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Are you or your loved one struggling with addiction? Sabino Recovery is a high-quality rehab center that offers treatment for a range of conditions and mental health issues, including substance abuse, alcoholism, trauma, PTSD, and depression. 

Arizona is currently the 8th worst state in the country for drug abuse, and overdose deaths in Tucson actually bypassed the number of car accident deaths in 2007. 

It’s no doubt many people in Tucson and its surrounding cities and states can benefit from quality, individualized treatment for their behavioral health issues, and Sabino Recovery aims to provide all the services you may need to recover and stay sober.

Quick View Of Sabino Recovery

Treatment Programs Unique Amenities Medication-Assisted Treatment? Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder? Insurance
13 unique treatments, programs, and modalities Yes Yes, especially during supervised detox Yes, several counseling and therapy options to address co-occurring mental health disorders Most Major Health Insurance Plans


For many people, trauma can significantly affect their physical and emotional safety by increasing their risk of using or abusing drugs or alcohol, especially when attempting to self-medicate or cope with their feelings after the traumatic event.

Trauma and addiction often go hand in hand, which is why Sabino Recovery offers individualized treatment for people who have experienced a traumatic event or need help processing its after-effects. 

Combining addiction treatment with a program that addresses and treats issues like PTSD or anxiety caused by trauma, Sabino Recovery offers each of its patients the very best chance possible to complete their program successfully and go on to live fulfilling sober lives. 

Depression & Anxiety

Like trauma and addiction, depression and anxiety often accompany a substance use disorder either as an underlying cause of the drug or alcohol abuse or as a result of withdrawal and long-term addiction. 

At Sabino Recovery, the staff is trained to treat not only the addiction but the underlying causes and co-occurring disorders that may contribute to the substance use. 

Utilizing evidence-based interventions and the latest research, the personnel of Sabino Recovery offers highly individualized treatment plans to make sure every aspect of each patient’s mental and physical health is stabilized. 

Drug Addiction

At the core of the residential and intensive outpatient program services offered by Sabino Recovery is treatment for substance abuse. At the Sabino recovery facility, drug addiction isn’t seen as a moral failing but instead a disease that can be treated if approached without judgment and addressed using evidence-based methods. 

When it comes to addiction treatment, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment plan, and the staff at Sabino Recovery make sure each patient is treated with a personalized approach that takes into account their personal needs as well as their preferences and whether or not their family members should be involved in treatment.

By using an extensive range of treatment options, Sabino Recovery ensures each patient receives the best services to benefit them on their recovery journey.


Like drug abuse, alcoholism is a complex issue that requires more than just a straightforward, single-approach treatment method. By discovering the root cause of the alcoholism, staff at Sabino Recovery can effectively treat and assist patients with alcoholism in starting and maintaining their path towards lifelong sobriety. 

Treatment Methods

Below are the most commonly recommended treatment methods for individuals struggling with substance abuse.


One of the main reasons staff at Sabino Recovery will recommend a supervised detox program is safety. A medical detox allows patients to go through withdrawal in a safe, supervised environment where doctors can even prescribe medication to help ease the discomfort experienced during this time. 

After completing a detox program, Sabino Recovery Staff can help you choose the next step, whether that is residential or outpatient treatment.

Optional 12-Step Plans

As part of any outpatient or residential treatment plan, Sabino Recovery offers an optional 12-step program approach to alcohol or drug abuse recovery. Participating in a 12 step plan could help many people stay focused and find the support necessary to continue their recovery journey. For these individuals, Sabino Recovery provides access to off-site 12-step meetings for alcoholism, drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-dependency.

However, as one of the most diverse treatment providers in the state, all 12-step meetings are completely optional, and if you choose not to attend, personnel can help you find an alternative that suits your beliefs and treatment needs. 

Dual Diagnosis

Often individuals with a substance use issue will suffer from one or more co-occurring disorders, most commonly mental illness. 

The treatment team at Sabino Recovery understands this and offers highly individualized dual diagnosis programs to ensure both the cause and effects of their clients’ behavioral health issues are addressed in a caring, helpful way. 


To promote honest and effective communication regarding addiction and mental illness, Sabino Recovery provides a range of psychotherapy modalities, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a range of other treatments aimed at helping you untangle your thoughts and see your emotional responses in a new light.

Psychotherapy plays a vital role in any addiction treatment plan but is especially important for patients diagnosed with a co-occurring mental disorder. 

Experiential Therapies

Experiential therapy is a unique offering from Sabino Recovery to encourage discovery of new joys and strengths by those who participate. 

Art therapy, equine therapy, and outdoor activities like rope courses and yoga can reignite a patient’s love for life and help them discover new passions and hobbies. 

For many participating in equine, outdoor, or art therapy, the chance to be part of something interesting, fun, and engaging without having to use alcohol or drugs can be a revolutionary experience in their recovery journey. 

The experiential program designed by Sabino Recovery ensures each participant engages fully in new activities and gets the most benefit possible from this unique treatment program.


For individuals in search of lasting recovery. Sabino Recovery addiction treatment center offers unique therapies that help boost neuroplasticity and challenges patients’ minds to form new neural pathways to improve self-awareness, perception, confidence and help heal the mind and body from the effects of their substance use and mental health challenges. 

Natural and Allopathic Medicine

By using a combination of natural and allopathic, or Western, medicine, Sabino Recovery ensures patients have access to whatever source of assistance they may need for the duration of their treatment. 

For many people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, avoiding synthetic drugs or pharmaceuticals is of significant importance, and as the medical director at Sabino Recovery is a naturopath, participants have access to a wide range of nutraceuticals and other natural health remedies. 

Sabino Recovery Location

Sabino Recovery is located on a large property with gorgeous natural landscapes and a peaceful, healing environment. 

  • 8505 E Ocotillo Dr
  • Tucson, AZ 85750
  • Phone: 844-286-0516

The facility provides a complete master treatment plan for each participant and pays particular attention to catering to the diverse needs of its equally diverse group of clients. 

With compassionate, understanding staff and a premier living and treatment facility, participants in residential treatment, in particular, will find Sabino Recovery takes every aspect of their recovery seriously and strives to exceed every expectation they may have regarding rehab and addiction treatment. 

If you or a loved one needs help with addiction or a mental health issue, simply contact Sabino Recovery today to get the guidance you require.  

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