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Arrow Passage Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation and Recovery: Information & Review

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Does someone you know need drug or alcohol treatment? Arrow Passage Recovery offers addiction treatment programs for residents near Massillon, Ohio.

Across the state, drugs remain a huge plague on communities. In 2018, there were 2,783 overdose deaths in Ohio. Each year, hundreds of people need treatment.

Arrow Passage has many former residents that call it the best treatment facility in Ohio. It offers multiple treatment programs and therapeutic services.

Arrow Passage Recovery Treatment Programs


At Arrow Passage Recovery, patients stay at the residential facility for the duration of recovery. This allows each client to disengage from the stresses and vice-triggers of regular life and focus on wellness and healing.

Arrow counselors treat rehab as a holistic process that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. In the residential rehab program, patients develop life skills and coping mechanisms that prepare them for the responsibilities of sober living on the outside. For best results, the National Institute on Drug Abuse advises a minimum of 90 days in residential treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program

For patients who don’t wish to spend three months at a residential rehab facility, Arrow Passage offers a partial hospitalization program. This consists of 20 or more hours each week of treatment at the Arrow Passage center. In this program, treatment is a part-time or full-time occupation with nights spent at home. Each meeting consists of therapy and wellness exercises.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Some patients wish to do treatment yet spend their nights at home. In the Arrow Passage outpatient program, the activities of residential treatment are arranged into a daytime schedule. Outpatient treatment covers topics like problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, communication, relationships, self-awareness, assertiveness, empathy and other vital skills for sober living.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Patients who are further along in their recovery may opt for the intensive outpatient program, which consists of fewer weekly hours (19 or under) at Arrow Passage. In this program, treatment is a part-time occupation that still gives people time for social obligations. Some patients can even fit this program around their work schedule. Meetings consist of group therapy and activities.


Once a patient completes inpatient or outpatient treatment, he/she must transition to normal life and remain committed to sobriety. Arrow Passage helps its graduates make the transition by offering continued support. Aftercare is most important during the first six months to a year after treatment as the patient lands on his/her feet and resumes work. The Arrow Passage counselors are always available for continued support.

Arrow Passage Rehab and Mental Health Treatment Services

Holistic Treatment: Art Therapy, Holistic Nutrition

Arrow Passage Recovery takes a holistic approach to treatment, which involves each patient on multiple levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Holistic treatment programs are designed to connect patients with nature, art, music, animals and their own physical self. Examples of holistic therapy include:

  • Art Therapy – Art is one of the most rewarding pursuits for anyone. It connects people with their creative selves and provides an escape from the stresses that drive certain individuals to substance abuse. Through art therapy, Arrow patients find new and constructive things to do with their time.
  • Faith-Based – Arrow Passage also promotes faith-based holistic treatment, which encourages patients to connect with their spiritual side. For patients who believe in a higher power, this can help them find the strength to overcome vices and concentrate on positive ways of thinking and healthier mindsets.
  • Holistic Nutrition – One of the most effective ways to feel happier and more energized is with a healthy diet. Most active drug and alcohol abusers cannot claim to have a healthy intake, even if they do follow some “healthy” eating pattern. With holistic nutrition, patients embrace healthy foods and meal preparation while phasing out harmful chemicals.
  • Yoga – Another beneficial activity for recovering drug and alcohol users is yoga, which involves stretching and meditation. During yoga, people unwind from all the stresses of daily life and focus on their physical and mental wellness. Yoga helps people disengage from stresses and build mental strength and stamina for coping with life’s challenges.

Treatment Models: Detox, 12-Step, Intervention

Arrow Passage Recovery employs multiple treatment models, each designed for different personality types. People come to Arrow as individuals from unique backgrounds. Treatment must accommodate the instincts and response triggers of each individual. The primary models include:

  • 12 Step Program – In rehab, the 12-step model is one of the most effective and widely used because it brings structure to the lives of patients. Most people with drug and alcohol problems lack proper structure in their daily lives. 12-step helps patients ween off vices and develop productive habits.
  • Co-Ed Treatment – Patients heal and learn in group settings. For recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, communication skills are crucial. In co-ed treatment settings, men and women engage in group therapy and activities. They share their struggles and insights in a like-minded, mutually beneficial environment.
  • Detoxification – In rehab, detox is the first and most crucial step to sobriety. Detox starts the moment an individual stops consuming drugs and alcohol. It may be an act of willpower at first, but most people need supervision during the second and third days when withdrawal symptoms peak. Arrow Passage offers 24/7 supervision during the 3-7-day process of detoxification.
  • Gender-Specific Treatment – Drugs and alcohol have similar effects on most people but the reason addiction takes hold varies between different types of people. Women often reach for drugs due to insecurity and lack of self-esteem. Men often grow addicted due to stress and anxiety over job performance and financial matters. Arrow Passage customizes treatment plans accordingly.
  • Individualized Addiction Treatment – People who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction come from all different backgrounds. Some work in high-performance industries and get hooked on uppers to cope with busy schedules. Some people mix in circles where access to drugs is omnipresent. A lot of people resort to opioids to handle pain and anxiety. Whatever the reason, Arrow Passage customizes treatment for the needs of each individual.
  • Intervention – When addiction takes hold in an individual, he/she is often the last person to acknowledge the problem. Friends and relatives generally notice the problem before the addicted individual, even if he/she is secretive about drug or alcohol use. When confronted, addicts often get defensive and more withdrawn. Arrow Passage assists with intervention in cases where it’s a necessity.

Traditional Therapies: Medical Assistance, Dual Diagnosis

Arrow Passage employs different types of therapeutic techniques for the various customized treatment plans at work. For people who need help coping with cravings and nausea during detox, Arrow’s staff offers medically assisted treatment. To ensure long-term recovery, they offer relapse prevention. These are just some of their therapeutic methods:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Some people have difficulty changing old habits because of hard-wired doubts and insecurities. Addicts often think that drugs and alcohol are their only refuge from despair, pain and failure. Arrow Passage counselors employ cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients reverse the subconscious negative beliefs that feed an addiction.
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapeutic innovation that deals with the visualizations people attach to stress, trauma and other vice triggers. Arrow Passage counselors employ EMDR to help patients eliminate negative visual flashes and replace them with positive mental imagery.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – When a person undergoes detox, the first few days are tough. Between 24 and 72 hours out from the last drink or hit, the recovering user is likely to have intense cravings and feel unpleasant in mind and body. In these situations, Arrow Passage staff may employ opioid blockers to help the patient get through detox.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy – Not everyone who needs treatment embraces it with enthusiasm. Some people need to be convinced that treatment is the best (and only) option when addiction takes hold. Whatever the reasons (stress, fear, pain), Arrow Passage promotes motivational enhancement therapy, designed to resolve people of their initial ambivalence toward treatment.
  • Relapse Prevention – Treatment only really works if its effects are long-term. When a person relapses within weeks or months of leaving a rehab facility, it’s a failure for both parties. Arrow Passage is devoted to the success of each client who comes in seeking sobriety. The Arrow staff prepares patients for success on the outside and offers additional help during and after release.

Call Arrow Passage Recovery Today

People in Ohio with substance abuse problems should contact Arrow Passage Recovery. Arrow is staffed with a team of licensed professional clinical counselors with specialized training in rehab counseling, holistic health and dual diagnosis treatment. Arrow accepts most major insurance companies.

Don’t let chemical dependency rule your life or anyone you love. Contact Arrow Passage Treatment for a customized therapy approach and a whole-body recovery.

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