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Betty Ford Treatment Centers

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For over 70 years, Betty Ford Treatment Centers have been leading the line of addiction treatment across the country. 

In 2014, the Betty Ford Center merged with the Hazelden Foundation to form the world-renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, an undisputed leader in the country’s mental health and addiction treatment industry. 

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation boasts over 15 addiction centers spread out in the following states:

  • Minnesota
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Washington

But is Hazelden Betty Ford the right place to seek addiction treatment? 

In this article, we’ll examine the rehab facility’s main locations, features, pros, and cons. 

Hopefully, by the end of the read, you will be well-placed to decide whether it’s the right fit for you (or your loved one) to receive addiction treatment. 

👍 What Reviewers Liked 

  • Multiple locations 
  • Virtual care 
  • Recovery support services 
  • Specialized treatment programs 
  • Treats a wide range of addictions 

👎 What Reviewers Didn’t Like   

  • No live chat option
  • Doesn’t accept Medicare or Medicaid

More About Hazelden Betty Ford 

The facility is more than just an addiction center as it also spearheads addiction research and educates medical students through its online curriculum dubbed the Course on Addiction and Recovery Education (CARE). 

Impressively, Hazelden Betty Ford also partners with hospitals like the Mayo Clinic to develop better ways to deliver sustainable addiction treatment to families and communities affected by addiction. 

In 2006, Hazelden developed the My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE), a patient portal (web-based) that follows up on patient progress regardless of physical location. This was followed in 2010 by its famed mobile app titled Twenty-Four Hours a Day that was designed to provide recovery support, affirmation, and motivation to its clients on a 24/7 basis. 

Hazelden Betty Ford Locations 


Hazelden Betty Ford has three treatment centers in California. The first California-based facility is the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA, established in 1982 by the legendary former first lady Betty Ford.  

The Rancho Mirage facility sits on a lush 20-acre property and offers detox, inpatient, and outpatient services to its clients (above 18).  

Besides the Rancho Mirage center, Hazelden Betty Ford also has facilities in San Diego and West Los Angeles that offer outpatient addiction treatment and mental health services. 


Hazelden Betty Ford also has a campus in Naples, FL, that provides a variety of services, including inpatient, outpatient, and sober living programs. The facility offers multiple levels of care and uses evidence-based practices, 12-step principles, and personalized treatment to help patients recover. 


The Illinois facility doesn’t provide a full continuum of services as it focuses mainly on outpatient addiction treatment for adults above 18 years. The center also serves mental health patients in pursuit of outpatient programs. 

Hazelden Betty Ford Chicago, IL offers a high-intensity outpatient program and an intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) program. 


The world-renowned treatment center has several centers in Minnesota. The Hazelden Betty Ford campus in Center City, MN, provides residential and outpatient services and is known as one of the best chemical dependency treatment facilities in the Upper Midwest. 

Hazelden Betty Ford’s Chaska, Maple Grove, and St. Paul, MN facilities provide outpatient treatment services to adults above 18 years. 

The Plymouth, MN campus offers outpatient and inpatient services for teenagers and young adults up to 25 years. Other services offered at this facility include campus-based sober living, a family program, and detox. 

New York

Hazelden Betty Ford has two facilities in New York, the Chelsea and Tribeca campuses. Both of these facilities administer outpatient services to adults above 18. The two facilities also offer outpatient mental health services. 


In Oregon, Hazelden Betty Ford operates two facilities, an outpatient center in Beaverton and a larger campus in Newberg that provides inpatient, outpatient, and detox services. The Newberg campus also offers a sober living program for recovering addicts. 


Hazelden Betty Ford has one facility, an outpatient center, in Bellevue, WA. Although not as large as other Betty Ford centers, the Washington-based outpatient rehab serves adults above 18 years and also administers outpatient mental health services.


Telehealth and Online Therapy

A drug and alcohol addiction treatment program should be versatile and flexible enough to meet a patient’s specific needs. Luckily, Hazelden Betty Ford doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it prioritizes remote treatment delivery through its telehealth program

The telehealth program is designed for outpatient clients that cannot attend inpatient or physical programs. This allows you (or your loved one) to access a variety of services from group to individual therapy remotely. 

Even better, through a Hazelden Betty Ford patient portal, you can do the following:

  • Health history
  • Send emails to your primary healthcare provider
  • Schedule appointments
  • View test results
  • Request refills for your medication

Specialized Treatment Programs

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a complex process that requires compassion, patience, and keen attention to detail. By treating every patient differently, Hazelden Betty Ford has managed to cement its status as a premier rehab facility in the country. 

While most Hazelden campuses cater to all sorts of patients, the nonprofit treatment center has some facilities that focus specifically on children, older adults, and professionals. Moreover, all Hazelden Betty Ford centers are LGBTQ-friendly and open their doors to clients battling all sorts of addictions. 

For instance, the Hazelden Recovery@50Plus is an inpatient and outpatient program designed exclusively for seniors above 50, while the professionals’ program targets employees or employers in need of professional assistance to overcome addiction. 

Young people between 12 and 25 years can also receive addiction treatment at Hazelden’s Plymouth, MI, rehab facility. 

Therefore, regardless of age, career, or sexual orientation, Hazelden Betty Ford can provide world-class addiction treatment in one of its many facilities. 

Relapse Prevention

One of Hazelden Betty Ford’s greatest strengths is its focus on relapse prevention. And although addiction treatment is the most important part of recovery, equipping patients with the necessary skills to overcome cravings is equally important. 

The treatment center helps prevent relapses through active recovery coaching and monitoring. Through its Connection program, Hazelden Betty Ford provides you (or your loved ones) with virtual (or phone-based) recovery coaching done by its licensed counselors. 

Strong Alumni Program 

Very few US-based rehab facilities compare to Hazelden Betty Ford when it comes to web-based tools for alumni. 

Some of the tools used by the rehab center to keep its alumni in check include MyRecoveryCompass, an online health portal, and the My Ongoing Recovery Experience (MORE) app. 

All patients have access to MORE during and after treatment, ensuring they always have a strong support system throughout recovery. 

Hazelden Betty Ford’s web-based recovery tools allow recovering addicts to develop positive coping strategies by completing tasks and participating in workshops. 

Moreover, through these web-based tools, patients and alumni can access useful videos, fact sheets, and articles that document more about rehabilitation and overcoming cravings. 

Full Continuum Of Care

Hazelden Betty Ford’s main campuses offer a full continuum of care for patients battling addiction. This means you can receive detox, inpatient, and outpatient services all in one location by enrolling in one of the company’s major facilities. 

Detox services are ideal for chronic addicts that need detoxification before commencing treatment. 

The best part about detoxing at one of Hazelden’s campuses is patients won’t need to be referred to another facility to begin inpatient treatment. This ensures that recovering clients get to settle in fast without the need to adjust to new environments. 

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

A rehab facility’s staff team plays an integral role in determining the effectiveness of treatment. 

Having a team of skilled, highly-experienced, and compassionate staff members not only increases the chances of successful treatment but also makes patients a lot more comfortable during treatment. 

Hazelden Betty Ford works with a team of highly skilled practitioners from master’s-level physicians to highly skilled nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, fitness specialists, and nutritionists. 

The institution’s reliance on a multidisciplinary team helps keep the staff-to-patient ratio at a desirable level. This helps ensure that you receive the attention you need from admission all the way to discharge. 

Evidence-Based Treatment 

Besides hiring world-class addiction specialists, Hazelden Betty Ford also stands out due to its approach to treatment. The institution uses evidence-based treatments to provide personalized addiction treatment to its many clients. 

Some of the evidence-based treatments programs used include: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Acceptance commitment therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Solution-focused therapy

These therapies help Hazelden Betty Ford’s addiction specialists to customize substance abuse treatment to suit the unique needs of every client. 

Focus on Family

Substance abuse treatment is a life-long process that requires consistent support from both family members and a team of dedicated professionals. 

Hazelden Betty Ford has a robust family program designed to help family members heal and learn more about addiction. This ensures that recovering patients go back to a supportive home after completing treatment. 

The rehab center also has several children’s Programs in Colorado, Minnesota, and California that aim to help children with addicted parents lead normal lives. Through the facilities, children get to learn more about addiction and its effect on society. 

The children are also taught that addiction is a disease and that addicts are not bad people, which helps promote internal healing at an early age. 

To learn more about Hazelden Betty Ford’s children programs, it is advisable to call +1 760 773 4291 (in California), +1 303 745 2275 (in Colorado), +1 651 214 4729 (in Minnesota). 

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment 

Treating addiction without paying attention to underlying mental conditions increases the chances of relapses, especially when dealing with chronic addicts. 

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation provides mental health services together with addiction treatment, which means that patients get to leave as fully transformed people upon completing treatment.  

All Betty Ford’s inpatient and outpatient facilities offer both addiction treatment and mental health services to patients in need. The services are administered by masters and doctorate-level clinicians to give patients the best possible chances of successful recovery. 

Useful Resources 

Unlike most rehab facilities that only focus on promoting their services, Hazelden Betty Ford provides useful addiction information to patients on its official website. 

Clients get to learn a lot about intervention, the basics of choosing rehabilitation centers, and how to cope with addicted family members through the institution’s online resources like blogs, videos, and podcasts. 

Therefore, whether you’re inquiring about treatment-related costs or you just want to learn a thing or two about coping with addiction, you can be sure of finding useful information on the official Hazelden Betty Ford’s website.

Flexible Payments 

Although Hazelden Betty Ford does not support Medicare or Medicaid policies, the facility is in-network with over 30 insurance providers. 

To know more about costs and verify your insurance, Hazelden recommends calling +1 877 377 0166 to talk to its finance team, 

The facility also has financial advocates on standby to help you determine total costs based on your coverage. The financial experts will provide necessary advice on potential costs to ensure you’re well informed before making a decision. 

Partnership with Industry Leaders

Hazelden Betty Ford partners with institutions like Mayo Clinic to come up with better ways to provide addiction treatment. The center’s commitment to research has allowed it to develop  innovations and treatment programs that have been adapted by other institutions that treat alcohol and drug addiction. 

By integrating technology in its treatment and aftercare programs, Hazelden Betty Ford has become an industry leader and continues to come up with positive practices and effective programs that help people struggling with addiction.

Wrapping Up

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is, without doubt, one of the best (and most transparent) rehab facilities in the country. 

By spearheading research and partnering with world-renown facilities like Mayo Clinic, Hazelden Betty Ford facilities have emerged as one of the best not only in the country but also in the entire world when it comes to addiction treatment. 

To learn more about the facility, its various branches, and total costs, it is advisable to call 1 877 377 0166 or contact the support team directly through the official website. 


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