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Rehab South Florida Addiction Center Offers Patient-Focused Care

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Does your friend or loved one have a drug or alcohol problem? Rehab South Florida offers outpatient treatment programs for people struggling with addiction.

In 2020, Florida saw a 37% spike in fatal drug overdoses with 7,579 reported cases. These numbers place Florida second only to California in the nation’s drug casualty rate.

Fortunately, treatment centers like Rehab South offer various recovery programs for various types of drug and alcohol addiction.

Outpatient Rehab Programs 

Rehab South offers a safe, peaceful, pressure-free environment where people can open up about their struggles with drugs and alcohol without fear of judgment.

It’s difficult for most recovering addicts to find others to trust on these topics.

At Rehab South, everyone is on the same page.


The crucial first step toward sobriety is detox, where the patient ceases all drug and alcohol use. Detox begins the moment he/she abstains from drugs and alcohol permanently. Doing this is often easier said than done. Success at detox should start at a treatment center, where patients get:

  • 24/7 Supervision – Detox should happen in a rehab center that offers round-the-clock supervision. When drugs and alcohol clear from the system during the first few days, the recovering individual is bound to endure withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. Most people relapse when they do it alone cold turkey.
  • Nurses on Call – There should always be a nurse on hand to monitor the situation and ensure that the patient gets the care that he/she needs. If a patient suffers physical pain from opioid or prescription drug withdrawal, the nurse should administer medication.
  • Medication-assisted Treatment – Rehab centers may administer FDA-approved medications to block the opioid cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This treatment plan is a temporary measure designed to get the patient past the point of drug/alcohol cravings and on through the phases of recovery.

Few people can kick substance addiction on their own because the process starts with detox, the most crucial part of the recovery journey. Contact Rehab South Florida, for more information on drug detox programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include a mix of one-on-one and peer group therapy. They also include daily activities and educational material designed to teach patients the core tenets of sobriety and achieve it. In the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), where patients spend their days at Rehab South Florida and return home each evening, they get:

  • Individual Counseling – Each patient is assigned a licensed substance abuse specialist. The patient discusses his/her vice triggers, usage habits, and related mental health issues. Therapists use this info to customize the treatment plan for the needs of the individual.
  • Group Meetings – Patients also meet together in groups to discuss their journey from drug addiction to recovery. Group therapy helps patients gain new insights from like-minded individuals on the same journey. Everyone at Rehab South Florida is different, but they’re all driven by a common goal: sobriety.
  • Education – Rehab South promotes sobriety education for patients in the inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. The material is designed to teach recovering users about the skill sets required for long-term sobriety. Patients learn about vital skills like stress management, cravings control, and mood regulation.
  • Activities – Patients at Rehab South Florida partake in healthy activities that engage the mind. When people fall heavily into addiction, they often lack healthy activities to occupy their time. The sober individual, by contrast, takes an interest in constructive things that take the mind off stress and drugs. Activities include art, animal care, and hiking.
  • Exercise – People who struggle with drug addiction neglect their health. As days become interchangeable, the opioid-addicted individual becomes lazy and passive. Rehab South helps patients reverse these habits. Patients are encouraged to stretch and do cardio exercises.

The best treatment centers combine health and wellness practices with inpatient rehab and outpatient programs. At Rehab South Florida, they employ a mix of mental health counseling and physical activity in their partial hospitalization program.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Rehab South Florida offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), where patients come to the rehab center several times each week for drug and alcohol counseling and mental health therapy. IOP covers the same ground as PHP but with fewer hours per week.

  • Daily Sessions – IOP patients come during the daytime to meet in groups and discuss their journey. Each patient shares his/her progress, goals, fears, and insights with like-minded peers. Patients also meet separately with counselors to discuss private concerns, medicine, milestones, mental health issues, and more.
  • 12-step Practices – Rehab South Florida promotes the 12-step model designed by AA because it gives recovering individuals structure in their daily lives. Most addicts lack discipline and lead unstructured lives in which days fade into one another. In 12-step, patients learn to make each day count with a list of goals. Setting these goals helps patients develop second nature proactive traits.

IOP is ideal for people with moderate withdrawal issues. It can be a step-down program for people who’ve already completed PHP.

Addiction Symptoms: Mental Health Issues

Alcoholism and drug addiction are often fueled by co-occurring disorders, such as depression and mental health problems. These issues often stem from past trauma, child abuse, and domestic instability. Common signs of addiction include:

  • Anxiety – People who have difficulty coping with challenges in life will often resort to drugs and alcohol. Opioids create a temporary euphoric fix.
  • Muscle Aches – Some people resort to drugs due to bodily pain. Opioids and prescription painkillers are common anesthetics. Overuse causes addiction.
  • Restlessness – People who use stimulants and party drugs typically struggle with lack of sleep. Cocaine and speed, common in the music and club scenes, are common among addicted insomniacs.

Mental health treatment is an integral part of any rehab program. At Rehab South, clients meet with a clinical director to discuss these issues. People leave the facility with new leases on life because they address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction in outpatient treatment.


At Rehab South, the staff treats each client on all levels. As with any great wellness center, the goal extends beyond abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The clinicians and counselors here treat the mental and emotional symptoms that feed into addictive behavior. People leave the PHP and IOP programs with improved:

  • Impulse Control – Addiction takes hold in many individuals who cannot regulate their impulses. Once a user experiences the euphoria of opioids or the rush of stimulants, the cravings are almost impossible to resist.
  • Social Responsibility – Some people resort to drugs because they feel overwhelmed by their obligations. Others may feel they have little to live for, hence no responsibilities or consequences of drug use. For recovering individuals, part of the goal is to regain a sense of social responsibility.
  • Independence – Addiction takes hold of people in all income brackets. At its worst, the problem takes rich and poor people alike to the exact rock bottom. Drugs destroy incomes and livelihoods. One of the keys to progress for recovering individuals is renewed financial independence.
  • Stress Tolerance – Stress is a prime motivator of drug use. People with low thresholds for difficulty often resort to drugs and/or alcohol to forget about their problems. Of course, the problems only intensify as addiction takes hold. Sobriety is largely about mastering stress tolerance.

Rehab South counselors maintain a helpful attitude while treating clients for alcohol and drug addiction. The staff is dedicated to the recovery goals of each individual.

Therapy Types

Rehab South employs multiple methods to help each client lead a healthy life. A lot of this centers on education, counseling, and nutrition services, but they also promote alternative therapy like the following:

  • Family Therapy – Family communication is vital for recovering individuals. Rehab South helps parents, siblings and children understand the situation. The counseling staff conducts meetings where all sides come together.
  • Equine Therapy – Relating to horses helps people develop more empathy for surrounding life in general. Horses are peaceful creatures that put people at peace. This helps people develop a sense of peace when they’re in the company of others.
  • Music Therapy – Rehab South Florida promotes music therapy to engage the mind. Music stimulates the imagination. The act of music-making is an adventure for participants. It gives people something to focus on; a sense of accomplishment.
  • Yoga – Yoga helps people become more agile and mentally resourceful because it combines stretch and meditation. This helps reverse the habits of the sluggish, muddled drug user.

Addiction treatment is about more than getting people off drugs and alcohol; it’s about helping people find new, healthy passions in life.

Contact South Florida Rehab Centers

Alcoholism and drug use are dangerous and potentially lethal habits. If someone you know has slid down that path, don’t let them slide any further; rehabilitation is vital. In the Miami area, few medical centers have had the success of Rehab South Florida, which offers support for individuals struggling with all types of addiction.

Don’t let someone you care about become a statistic. Call Rehab South Florida today and inquire about their treatment options.

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