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Ocean Hills Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment Center Basic Information

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The Ocean Hills Recovery center has two locations in California. The sober house is in Dana Point, California, whereas the headquarters is in San Juan Capistrano CA. Both cities are in Orange County, south of Los Angeles County. The closest airport is in Long Beach.

People from around California can easily make their way to the location from the 5 and 405 freeways.

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Orange County, an addict is removed from all the negative influences that might push them back to getting high. The energy here is relaxing, laid-back, and provides a perfect way to ‘get away’ and be comforted while going through detox.

Programs Offered at Ocean Hills Recovery

  • 12-step alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs with behavioral therapy
  • Drug treatment for most substances abused
  • Intervention in helping the addict realizes they have a problem
  • Dual diagnosis helping to treat both substance abuse problems and mental health issues and illnesses that might have been caused or resulted from the dependency
  • Intensive outpatient for people who have to tend to responsibilities outside the facility but still need individualized treatment by an intervention specialist
  • Partial hospitalization for people who want to stay at the facility during treatment and get the best quality counseling
  • Detox services for people who want to quit drug addiction cold turkey and deal with the subsequent psychological and physiological issues with professional care
  • Family support to help all family members understand how to cope with the mind of an addicted person and how they can assist the person with their recovery
  • Support groups to provide peer understanding

Ocean Hills Recovery Accepts People from All 50 States

Anyone who has private insurance or a credit card can sign up for drug addiction treatment services at Ocean Hills Recovery. The problem an addict might face is actually getting there.

No one is rejected from coming as long as they are enrolled in the drug treatment program. Sometimes traveling to a different state where the addict does not know anyone can work hugely in their favor. Since they do not know anyone, it would be challenging to get their hands on drugs or alcohol in the facility.

The inpatient treatment provides the best way to battle it out with drug addiction. An addict is supervised 24/7 and will participate in natural programs from a holistic approach. Counselors will provide mental comfort during up-and-down emotional confusion associated with detox. Additionally, physicians and health care providers will provide physical support in these instances. Going through withdrawal is a daunting experience but it can feel better with the correct supervision. Medical emergencies will be tended to quickly, and certified addictions treatment counselors will be there every step of the way.

Length of Stay at Ocean Hill Recovery

Many of the programs are 30 days. Usually, that is enough time for a person to get off drugs or alcohol and develop a new outlook on life. However, people who have abused substances for a lot longer may actually need more extensive and intensive care. Therefore, a 90 day option is available for a more hardcore treatment, but the success rate is higher, and the chance of relapse is lower. 60 days is available for people who feel like they need more intensive treatment but are not hardcore addicts.

Ocean Hill Recovery accepts people from all walks of life who need quality care.

Payments Method That Will Cover the Cost of Ocean Hills Recovery

Ocean Hill Recovery accepts most insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shields
  • GEHA
  • ebms
  • First Health
  • Cofinity
  • Sisco
  • Beacon
  • Sanford health
  • Anthem
  • Meritain
  • Health Net
  • MHN

This information comes directly from the Ocean Hills Recovery rehab treatment center website. On there, you can also check to see if the facility accepts your insurance plan. The system analyzes the policy number and runs it through a database to make that determination.

Recreational Activities that Helps Treating People & Mend Health Problems

A few recreational activities are available at Ocean hills Recovery that help with get and keep a person sober.

These activities are designed to keep the person’s mind off drugs.

  • Art therapy helps the person utilize their creativity in positively instead of trying to scourged money to get high. Art is expressive and therapeutic. It helps the person see their personality on a canvas.
  • Yoga therapy has performative properties that help a person become physically and mentally in shape.
  • Guided meditation is a holistic approach to bring the mind and body together spiritually as one.

Amenities at Ocean Hills Recovery

Here are several amenities that will help make your stay at this California drug rehabilitation center better:

  • Catered Meals bringing in nutritious foods that help assist with brain repair and body repair and making the spirit feel whole again.
  • Movie Day is something the addicted person probably has not done in a while. It’s a leisurely way to slow things down, relax, and appreciate the small things like watching TV.
  • ExerciseOn top of the yoga exercises, general exercise activity can do wonders for the withdrawal process.
  • Surfing at the beach for mentally soothing and intense physical exercise.
  • Airport pickups for people arriving at airports nearby.

Get Help Today

The only way to start your journey down the right path is to contact the facility for you or someone you know. The information is here. Get help today and live the best life that you are supposed to live!

Ocean Hills Recovery has been CARF certified since 2015. The facility has been operating since 2007. It’s fair to say Ocean Hills Recovery is a leading alcohol and drug educator in the Dana Point area.

The time to enroll in an effective treatment center is now.

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