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Maple Mountains Recovery: Addiction and Mental Health Services

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Does someone you know struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism or mental health problems? Maple Mountain Recovery offers a private and convenient solution.

In 2019, there were 571 drug deaths in the state of Utah. Maple Mountain Recovery helps people overcome addiction in a like-minded setting of supportive peers.

Maple Mountain Recovery offers residential and clinical outpatient programs based on dual diagnosis treatment and evidence-based modalities.

Maple Mountain Recovery
Mapleton, UT
Phone: (801) 499-9316

Holistic Treatment Concepts

The Maple Mountain Recovery treatment center practices experiential therapy and numerous other evidence-based methods. The counselors treat dual diagnosis patients and incorporate holistic treatment concepts that help patients heal in the mental, physical and spiritual sense.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – In EMDR, the patient is asked to visualize a traumatic memory, then the doctor redirects the patient’s eyes from side-to-side or places away from where the image is stored. This gives patients a new way to conquer disturbing mental imagery.
  • Serenity BioSound Lounge – Maple Mountain’s innovative therapy includes a multi-sensory method known as BioSound, where sounds, vibrations and temperatures are used to anchor relaxed, contented states.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Counselors help patients recognize the underlying subconscious thoughts that cause despair and spur addiction. When the patient identifies and reverses his/her negative subconscious thoughts, it’s easier to beat addiction.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – For people with extreme black and white notions of reality — happiness is nonstop, easygoing carefree bliss and challenges are evil — drugs and alcohol become maladaptive coping mechanisms. Dialectic behavioral therapy helps patients gain a sense of balance and master healthy, responsible ways to handle challenges and stress.
  • Experiential Therapy – Acting is a powerful way to conquer demons and irrational fears. At the Maple Mountain Recovery treatment center, patients engage in experiential therapy, which consists of role-play, props and various creative tools (music, crafts) to identify and conquer subconscious fears.

Maple Mountain Recovery practices these and other innovative therapeutic methods, such as neurofeedback, cranial electrotherapy simulation (CES) and motivation enhancement therapy (MET). At the treatment center, they also hold a psychoeducation workshop.

Maple Mountain Recovery Amenities

The Mapleton Mountain Facility consists of an 11,000 square foot home on a beautiful country estate in the Utah hills. Mapleton is the kind of clean, safe, distraction-free oasis that a client needs when he/she is looking to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

  • Beautiful Country Scenery – The site has breathtaking views of nature where people with addiction or mental health problems can find some peace of mind. The hectic and congested vibe of city life is often bad for people’s mental health. Maple Mountain provides the antidote.
  • Large Open Space – When patients walk outside the Maple Mountain mansion, they can take in the vast hills and long stretches of greenery. The outdoor space provides ample room to stretch, meditate and re-establish a personal connection with nature.
  • Trees, Grass, Flowers – The beautiful and relaxing environment at Maple Mountain could inspire all sorts of creativity. As patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction, they’re encouraged to take up drawing, painting and/or writing. All the scenery here could be a perfect inspiration.
  • Outdoor Seating, Recreation – Maple Mountain has outside tables and lawns where residents can socialize and engage in healthy outdoor activities. People who struggle with addiction, mental or emotional illness typically lack these opportunities in the city world.
  • Spacious Dining – The Maple Mountain mansion has a large, opulent dining area with a cozy fireplace, classical furnishings and wood trim. It’s the perfect setting for residents to eat healthy meals according to a structured daily schedule: two things recovering drug users need to help turn their lives around.
  • Luxurious Living Room – The Maple Mountain living area has a large, spacious front room with wide, cushiony sofas and a big screen TV for movies and entertainment. Here, people partake in fun viewing, friendly conversation and group discussions with fellow residents.
  • Gym, Sauna – For those in rehab, two of the most healthy activities are exercise and mediation. Maple Mountain has a gym with all kinds of cardio and strength-training equipment. They also have a sauna for relaxation and meditation. Residents find health in body and mind during their stay.
  • Large Beds, Bath – Maple Mountain provides a comfortable retreat where clients stay for the time it takes to overcome drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues. With the comfortable beds and living amenities, each resident finds the peace he/she needs to recover and heal.

Maple Mountain Recovery is not the typical residential treatment center. It’s a place where therapists provide services for dual diagnosis patients and those seeking addiction treatment in a peaceful, beautiful setting with luxury amenities.

Maple Mountain Recovery Residential and IOP

Maple Mountain Recovery offers residential treatment, where patients stay at the hillside facility for set lengths of time. Residential treatment consists of individual counseling with appointed therapists, who assess each patient’s issues and customize his/her treatment plan. During the program, patients engage in numerous wellness activities, including:

  • Family Therapy – When helping clients recover from addiction and mental health issues, Maple Mountain counselors stress the importance of family involvement. Family program research shows that recovery works best when close, living relatives are involved in the process.
  • Yoga Nidra – An effective way to overcome negative thoughts and stress (aggravating factors in addiction and mental illness) is with yogic sleep, where patients cultivate conscious relaxation. The technique helps  Maple Mountain Recovery patients restore their peace of mind.
  • Healthy Nutrition – When people commit to sobriety, it’s crucial to bring health and nutrition (two things generally absent in the drug/alcohol lifestyle) into their daily routine. Maple Mountain Recovery serves healthy meals with balanced nutrition.
  • Physical Exercise – People deep in the throes of addiction typically lack exercise. Maple Mountain Recovery guides residential patients through various types of exercise to help restore physical and mental health.
  • Recreational Therapy – Residents at Maple Mountain Recovery engage in outdoor group activities like hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. These and other activities help patients reconnect with nature and let go of the stress associated with urban life.
  • Boxing – Maple Mountain Recovery promotes therapeutic boxing as a form of cardio and stress relief. Boxing helps clients release energy and frustration; it also helps people deal with trauma.
  • Jiu-jitsu – The Brazilian martial art of jiu-jitsu is an effective way to work off stress and gain a sense of physical security. For patients who struggle with trauma, jiu-jitsu can offer a newfound sense of security. Maple Mountain Recovery offers jiu-jitsu training to help residents with emotional regulation.
  • Sweat Lodge – Maple Mountain Recovery practices sweat lodge, a ceremony adopted from the Native American Lakota tribe. It’s a cleansing ritual designed to wash away spiritual blockages in the mind, body and soul.
  • Art, Music Therapies – Creativity is two of the most powerful antidotes to the addiction mindset. Maple Mountain Recovery encourages residents to take up drawing, painting and/or creative writing to occupy the mind. Active music listening to complex styles (classical, jazz, ambient) also stimulates brainwaves.
  • Equine Therapy – When people connect with wildlife, they gain a heightened sense of humanity. Equine therapy, which involves horses, is a wonderful way to experience nature and build empathy with a friendly fellow species.
  • Massage – Maple Mountain Recovery promotes massage therapy as a means for physical relaxation. When people are more at ease with their physical selves, they’re less stressed about externals or vulnerable to vice triggers.
  • 12 Step Meetings – At Maple Mountain Recovery, they promote the 12-step treatment model of AA. For the recovering drug or alcohol user, this brings two vital components to everyday life: structure and discipline. With 12-step, patients learn to make each day count.
  • Group Therapy – Maple Mountain Recovery hosts residential group sessions. This gives inpatients a chance to open up and share their concerns and insights with others in the same boat. In the outside world, judgment and stigma abound regarding addiction. Here, the atmosphere is supportive, friendly and judgment-free.

At the Maple Mountain Recovery treatment center, they promote healthy living skills. The goal is to get patients beyond trauma with mindfulness exercises and resilience training. For those who complete the residential inpatient or intensive outpatient programs, Maple Mountain also has an alumni program for continued support in the outside world.

Get Treatment at Maple Mountain Recovery

At Maple Mountain Recovery, therapists practice innovative techniques. They offer fun treatment programs designed for successful long-term recovery from mental health issues and substance abuse problems. The center’s trained, licensed staff are experts at treating addictions and personality disorders.

Maple Mountain Recovery provides the best programs for drug addiction and the best psychiatric treatment for personality disorders. Patients come for long- or short-term residential treatment and IOP. If one of your family members needs these treatment methods, call Maple Mountain Recovery today.

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