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Recovery Unplugged Review for Nashville, Florida, Austin & Beyond

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Music is used to soothe bad feelings when a person gets high, but it can also be used for recovery if appropriately channeled. Recovery Unplugged understands this concept and puts music at the forefront of drug addiction treatment.

This drug and alcohol treatment center is in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with several more locations around the country.

Below you will find basic information as a summary about Recovery Unplugged:

  • Phone number: 1-855-905-2555
  • Locations: Fort Lauderdale, FL, Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, Virginia
  • Price range: $25K to 65K
  • Occupancy: 16 to 30 people
  • Gender: Males and Females
  • Services: Residential treatment, dual diagnosis, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, sober living, music-assisted therapies, various therapies, one-on-one counseling, co occurring disorders, family program, group therapy, day school
  • Treatment: All major narcotics
  • Joint Commission accredited, LegitScript certified
  • Transitional and halfway house
  • Women and Men
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Open 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted
  • Bilingual

Recovery Unplugged works with a non-profit called Face the Music, which is rooted in similar concepts beyond addiction treatment for adults. This corporation offers educational programs, scholarships, and music for students.

A 24/7 medication-assisted treatment at Recovery Unplugged consists of licensed chemical dependency counselors on call should withdrawal start, and a medical emergency happen. They are like the EMTs or fire department. When something serious happens, they will always be there in minutes to assist and comfort the patient.

The healthcare providers at Recovery Unplugged are qualified to administer Vivitrol and buprenorphine if such events occur. Additionally, methadone is another chemical used to help assist with substance abuse therapy. On top of that, you will get cognitive behavioral therapy, and emotional support during the whole addiction treatment ordeal should adverse consequences pop up.

Recovery Unplugged Review of Residential Treatment Program & Accommodations

From the Texas Southwestern medical center to the East Coast music therapy center, all facilities have accommodations and amenities that will make you feel like you are right at home.

Inpatient treatment

Accommodation means everything when it comes to substance abuse recovery and knocking down emotional barriers. It can determine the difference between a relaxing stay or a burning desire to quit and leave the premises because the person feels uncomfortable. RU is all about providing the person with everything they need to succeed in long-term recovery due to the residential treatment program.


  • Wi-fi internet
  • Laundry
  • Support staff
  • Tropical
  • Pet-friendly
  • Security
  • Music spaces

Outpatient substance use disorder treatment

Recovery Unplugged understands a person’s need for independence, so they have an intensive outpatient program that aids the addict.

The client has the option to attend AA meetings if they are alcoholics. Or get evidence-based treatment through general and addiction psychiatry addiction, although they are not enrolled full time.

Why Use Music for Substance Abuse Rehabilitation?

Music feeds the soul. Many people talk about how it saved their lives or served as a vehicle for expressing deep unresolved pain in their lives.

The Recovery Unplugged mission uses music to tap into the intrinsic part of the self. Clinical research shows that music has natural healing power on a physical level to help resolve chronic pain, relieve anxiety, and more.

Not only does music touch the soul, but some people cannot adequately express their pain unless they use an instrument and/or microphone.

Music has a universal language that promotes psychological healing without academic psychiatry or specialty training. However, it’s always good to have industry-leading clinical experts helping you own the process because they use evidence-based methods and render medical advice that sustains substance abuse treatment. Patients cannot break emotional barriers by singing with addicts on the streets. That’s not a service. Help starts with professional counselors addressing health problems in a treatment setting at Recovery Unplugged.

Music is not the only tool in the arsenal to help clients achieve physical and spiritual healing, but various natural therapies like yoga are also used.

Taking nature walks to the beach is a spiritually uplifting activity. Some people get caught in the rat race of chasing a high that they forget about the simple things like exercising and swimming. These activities can keep your mind off getting high.

Instruments and tools available at Recovery Brands LLC:

  • Guitars
  • Microphones
  • Drums
  • Stage
  • Bands
  • Mp3 device given on the first day

Surprisingly, a unique fact shows that 85% of the clients are not into music. So this might be an excellent opportunity for someone to get into music as it might change something in them or invoke a response that ultimately helps them achieve substance abuse recovery. Co-founder Paul Pellinger penned the Music Is Our Medicine that dives deeper into the message and mission of Recovery Unplugged.

Sober streams are uploaded to various YouTube channels from clients who recovered at various Recovery Brands LLC rehabilitation facilities. These people enjoyed the American addiction center so much that they decided to use the motivation to continue expressing and exposing their music to the world long after discharge.

SoundCloud profile features RU podcasts and music from several years ago. iHeartRadio features a playlist of incredible music for clients to listen to and help them reconnect with RU.

Speaking of social media, clients engage in the #FacetoFaceFriday hashtag to show before-and-after drug abuse recovery photos. It’s spectacular to see what getting clean can do for the soul!

Songwriter Richard Supa is one of the prominent faces of Recovery Unplugged. He and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith performed “Amazing” at Recovery Unplugged. It’s amazing the magic that happens when musicians collaborate under the banner of drug treatment.

Payment Options to Pay for Substance Abuse Recovery

  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • All private insurance


  • Joint Commission

Final Statement

We can tell you all the great benefits of a rehab facility. You have to want it. When you move past that threshold and pick up the phone, and call for assistance, the fate of your existence is in your hand.

Are you going to throw it away or tend to your health with professional care?

Which is it?

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