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New Hope Recovery: A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility in Washington State

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Do you or someone you know need a drug or alcohol rehab service? New Hope Recovery runs a comprehensive, holistic addiction treatment facility in Wenatchee, Washington. The center offers some of the best rehab and recovery services in the state and has helped many on their journey to sobriety.

In Washington state, drug overdoses have spiked by 30% compared to 2019. Many people struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic and repeated lockdowns turn to drugs to deal with their fear and uncertainty. 

Now, more than ever, a rehab with high-quality, evidence-based treatment programs is necessary to make sure addicts and their loved ones get the help they need for their substance abuse and its ripple effects on families and friends. 

What programs and services does the New Hope Recovery facility offer? Read on for a full review of their treatment options. 

Quick View Of New Hope Recovery

Treatment Programs Unique Amenities Medication-Assisted Treatment? Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder? Insurance
Nine unique treatments and modalities Basic facility that minimizes extra costs No Yes, several counseling and therapy options to address any mental disorder occurring alongside addiction Most Major Health Insurance Plans

Intensive Outpatient Services

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, are useful for people in various stages of recovery. For those who don’t require detox or medical supervision, IOPs allow them the freedom to live at home while attending regular sessions at the New Hope Recovery Center.

At New Hope Recovery, patients attend individual and group substance use recovery meetings that allow them to discuss and examine their experiences, thought patterns, and underlying factors that may contribute to their condition. 

By doing so, patients find new ways to cope and manage their condition even while residing at home, attending school, or keeping up with their careers.

Addiction and recovery are different for everyone, and the programs offered by New Hope Recovery mirror that diversity.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Relapse prevention programs can make the difference between long-term sobriety or an early relapse and possible overdose. The programs offered by New Hope Recovery teach relationship skills and focus on building healthy coping mechanisms to deal with triggers and events that may encourage them to use again. 

Relapse prevention is one of the most essential services any rehab can offer and forms a vital part of every individual’s treatment at New Hope. 

Aftercare Groups

Similar to relapse prevention, aftercare groups could be critical in the treatment of a substance use disorder or addiction. Aftercare groups and support ensure each participant has a plan to deal with their recovery, discharge from treatment, possible relapses, and re-entering society. 

By providing patients with an in-depth understanding of the challenges they may face after leaving rehab, the New Hope facility aims to reduce the possibility of their treatment being unsuccessful in the long run.

Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy is one of the most commonly used services in rehab facilities, and for a good reason. It can cover a range of therapy methods and allow patients to work one-on-one with a mental health professional to examine their addiction’s causes and contributing factors. 

Not only does the individual therapy offered by New Hope Recovery provide a judgment-free, supportive environment for individuals to discuss their substance abuse, but it could help discover and diagnose co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety that may act as obstacles on the journey to sobriety. 

New Hope Recovery uses both cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to develop a support and coping system for each patient to rely on for the rest of their recovery. 

DUI Assessments

For most people charged with a DUI, a DUI assessment or evaluation is mandatory. This evaluation aims to discover whether or not the individual has a drinking or substance abuse problem and needs treatment. 

Many rehab centers offer DUI assessments, including New Hope Recovery, which can subsequently provide patients with a recovery program should they require professional help to quit drinking or using drugs.

Deferred Prosecution Programs

Deferred prosecution programs (DPPs) are often vital in the long-term rehabilitation and well-being of teens and young adults struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. 

If a minor crime or misdemeanor they’ve committed was related to drug abuse, some young people might be referred to a DPP that can help them recover and become sober instead of leaving them without help and with a criminal conviction on their record.  

The DPP provided by New Hope Recovery can help misunderstood youth regain their freedom and control over their lives in a limited supervision setting that focuses on treating the cause of their addiction, not just the symptoms. 

Conjoint Therapy Sessions

As one of New Hope Recovery’s unique services, conjoint couple and family therapy involves meetings with a therapist that can help address the addiction or mental illness in two patients together, as long as their addiction or condition affects the other’s wellbeing and they might benefit from conjoint treatment. 

Conjoint therapy is especially effective for treating problems that may arise between the person and their parents, siblings, or other family members.

Family Interventions

Like conjoint sessions, a family intervention involves therapy sessions that address and discuss the effect of addiction on the whole family. This can often help individuals realize they need to reach out for help and is one of the most important services provided by New Hope Recovery. 

Gender-Specific Individual Counseling

Even though many rehab centers see gender-specific treatment as “old-fashioned,” the reality is that these programs are vital to success.

Unlike mixed-gender programs, gender-specific group counseling allows individuals to discuss their experiences, struggles, and triggers in much greater depth without the discomfort that may be caused by having members of the opposite gender present. 

This is especially true when an individual’s substance abuse stems from trauma or abuse experienced in the past. 

The New Hope Recovery treatment center offers gender-specific services and facilities to ensure each patient is completely comfortable with their meeting environment and the group support they receive. 

New Hope Recovery Location

  • Address: 238 N Chelan Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801 (In the Allied Mental Health Building.)
  • Phone: 509-293-7724

New Hope Recovery is a state-certified treatment center that can help you or your loved one struggling with addiction. 

Through holistic, evidence-based treatment methods that address both mental health and substance use disorders, New Hope provides next-level, comprehensive treatment and rehab services. 

The staff at New Hope know that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, and through this belief provide the best possible care to everyone who attends the center’s programs. 

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