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Cliffside Malibu: Rehab Treatment Center

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Does your friend, partner or sibling have a drug or alcohol problem? At the Cliffside Malibu rehab treatment center, people get the care, therapy and support they need to conquer addiction.

Located between the Santa Monica mountains and the ocean in Malibu, Cliffside is one of the most popular drug and alcohol treatment centers on the west coast.

In California, there were 2,410 drug deaths in 2018. Fortunately, Cliffside Malibu offers residential treatment with recreational facilities and luxury accommodations.

Levels of Care

At the Cliffside Malibu center, patients can choose from multiple treatment programs. It generally starts with detox and proceeds to residential treatment, where patients stay at the facility to fully recover. Some people opt instead for the outpatient program where they come during the daytime.

  • Detox – The first step in rehab is detox, where the patient first quits drugs and alcohol. The first few days are challenging because cravings peak as chemicals clear from the body. The Cliffside staff offers 24/7 supervision as patients get through the detox phase, which typically lasts 3-7 days.
  • Residential TreatmentThe most complete form of addiction treatment is the residential program, where patients stay at the Cliffside Malibu facility. The program consists of therapy, activities, education and free time in a safe, supportive setting where staff is on hand for assistance 24/7. 
  • Intensive Outpatient ProgramThe Cliffside Malibu outpatient program covers the same ground as residential treatment. The difference is that patients come in the daytime (4-8 hours) and spend nights at home. Outpatient treatment is a good option for people who don’t wish to set aside 30-90 days to stay at the oceanside center.
  • Sober LivingFor patients who need further assistance after the residential program, Cliffside has sober living houses. This is a good option for the recovering individual who needs to get his/her life back on track after a prolonged bout of drug addiction or alcoholism. Sober houses are affordable and peaceful places where patients can readjust to society.
  • AftercareAs patients leave Cliffside Malibu and reenter the workforce and regular life, the Cliffside staff offers aftercare on an as-needed basis. Aftercare consists of advice and life training in the last days of the residential or outpatient program and meetings afterward with Cliffside counselors.

Of all the treatment centers in southern California, Cliffside Malibu offers some of the most complete rehab care. From medically assisted detox to cognitive behavior therapy, Cliffside takes a holistic approach that treats the whole person on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

Treatment Modalities

People often bury trauma deep in the subconscious and it’s hard to probe these layers without re-traumatizing the patient. Cliffside Malibu counselors practice a range of therapeutic methods to help patients communicate, gain strength and cope better in the world.

  • Somatic Experiencing and EMDR – Addiction often stems from personal despair and a sense of hopelessness. Cliffside uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to help patients broaden their sense of personal strength.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Most people with drug and alcohol addiction have poor coping skills. Cliffside promotes dialectical behavioral therapy to improve distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills.
  • Cognitive Behavioral TherapyAddicts are often driven by negative core beliefs about themselves, other people and the future. It’s hard to be positive and adopt habits that transcend a limited belief set. With cognitive behavioral therapy, Cliffside counselors help patients heal on the subconscious level.
  • Motivational InterviewingPeople with substance abuse problems have different personalities and respond in different ways. To gain rapport, Cliffside counselors express empathy, avoid arguments, adjust to resistance and support the self-efficacy of each patient.
  • Family Systems TherapyRelatives and loved ones can assist the long-term recovery of patients at Cliffside Malibu. The key is to be supportive, understanding and sensitive to the individual’s issues. Cliffside counselors help bridge gaps within families and encourage honest, open dialogue.

The methods that work on one patient might not work on the next and Cliffside understands this. Cliffside Malibu counselors work with each individual to determine his/her tendencies and proceed with the best types of treatment modalities for the personality type.

Experiential and Holistic Therapy

Cliffside combines drug and alcohol treatment with mental and physical activities that help patients heal on all levels. Some of these activities help people think more clearly and guide their minds toward positive imagery. Others involve physical exercise that increases blood flow and agility.

  • Acupuncture Developed in ancient China, acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment where needles are placed strategically on the human body. This causes biochemical changes that can affect a person’s emotional state. 
  • Massage One of the most popular forms of therapy at treatment facilities around the world is massage. For patients, it’s a relaxing way to release tension throughout the mind and body. Massage can help ease body discomfort and negative thoughts.
  • Mindsight Most people let their minds roam freely when they’re not focused on a single subject. Addicts often let their minds roam into negative territory with no self-awareness. With mindsight, patients learn to keep their mind’s eye alert at all times and gain subconscious control of the thought process.
  • Reiki HealingIn Japan, they use a palm-healing technique called reiki, where universal energy is thought to transfer from the hand of the practitioner to the hand of the patient.
  • Relapse Prevention TherapyTreatment is only successful if sobriety lasts. The vast majority of patients who graduate from the Cliffside Malibu program stay off drugs and alcohol because they have a newfound inner strength for all of life’s challenges. People leave Cliffside eager to conquer the world with a healthy frame of mind.
  • YogaOne of the healthiest activities at the Pacific Ocean retreat is yoga, where people stretch and meditate. Yoga stimulates the mind and body. For people who’ve been depressed or sedentary for long periods, yoga works as a physical and mental healer and rejuvenator.

Cliffside assigns each resident with a dedicated therapist to work on personal issues through each stage of treatment. Patients may also choose from their preferred alternative or evidence-based treatment methods.


At the Cliffside Malibu rehab center, they help patients overcome all types of addiction, from alcohol and opioids to marijuana and prescription drugs. Cliffside has a dedicated team of treatment professionals who understand the symptoms of each addiction category.

  • Alcoholism Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances on the free market. It’s addictive, yet widely available everywhere. Some people have poor thresholds and can’t restrict themselves to one or two drinks. Others overdrink to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Cliffside Malibu treatment programs help individuals beat the bottle.
  • Stimulant Addiction – Stimulants, or “uppers,” like cocaine and methamphetamine (speed) are common drugs at clubs and in scenes where people work late nights. Musicians and touring performers often use stimulants to get through grueling schedules night after night, city after city. At Cliffside, patients conquer unhealthy addictions to stimulant drugs.
  • Co-Occurring DisordersDrug addiction and alcoholism are often tied to co-occurring mental health disorders. The Cliffside Malibu counselors use holistic treatments like dual-diagnosis therapy, where the psychological roots of addiction are identified in each individual. Treatment is most effective and lasting when addiction and the underlying trauma are both treated.
  • Hallucinogen AddictionHallucinogens are party drugs that young people have abused for decades, especially since the 1960s. Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD are dangerous. Users often see disturbing, ghastly visuals. Some people take hits and imagine they can walk on air or water. Hallucinogens are also unhealthy. Cliffside counselors help people beat these drugs.
  • Heroin AddictionPeople get addicted to heroin because of the euphoric feelings it causes the user. In cities where the drug is widely available, heroin addiction is big business on the black market because of its addictive nature. As the body builds tolerance to the drug, the person need higher doses for the same effects. At Cliffside Malibu, counselors help clients beat the vicious cycle before it becomes fatal.
  • Marijuana AddictionMarijuana is not one of the more harmful drugs, but people do grow dependent if they over-consume the plant. In recent decades, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels in marijuana have increased and rendered the leaf more potent. The effects include laziness, euphoria, hunger, enhanced color and sometimes fear and anxiety. 
  • Opioid AddictionOpioid drugs are some of the most addictive because they stimulate the reward centers in the brain. People who use opioids feel great euphoria. Once addiction takes hold, the body grows tolerant of the drug. To experience the same effects, the addict needs higher and higher doses. Cliffside helps people overcome opioid addiction.
  • Prescription Drug AddictionNot all drug addiction comes from illicit sources. Certain pills and medications that people get from pharmacies can also be addictive. Drugs that regulate pain can be addictive if the person over-consumes the medication because this diminishes the drug’s effects. Cliffside helps patients find healthier ways to overcome pain.

There is no addiction that cannot be conquered at Cliffside Malibu. People have come to Cliffside after years, even decades of hardcore addiction and left clean and sober. Cliffside counselors work with each patient on the psychological underpinnings of addiction and help people find healthier ways to cope in life.

Cliffside Features

At Cliffside Malibu, residents get extended care in one of the most luxurious settings in the US. During their stay at Cliffside, residents have plenty of recreational amenities to keep occupied. Each person who rooms at Cliffside is allowed ample time for a full recovery with a beautiful ocean view.

  • Seaside SettingSituated on the coast of California in Malibu, Cliffside offers a serene environment where patients can disengage from the toxicity of city life and meditate on personal recovery and wellness. There are vice-triggers at Cliffside; just beautiful scenery and long flowing ocean waves.
  • EntertainmentCliffside has private rooms for residents, each furnished with luxury beds and plasma TVs. Each TV is equipped with a DVR and offers cable and DirecTV, as well as Netflix. People can watch their favorite shows, movies and entertainment specials or keep up with important news and events.
  • Luxury AccommodationsAt Cliffside, they believe that rehab should be an easygoing process for residents. While most other recovery centers assign chores and tasks throughout the day to each resident, Cliffside employs staff to keep the facility clean and tidy. For residents, it’s a place to relax and recover. 
  • Pool and Sundeck – Cliffside has all the amenities of a five-star hotel, including a swimming pool and a heated pool. Swimming is a healthy activity that circulates the body and eases the mind. For people recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction, swimming is a good way to funnel bodily energy.
  • Basketball and Tennis Courts – Cliffside promotes athletic activity as a means to circulate blood flow and good spirits. The resort is equipped with a basketball court and a tennis court. At Cliffside, all types of patients — those who like to play and those who’ve never thrown a ball — can have fun on the courts.

Cliffside residents get gourmet meals with organic food, cooked by on-site chefs. The environment at Cliffside is the antithesis to most drug-addled settings. During their time at Cliffside, residents connect with the good life and learn to idealize it. When people leave, they make their Cliffside experience aspirational going forward.

Call Cliffside Malibu: Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

Drugs and alcohol claim lives every day in sunny California. Sadly, most people who struggle with addiction either hide their problems or go into denial.

Don’t let your loved one fall deeper or become a statistic. If you spot the warning signs, call for a confidential chat with a Cliffside representative and talk about their treatment plans.

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