seem like a daunting task. However, interested parties will find that The Hills has made it a streamlined process that conveniently delivers you the help you need.
Whether you’re contacting them via phone or email to get into their program, one can expect the same kind of treatment from the professionals working at this rehab center.
That is to say, The Hills’ team of medical and administrative professionals can and will answer all questions you may have about any given treatment or recovery program that they offer.
Not only that but their client relations team are made up of highly trained experts who have the necessary skills and knowledge to determine which particular program is right for you or your loved ones.
Additionally, interested clients may reach out to The Hills to set up an appointment to tour their physical amenities. This, of course, will help you assess whether any given program that they provide is suitable in helping you, your friends, or your family get the help that they need.
As far as financial matters are concerned, interested parties may quickly verify their insurance policy through The Hills’ website.
And although we will admit that this facility might not be the best “budget option” out there, we’re more than happy to report that potential clients can get the support and treatment they need more conveniently since The Hills accepts most major insurance providers.
For more information on the cost of admission to The Hills Center, feel free to get in touch with one of their experts through the contact links we provided earlier in this review.

The Hills Treatment Center Verdict

The Hills is an addiction treatment and recovery center that not only provides their clientele with a variety of programs and services that will help them get clean, but they administer each and every one of them with quality and effectiveness in mind.

As such, it’s no wonder that this facility has become one of the premier destinations of people (high-profile or not) who want the best kind of recovery treatment programs available in the US.

Sure, it might not be the most affordable option out there, but you can’t put a price tag on your health. Here, peace of mind and permanent rehabilitation are the goals that each one of their staffers strives to give their patients. And, thankfully, they’re able to reach it time and time again.

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