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Asana Recovery Review—Helping People Get Over Depression, Alcohol Withdrawal and Everything in Between

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Finding a rehab center that provides you with accomplished addiction treatment professionals who are both adept at traditional and alternative methods that can help you recover from depression, substance abuse, or other concerns pertaining to your physical and emotional health can be a trying task.

Thankfully, there’s Asana Recovery: a place where comprehensive treatment plans meet the best management and clinical staff that can give patients the clinical care that they both need and deserve.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what makes Asana Recovery such an effective addiction treatment center, from their outpatient substance abuse treatment programs to how this treatment center provides its patients with a healing environment in general.

What You Need to Know About Asana Recovery

  • The facility has multiple locations, with the most prominent at 1730 Pomona Ave. Suite 3, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627.
  • It is a treatment center that provides medication-assisted detoxification, a partial hospitalization program, and a whole host of health care services.
  • Asana Recovery caters to both psychiatric illness and addiction treatment.
  • Clients entering treatment are assisted by management and clinical staff all the way.
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available here.

Bottom Line

With accomplished addiction treatment professionals helping you every step of the way, this drug recovery program is undeniably one of the finest treatment centers for medical and psychiatric illness right now.

Whether you’re looking at the comprehensive treatment plans that range from dialectical behavioral therapy to alcohol addiction treatment, the medical services that Asana Recovery provides is both diverse and—more importantly—effective in treating addiction and providing you with the essential values to get long-lasting results.

How to Reach Asana Recovery

  • Asana Help Line: (949) 763-3440; (949) 326-5502
  • Email:
  • Asana’s Online Contact Form:
  • Site Location: 1730 Pomona Ave, Suite 3, Costa Mesa, California, 92627

With this, getting help is a click of a mouse or a phone number away. There shouldn’t be any reason for you not to get help. Remember: you’re not alone in this fight.

Asana Recovery Review—A Health Care Provider That Cares

Not all rehab facilities are created equal, and some of the best detox facilities go beyond just rendering medical advice and group therapy sessions. Asana practices essential values that aid in the patient’s recovery training and overall well-being.

First and foremost, Asana Recovery has an onsite medical team that provides patients with the necessary recovery tools and ensures client safety at all times.

These treatment providers don’t just flaunt their medical degree or assistant clinical professor status; they actually put these credentials to good use by giving patients the most in-depth treatment planning and the appropriate structure to help them with their issues.

Treatment planning begins immediately at Asana Recovery, regardless if the patient is going for residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program. And by utilizing evidence-based practices to aid their clients, Asana makes sure that each treatment plan has been tailored to their specific needs and is administered by experts with proper training.

Asana Recovery Treatments—What They Offer

Before going into the specifics of what Asana Recovery Brands LLC offers, know that this recovery treatment facility is by no means exclusively established for addiction alone. Issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal disorder, and other mental and physical problems are also tackled by any given licensed medical professional onsite.

Going into some of the specifics that are not notable but downright commendable, Asana offers some of the most diverse and revolutionary techniques in combating mental and physical issues, regardless if they stem from substance abuse or otherwise.

Asana has an in-depth cognitive behavioral therapy program available for both residential treatment patients and outpatient ones.

However, beyond the group therapy sessions and medical detoxification programs that Asana provides their patients, what’s more impressive is that this treatment center goes beyond the usual therapy modalities in teaching clients coping mechanisms that provide long-term recovery.
Asana stands out by espousing and practicing essential values that help develop recovery tools from within the patients themselves.

Interactive and hands-on activities like meal preparation training and individual and family sessions ensure that clients acknowledge that they can overcome complex mental conditions after finishing Asana’s daily treatment programming.

Asana Recovery’s Non-Traditional Detox Protocols—Beyond Traditional Treatments

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an integral part of the recovery process. On the other hand, by no means is it the only way treatment centers can provide the medical detoxification and overall recovery of their patient.

Asana is a treatment center that, over the years, has crafted the appropriate structure for patient recovery that both the American board and treatment providers, in general, have acknowledged—and in a positive light.

From alternative methods like eye movement desensitization to harm reduction techniques, no medical emergency is too big or too dire for treatment providers like Asana to combat.

In addition, their daily treatment programming includes:

  • Other activities like physical exercise.
  • Dual residency training.
  • Medical detoxification methods.

Asana is For Everyone Experiencing Problems

Whether you’re a patient who’s seeking alcohol treatment or you’re an individual looking to get rid of your depression symptoms, this rehab center is a more than viable option.

To be specific, Asana Recovery is able to cater to a variety of issues:

Substance Abuse Problems

Crystal meth, ketamine, crack cocaine: these are just a few drugs that Asana can help you kick from your system. Substance addiction is one of the main focus points in this center’s quest to help their patients. From comprehensive treatment plans to non-traditional detox protocols, Asana is a place where people suffering from addiction can get the help they need.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Whether the patient needs help with their alcohol withdrawal symptoms or they need support akin to alcoholics anonymous, Asana is a place where people suffering from the effects of alcohol addiction can get help from medical professionals in a judgment-free healing environment.

From an intensive outpatient treatment program to group therapy sessions that help develop recovery tools from the grip of alcohol addiction, patients can expect nothing but the best from this facility.

Depression and Other Complex Mental Conditions

Far from being an addiction treatment center alone, Asana also specializes in helping their clients get rid of depression symptoms, bipolar symptoms; PTSD symptoms; and other mental and emotional issues that any person might be experiencing.

Whether it’s a depression test or a 12-step program against anxiety, clients can expect in-depth and effective treatment from the professionals at Asana.

For further information, feel free to contact Asana Recovery using the various channels provided above. Rest assured that all the information you provide them will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy you deserve.

Conclusion—Asana Recovery Will Help You

A proper recovery treatment structure is needed for patients to overcome addiction or other mental conditions (depression, bipolarity, etc.). However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In Asana’s case, they lay everything out for patients to experience and take advantage of, whether via cognitive-behavioral therapy or family sessions.

However, what makes them stand out from other rehab and detox centers out there is how they can provide their clients with a solid and judgment-free community within a healing environment that’s free from the temptation of substance abuse and outside judgment.

It’s a place where the staff has your back every step of the way, whether by providing their patients with the necessary lodgings right up to community-building activities that help one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

All in all, Asana stays true to its promise of providing a “Safe and Caring Haven” for people who deal with addiction and mental problems. Adding to that, they’re a center that proves the four walls of a clinic don’t bind recovery; it’s a continuing journey that people must traverse at their own pace to get successful results.

And all this is done with the help of a supportive and positive community not just made up of Asana’s medical staff but also of the other patients that aid each other on the road to recovery.

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