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Ocean Breeze Recovery: Programs, Services, & Treatment Options

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Has drug addiction plagued your inner circle? Ocean Breeze Recovery offers rehab in Pompano Beach, FL.

Throughout Florida, drugs have ravaged communities. During the first half of 2020, there were 3,834 opioid-related deaths in the state. Fortunately, some places offer help.

Arete Detox (formerly known as Ocean Breeze Recovery) is a recovery center in Florida specializing in drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Ocean Breeze Programs and Services


People have long come to Ocean Breeze for help in the fight against alcoholism and drug dependency. The center is staffed with clinicians and therapists who specialize in the following treatment:

  • Drug Abuse – Breeze Recovery doctors and nurses treat all types of drug addiction. People who’ve come to Ocean Breeze have conquered their dependence on opioids, stimulants, hallucinogens, and prescription drugs.
  • Alcohol Use – Ocean Breeze/Arete has long been the treatment center of choice among Florida residents who struggle with booze, hard liquor, wine, and other intoxicating beverages.
  • Dual Diagnosis – Therapy goes hand-in-hand with addiction treatment. To help patients overcome their substance abuse, Ocean Breeze counselors use dual-diagnosis therapy to pinpoint the causes behind the addictive behavior of each individual.

There is no drug or alcohol problem that the Ocean Breeze/Arete Detox team isn’t willing to solve.


Ocean Breeze/Arete offers flexible treatment for all types of substance abuse and chemical dependency. The common forms of treatment that bring people to the center include:

  • Addiction – People grow addicted to opioids and stimulants for various reasons. Often, it’s down to stress, pressure, depression or trauma. Ocean Breeze therapists treat each addiction and personality type.
  • Alcohol Rehab – Alcoholism is common in society because liquor is addictive yet freely and widely available. Ocean Breeze helps people who cannot control their intake.
  • Christian Rehab – Some people are spiritually inclined. Ocean Breeze supports the spiritual side of healing. For those who believe in a higher power, spirituality helps them find the inner strength to conquer drug and alcohol cravings.
  • Dual Diagnosis – Drug and alcohol addiction are usually rooted in deep-seated psychological issues, often stemming from trauma. Ocean Breeze patients meet with counselors to discuss these matters and solve the underlying issues.

Ocean Breeze Recovery / Arete Detox has had many satisfied patients over the years at its Florida center. People have conquered addiction at Ocean Breeze and left the program to lead happy, sober lives.


Inpatient and outpatient programs consist of counseling and activities for recovering patients who undergo detox. Both help patients achieve long-term sobriety.

  • Detox Program – The moment people stop using drugs or alcohol and commit to sobriety is when detox starts. The hurdle is typically between days two and five as cravings peak. Ocean Breeze staff give people the supervision they need during detox.
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab – After detox, people usually need between 30 and 90 days of treatment. Ocean Breeze/Arete offers a structured rehab program that consists of counseling, activities, education, and a disciplined daily routine.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – For the recovering drug or alcohol user, intensive outpatient treatment consists of multiple weekly meetings at the center. Each meeting lasts several hours.

Unlike residential treatment, where the patient stays at a rehab center for anywhere from one to three months, outpatient treatment is similar to a part-time job. It covers the same ground as residential treatment but the patient lives and sleeps at home.

Types of Therapy

Ocean Breeze Recovery promotes different types of therapy. To accommodate the different interests of the people who come for treatment, Ocean Breeze/Arete staff promote a mix of creative exercises.

  • Art Therapy – Forms of creative expressions, such as painting and drawing, serve as healthy outlets for the imagination. When people develop creative hobbies, it puts the mind in a positive, proactive space far removed from the despair that often triggers drug use.
  • Coaching – People need the motivation to be more proactive in their daily lives. For addicted individuals, days often blend into one another with little to show for the time. Ocean Breeze Recovery gives each patient the motivation to make each day count.
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) – The problem with conventional drug treatment is that it doesn’t change the underlying beliefs that keep people in self-doubt. CBT gets to the subconscious and helps people restructure how the mind works. It makes the impossible become possible.
  • Family Systems – Drug addiction is sometimes learned at home. In other cases, addiction alienates family members and causes communication gaps. Ocean Breeze counselors work to mend these gaps between patients and loved ones.
  • Multicultural – Ocean Breeze Recovery supports people from all cultural backgrounds. Drug addiction sometimes has different roots from culture to culture, and the Ocean Breeze/Arete team is sensitive to these differences.

The Ocean Breeze team takes a holistic approach to drug treatment that helps people repair all aspects of their lives.


Ocean Breeze Recovery offers three basic modes of treatment: one-on-one, family-inclusive and communal. Each mode brings different perspectives and helps patients heal within themselves and improve their relations with others.

  • Individuals – Rehab is all about becoming a strong individual who can conquer life and happily achieve things day-to-day without drugs or alcohol.
  • Family – Most people are happier in life when they have the support of parents, children, siblings and spouses. Ocean Breeze counselors bring these parties together for group counseling.
  • Group – People in rehab come from different backgrounds but have one thing in common: addiction. Group meetings give patients a chance to share and gain valuable insights into the fight for sobriety.

At Ocean Breeze Recovery / Arete Detox, patients find a non-judgmental environment where they can open up about their struggles and fears. For those who feel isolated and have nowhere to turn with their problem, the search is over once they contact Ocean Breeze.


Most drug and alcohol users have co-occurring mental health issues that must be identified and regulated to achieve long-term sobriety.

  • Anger Management – A key part of sobriety and relapse prevention is getting people to regulate their emotions. Ocean Breeze patients learn about rational, level-headed ways to manage challenges.
  • Antisocial Personality – Social anxiety and misanthropy can leave people feeling isolated. Lonely people sometimes resort to drugs. Sociable people who develop addictions often become socially withdrawn. Ocean Breeze counselors help patients work through these feelings of disconnect.
  • Anxiety – Many people use drugs or drink copious amounts of alcohol to cope with the world outside. Sometimes it’s due to fear of judgment. For professionals, it could be fear of making a presentation before a group of people. Rehab counseling helps people overcome these fears.
  • Bipolar Disorder – Some people with substance-use disorder struggle with wild mood swings. Periods of high energy and positive thinking will suddenly give way to depression and despair. Ocean Breeze counselors help patients regulate the mood swings that provoke substance abuse.
  • Grief – Death hits most people hard. When people lose a parent, partner, pet, or someone else close, they sometimes look for consolation in alcohol or downers. People who experience grief for the first time are especially vulnerable. Ocean Breeze counselors help people gain the strength to deal with this inevitable part of life.
  • Trauma and PTSD – In many cases, drug use is driven by past trauma. Some people use drugs to cope with the dark, repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. Those with post-traumatic stress, such as war veterans, are often prone to drug addiction. Ocean Breeze counselors specialize in treating PTSD and trauma.

The happy and sober individual knows how to regulate his/her emotions and structure thoughts in a positive way to lead a productive life. Ocean Breeze helps each patient become that individual.


Addiction often feeds into destructive behavior and vice versa. Some of these behaviors are more dangerous than most drugs, which only exacerbate the problem.

  • Codependency – Drug use and alcoholism sometimes manifest in toxic, unhealthy relationships. When a person is constantly belittled and abused by a partner, drugs are often used as a coping mechanism when the individual lacks the strength to walk away.
  • Eating Disorders – Drug addiction is often a manifestation of the compulsive personality type. When people go sober, they sometimes replace their vice with food addiction. Others drug themselves out of an appetite and become emaciated. Ocean Breeze counselors help patients regulate these unhealthy habits.
  • Gambling – Drugs and gambling are two of the most dangerous addictions. When people gamble and lose, they often resort to booze and opioids. Gambling can also have grave legal consequences. Ocean Breeze helps people break this cycle of addiction.

Ocean Breeze Recovery helps people get their lives back in order and end dangerous behavioral patterns.

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Ocean Breeze Recovery accepts payments via ACH bank transfer, American Express, cash, check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and wire transfer. They accept numerous insurance plans, including Aetna, BlueCross/BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, Magellan, and Meridian.

Don’t let your friend or loved one become another casualty of Florida’s alarming drug stats. Call Ocean Breeze today and ask about their treatment programs.

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