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Arizona Addiction Treatment Center: Pathfinders Recovery

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Do you have a friend or loved one who struggles with alcohol or drugs? Pathfinders Recovery Center offers the best addiction treatment in Scottsdale, just outside of Phoenix.

Across Arizona, drug addiction has ravaged communities. In 2018, there were 1,106 reported deaths in the state attributed to drug overdoses. The only way to combat the problem is with treatment. With early recovery, lives are saved.

Pathfinders is one of the best-rated American addiction centers. With its beautiful setting in the green pastures of Arizona, Pathfinders is a retreat where individuals can clear their minds and bodies.

  • Address: Pathfinders Scottsdale, 7600 East Redfield Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  • Phone: (866) 263-1847
  • Treatment programs: Detox, Long Term Rehab, Residential, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Payment options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs at Pathfinders Recovery

Pathfinder Recovery is a luxury retreat and rehab center located just off from Phoenix in nearby Scottsdale, AZ. The center offers a variety of services and treatment options for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Their programs include short- and long-term care that caters to the treatment needs of each individual.


For anyone who struggles with alcohol or drugs, the first step toward recovery is detox. Withdrawal starts the moment an individual stops using drugs or alcohol and commits to sobriety. Detox takes between three and seven days. Most people encounter difficult withdrawal symptoms during detox.

Detox is difficult for most individuals because it forces the body to adjust to a substance-free existence. People who’ve long been addicted to drugs or alcohol could face extreme cravings during detox, especially on the second and third days. In cases where drugs are used to curb physical pain or stress, those symptoms can amplify during detox.

Not many people can get through detox on their own. People who attempt detox at home, without supervision, typically relapse because the cravings get too strong. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, dizziness, restlessness, anxiety and physical stress. Some people overdose during relapse.

To ensure success with detox, the process should always be undertaken in the supervised care of recovery professionals. At Pathfinders Recovery, patients get 24/7 supervision by facility staff. They help patients through the hard knocks of detox and through to the next stages of recovery.

During detox, Pathfinders physicians may administer medications to help patients through the process. This helps patients overcome the emotional and physical symptoms of withdrawal and advance to the next phases of healing.

Long Term Rehab

The next stage of wellness at Pathfinders Recovery is rehab, where the newly detoxified patient repairs his or her life and adjusts to a new routine. For most patients, this requires a period of adjustment. People with longstanding drug and alcohol habits must learn to restructure their daily habits around the sober lifestyle. It takes the kind of guidance that the Pathfinders team provides.

One of the main parts of rehab is therapy, where each patient meets with a counselor to discuss his/her issues regarding drug use. During these meetings, rehab counselors use dual-diagnosis therapy to pinpoint the psychological roots of addictive behavior in each patient. This helps Pathfinders customize the most effective treatment plan for each individual.

People who’ve struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction come from all different backgrounds, classes and demographic groups. Some turn to drugs to cope with stress in their personal or professional lives. Others use drugs to cope with past traumas or emotional problems. Some people get hooked because drugs are endemic in their social environment. Whatever the background and root cause of each case, people work toward the common goal of sobriety at Pathfinders Recovery.

Another crucial aspect of rehab is the daily activities that patients take part in at Pathfinders Recovery. When patients first enter the facility after months or years of addiction, they typically lack proper structure in their daily lives. The discipline of rehab involves daily goals and tasks that help each patient develop a positive sense of purpose.

At Pathfinders Recovery, patients learn vital life skills that help them handle challenges and difficulties without drugs or alcohol. Through a combination of therapy and activities, patients develop mindsets and constructive methods of problem-solving.


The highest level of care at Pathfinders Recovery is the residential program, where patients stay at the facility for a period of 30 to 90 days. In residential rehab, patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction in the comfort and safety of the peaceful, secluded Pathfinders setting.

After patients undergo detox, residential rehab is usually the vital next step. When a patient heals from addiction, that individual should be away from his/her normal surroundings. People often find it difficult to break their addictive behavior because of constant access to drugs and alcohol. At Pathfinders, there are no nearby liquor stores.

People recovering from moderate levels of addictions may opt for the 30-day program, where they stay at a Pathfinders facility for one full month. As residents, each patient partakes in therapy and wellness exercises. Patients meet individually with counselors and collectively in group settings to share their progress and insights.

For people who’ve undergone detox after hard bouts of alcoholism or drug addiction, the 90-day program is generally the best option. During a three-month stay at a Pathfinders facility, patients repair their physical health and mindset. Each patient follows a structured daily routine with skill-building exercises that prepare them for sober living in the real world.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

For patients who wish to balance rehab with work and social commitments, Pathfinders offers an intensive outpatient program. In IOP, patients come to a Pathfinders center several times each week. In total, IOP consists of between nine and 19 hours of weekly meetings. The activities include progress evaluations, wellness exercises, counseling sessions and group therapy.

IOP is ideal for patients with mild issues involving drugs and alcohol. For people who’ve undergone detox for mild additions, IOP could be the next step toward recovery. People who don’t wish to set aside 30-90 days for the residential program could opt for IOP. However, people in need of a more intense treatment program should consider PHP, which consists of more hours per week.

IOP is also good as a step-down program from PHP or residential inpatient treatment. As a person masters the life skills necessary for long-term sobriety, IOP could help the patient put the finishing touch on his/her recovery. With IOP, it’s possible to get treatment and make progress without putting a career on hold.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

For patients in need of a more intense outpatient program, partial hospitalization consists of 20 or more hours of treatment per week. In the partial hospitalization program (PHP), patients spend most of their day at the facility engaged in therapy, tasks, exercises, education and meditation.

In PHP, treatment consumes as much time as a part-time or full-time job, but still allows time for friends and family. PHP patients come in during the morning and return home at night.

Pathfinders Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Pathfinders Recovery Center offers the most effective rehabilitation program for alcohol abuse and the best options for substance abuse treatment. The staff offers medical detox, therapy and dual diagnosis treatment. Highly qualified clinical professionals provide a positive environment throughout the recovery process for clients and family members.

Pathfinders Recovery Center is the premier addiction center for clients struggling with addiction to opioids, alcohol, synthetic drugs and prescription drugs. At Pathfinders rehab centers, the counselors can help clients fight any type of addiction problem and achieve sober living.

At Pathfinders Colorado and Arizona centers, the medical staff offers professional care and effective drug treatment for individuals suffering from the disease of chemical dependency. They treat addiction as a health problem and provide compassionate help and support. They also provide researched advice and cutting-edge methods for addiction recovery. Maintaining sobriety is a long-term goal and Pathfinders gives its clients the game plan for success.

Call Pathfinders Recovery

Drugs impact the lives of everyone they touch, from addicted individuals to friends and family. If you have a loved one who struggles with addiction, it’s your responsibility to get that person the help he/she needs.

Pathfinders Recovery has upscale locations in Arizona and Colorado where clients can retreat and heal from addiction. The benefits of treatment improve clients on multiple levels, physically and psychologically. Hundreds of people have conquered addiction with Pathfinders treatment and gone on to lead happy, productive, sober lives.

Addiction is too dangerous to ignore. Drugs and alcohol are among the biggest killers in the US. When people develop habits, others must intervene before it’s too late. Don’t let your loved one become a statistic. Get that person the help he/she needs. Call Pathfinders Recovery today for more information about their detox and treatment services.

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