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Are you or someone you love struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? Midwest Recovery Centers in Kansas City offers multiple treatment programs and drug and alcohol counseling as part of a full continuum of clinical services and support for mental illness, treating not just the addiction but the conditions that led to it. 

The Kansas City area has experienced a significant rise in people experimenting and using drugs, with more than 239,000 people admitting to using illicit drugs each year. With a nationwide increase in drug-related deaths, the need for a first-class treatment program and recovery community only became more urgent. 

Fortunately, Midwest Recovery Centers offers just that; an exceptional recovery support facility using research-backed methods to treat patients within a multi-phasal treatment recovery plan. 

What does the Midwest Recovery Centers facility offer?

Read on to learn more about its range of services and how it can help you take your first step towards sobriety today.

Quick View Of Midwest Recovery Centers

Treatment Programs Unique Amenities Medication-Assisted Treatment? Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder? Insurance
Eight unique treatments and modalities Access to a local gym, gardening opportunities, and treatment in a home-like setting Yes, with medical personnel available to supervise the treatment Yes, several counseling and therapy options to address and mental disorder occurring alongside addiction Most Major Health Insurance Plans

Residential Detox: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Detoxification

Midwest Recovery Centers in Kansas City believes the best start to any long-term drug or alcohol recovery plan is a safe, controlled detox experience. During detox, your body rids itself of all traces of the substance you were using, and you may go through withdrawal. 

The residential detox program offered by Midwest Detox Centers is led by experts in their field and a host of experienced, highly trained personnel. During your detox at Midwest Recovery Centers, you will have 24/7 access to the care, supervision, and support you need to get the best start possible for your recovery.

Once you’ve completed the detox program and received the immediate health care you require, you can move on to a residential or outpatient long-term treatment plan that will help guide you and teach you the skills to maintain life-long sobriety.

Multi-Phasal Transitional Recovery

After successfully completing a detox program at Midwest Recovery Centers, you will be assessed by highly-trained personnel and possibly recommended to move on to a sustained recovery program. For those struggling with drugs and alcohol dependence, the treatment philosophy we use to promote long-term recovery involves a two-phase, individualized treatment plan. 

Phase one typically lasts 90 days and begins with a minimum two-week blackout period where phone contact is limited. Clients are expected to engage fully with their therapists, counselors, and other aspects of their treatment. 

Often, outside pressures and stress can increase the challenges faced by patients to achieve sustained recovery, and removing the outside influence can do wonders for each participant’s mental health and state of mind. 

During phase one, each participant attends one individual therapy session and several group sessions each week. Each participant is also actively involved in a personal 12-step recovery program while receiving personalized health care.

Phase two can be embarked upon after successfully completing the first stage of treatment and lasts up to six months, depending on each patient’s individual needs. This stage of treatment typically has a less rigid structure as patients undergo vocational training, regular group therapy, and follow-up sessions to ensure they are ready to reenter society. 

As your first step into a normal lifestyle, you may reside within a sober living house while being encouraged to seek healthy employment and start contributing to your living expenses as a final transitional step within the program.

Clinical Services: Group and Individual Therapy, Individualized Treatment

At Midwest Recovery Centers, staff individualize treatment based on a range of personal preferences, medical and psychological assessments. For individuals struggling with alcohol and drug dependence, how long you’ve been using, how often you use, and any underlying conditions affect treatment decisions made in the best interest of your long-term recovery. 

The staff at Midwest Recovery Centers understand that each patient’s recovery will be their own process, and there are no one-size-fits-all rehab programs to suit each participant. Patients have a range of treatment options available to them, and each choice considers the patient’s medical assessment and co-occurring mental disorders where necessary. 

Services available to patients at Midwest Recovery Centers include: 

Treatment Planning

Which includes pre-admission assessments, the construction of a personalized treatment plan, and a schedule tailored to each individual, their family, and the goals they can realistically achieve. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is offered regularly and can help patients find ways to relate to their peers who have gone through similar experiences. Group therapy at Midwest Recovery Centers can also be exceptionally helpful in enabling each participant to identify and understand the pathology that leads to or encourages substance abuse and dependence.

The group therapy offered by Midwest Recovery includes emotional process groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychoeducational groups, making use of a range of mediums such as lectures, group discussions, art, video expression, and written essays or assignments. 

Individual Therapy

As part of the admissions process at Midwest Recovery Centers, each patient is assigned a personal therapist who can help individuals address issues, experiences, and thought patterns they may not feel comfortable with bringing up in a group setting. 

Individual therapy allows each patient to build up a rapport with their therapist and encourage trust at a level that is unachievable in group therapy or family therapy session. 

Therapy on a one-to-one basis may also provide patients undergoing alcohol and drug addiction treatment with the chance to receive a diagnosis for possible co-occurring mental disorders.

Family Program

Family members of individuals suffering from addiction often suffer from shock, stress, and at times, severe mistrust. It is important that these family members also have a space to express their emotions and thought processes regarding their loved one’s addiction. 

Family program research shows the importance of getting the family involved with treatment and emotional processing, which is why Midwest Recovery Centers offers a comprehensive family treatment program for loved ones of people suffering from drug or alcohol dependence. 

The staff at Midwest Recovery Centers in Kansas City are highly skilled in helping family members establish boundaries, discuss their struggles openly, and find treatment for the damage having a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol may have caused to their mental wellbeing. 

Family is also regularly involved in a patient’s treatment, with Midwest Recovery Centers offering regular family visits, talks, and outings. 

Our mission is to prepare families for the common obstacles associated with early recovery, the development of healthy boundaries, and the tools to respond to the natural struggles that occur in sobriety.


At Midwest Recovery Centers, it’s not only the residential or outpatient treatment that matters. As part of a full continuum of care, Midwest Recovery offers a detailed aftercare support plan that aims to boost each participant’s chances of long-term success and sobriety. 

Midwest Recovery Centers’ cast addiction treatment community and peer support specialists are highly trained to provide the assistance and moral support often required by patients who are newly reentering society, 

Services like a sober living house and continued alcohol or drug dependence counseling could make the difference between relapse and lasting recovery, which is why Midwest Recovery Centers places such a strong emphasis on offering support long after patients have left their programs.

Community IOP Program

Midwest Recovery Centers’ addiction treatment protocol to ensure sustainable recovery includes a comprehensive community IOP program. The treatment center’s community intensive outpatient program is available to individuals who are no longer using alcohol or drugs, but still need help to develop the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to overcome triggers, cravings, and other recovery hurdles. 

Regular outpatient services offered by Midwest Recovery Centers are also available to members of the community who wish to reside at home during treatment. This program option is available to individuals who need minimal oversight or education and are simply looking for the right support network to maintain their sobriety and recovery. 

Midwest Recovery Centers Location

Besides being one of the holistic therapy facilities in the recovery industry, Midwest Recovery Centers has now opened its doors to both women and men, after previously existing as a male-only facility. 

Midwest Recovery Centers promise to treat patients as more than just their diagnosis or addiction but to help them sustain recovery and continue their journey to sobriety as a premier health care provider to people struggling with alcohol or drug dependence. 

The staff at Midwest Recovery Centers are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice regarding your or your loved one’s addiction treatment.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance use disorder, get in touch with Midwest Recovery Centers today to take the very first step to a life of fulfillment and sobriety.


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