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Alo House Recovery Review: Programs & Services

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Alo House Recovery is a California-based rehab facility that’s been helping thousands of locals, and out-of-state patients reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. 

The center was rebranded from Alo House Recovery to Oro House Recovery to avoid marketplace confusion with other Alo brands. 

By hiring master’s and doctorate-level addiction experts and therapists, the Joint Commission-accredited facility has managed to establish itself as one of the premier rehabs in Southern California. 

In 2021, Newsweek voted Oro House as California’s Best Addiction Center- a true testament to its commitment to providing quality addiction treatment. 

But does Alo House offer the services that you (or your loved one) need to win the battle against addiction? 

Find out more about Oro House, its features, and main services offered in this in-depth review. 

Oro House Recovery: First Look

👍 What Reviewers Liked

  • Master’s and doctorate level experts 
  • Customized addiction treatment plans
  • Incidental medical services 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Luxurious setting 

👎 What Reviewers Didn’t Like

  • Not the strongest alumni program
  • Name change can be confusing 

More About Oro House Recovery 

Formerly known as Alo House, Oro House is a premier rehab facility operating in Malibu and Los Angeles, California. 

The luxury rehab facility is Joint Commission accredited and licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). The center customizes its treatment methods to suit the unique needs of every client. 

And by limiting the number of clients receiving inpatient treatments at a time, Oro House Recovery has managed to offer compassionate, highly personalized treatment. 

Some of the main programs offered by the rehab facility include detox, inpatient, outpatient, professionals’ program, young adults’ program, and sober living. 


Treats A Variety of Addictions 

Oro House Recovery doesn’t disappoint when it comes to rehabilitation as it treats a variety of conditions. 

Some of the commonly treated conditions include alcohol, heroin, opioid, meth, benzodiazepine, prescription medication, molly, ecstasy, and inhalant addictions. 

The center’s comprehensive addiction treatment program has made it a favorite for locals and out-of-state patients dealing with different types of problems. 

If you’re curious to know more about the addictions tackled by Alo House, the recovery center recommends contacting the customer support team for further assistance. You can choose to either call via +1 866 723 7144 or reach out through the live chat option. 

Non 12 Step Rehab Program 

Oro House Recovery takes a unique approach to addiction treatment by ditching the common 12 step model for a more client-focused, non 12 step rehab treatment

And while the 12 step model has helped countless patients recover from addiction, it might not work for everyone, hence Oro House Recovery’s decision to take up the non-12 step approach. 

The non 12 step program helps create a healthy support network of friends, family, and loved ones. It is also accommodative of people with diverse belief systems and focuses on unearthing the root causes of addiction through group and personal meetings with master-level experts. 

Holistic Treatment 

Addiction treatment requires a lot more than detox and inpatient treatment. For successful outcomes, the root cause of the addictive behavior should be determined and treated, lest the patient relapses once the cravings and temptations become too strong. 

The rehab center integrates holistic treatment methods to supplement its non-12 step treatment model. This approach helps patients develop life skills, become independent, and learn to cope with cravings without giving in to temptations. 

Some of the holistic treatment methods used by Oro House Recovery include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Somatic experiencing 
  • Neurofeedback 
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) 
  • Relapse prevention therapy (RPT)
  • Psychodynamic therapy

Oro House also integrates alternative addiction treatment modalities like meditation, yoga, sound therapy, gardening, the RecoveryFit program, and equine therapy. 

The use of various therapies and alternative treatment makes Oro House Recovery’s program one of the best in the state. Not only do these therapies make treatment more enjoyable, but they also reduce the chances of relapsing once discharged from the recovery center. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

Dual diagnosis treatment is ideal when dealing with patients battling both addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. 

Treating addiction without sorting out co-occurring disorders is a sure recipe for disaster that often leads to relapses within the first few months of completing treatment. 

Oro House Recovery understands the need to treat both addiction and mental problems- exactly why it’s partnered with master’s-level clinicians and therapists to administer both treatments. 

Some of the common co-occurring disorders that Oro House addiction specialists treat include:

  • Depression (and addiction)
  • Bipolar disorder (and addiction)
  • PTSD (and addiction)
  • ADHD (and addiction)
  • Anxiety (and addiction)

And since addiction and mental health problems vary from patient to patient, Oro House specialists must do necessary tests to determine each patient’s ideal dual diagnosis treatment. 

Incidental Medical Services 

Oro House Recovery is among the few addiction treatment facilities that offer Incidental Medical Services (IMS). And although not deemed as mandatory, these services help ensure patients receive the best addiction treatment possible. 

In addition to improving patient safety during treatment, incidental medical services also help ensure relevant measures are put in place to make treatment as effective as possible. 

The incidental medical services program allows the rehab center to oversee the following;

  • Oversee patient medications
  • Treat substance use disorders
  • Obtain medical histories
  • Administer relevant tests
  • Monitor the health status of patients before and after transfers

Young Adult Program

One of Oro House Recovery Center’s best features is its Young Adult program that’s designed to help the younger generation overcome addiction. 

And although the treatment methods are the same for both adults and young adults, Oro House tailors its approach to suit the unique needs of the younger generation.

The rehab facility prioritizes counseling in its Young Adult program, which ensures all clients have unlimited access to experienced therapists and addiction therapists. 

The intimate and compassionate care administered by Oro House Recovery’s staff creates a conducive environment for recovering teenagers who need all the care and compassion in the world. 

Clients enrolled in the young adults’ program participate in group and individual therapies while also engaging in various alternative therapies like yoga and art to increase the effectiveness of addiction treatment. 

Sober Living 

Not too many rehab centers offer sober living services to their alumni. However, Oro House, through its luxurious LA residences, offers recovering addicts a chance to transition to their normal lives effortlessly. 

Clients that enroll in the sober living program get to interact with other recovering patients that need a safe, conducive place to continue recovery. 

The sober homes are managed and owned by Oro House, meaning you (or your loved one) will be living in a luxurious setting as you gradually transition to normalcy. 

The sober living home also provides clients with a great opportunity to network and gel in with the immediate community. 

Luxurious Location and World-Class Amenities 

Oro Recovery is set up next to South California’s sandy beaches. The scenic outdoors, coupled with the fresh air, create a conducive environment for addicts to receive treatment.  

Patients get to ride horses (or hike) across the Santa Monica Mountains as part of the equine vision program. In addition to equine therapy, Oro house also has a surfing program for clients who want to make the most of the center’s proximity to the Pacific ocean. 

The rehab center is also big on wellness programs like Reiki, massage, and yoga. The presence of an on-site gym and a music studio help make addiction treatment a lot more bearable and enjoyable for resident patients. 

Oro Recovery’s clients also get to take advantage of features and amenities like unlimited beach access, chef-prepared meals, daily housekeeping, a BBQ area, and flat-screen TVs in every room. 

Outpatient clients are also eligible for company-organized transport, which makes it a lot easier for substance abuse clients to attend sessions. 

Full Continuum Of Care

Not every drug and alcohol treatment facility in California offers a full continuum of care. But with Oro House, patients can receive different types of treatment services, whether detox, inpatient, outpatient, or sober living, depending on need. 

Detox is usually the first step in addiction treatment and should be handled by a team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners. Oro House understands the importance of medically assisted detox and partners with master’s-level experts that monitor patients throughout the detox process. 

The inpatient program is ideal for substance abuse patients dealing with chronic relapse or addicts who want to detach from their immediate environments. Residents get to enjoy a variety of amenities that make addiction treatment a lot more bearable. 

Oro House also offers outpatient services for California locals that don’t want to interrupt their normal school or work schedules. 

Responsive Support Team

Oro Recovery’s rise to prominence is primarily due to its approach towards customer service. Clients can easily access the support team via live chat, while you can also call to make further inquiries. 

The official website is also easy to navigate and has a page dedicated to verifying health insurance. You’ll only need to provide your personal information, and Oro Recovery’s finance team will complete the verification process (free). 

Wrapping Up

Oro House Recovery (formerly Alo House Recovery) is easily among California’s most respected luxury rehab facilities. 

Patients get to recover in lush settings strategically located along Southern California’s sandy beaches, while the center’s wealth of amenities makes it an excellent place for luxury addiction treatment. 

In case you want to know more about the facility, its features, and rates, it is advisable to contact the customer care team by dialing +1 866 434 1676.

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