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Alta Mira: Premier Residential Treatment Center

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Do you have a friend or loved one with a drug or alcohol problem? Alta Mira recovery programs could turn that person’s life around.

The downward spiral of addiction is a terrible experience for anyone to endure. In 2020, there were 697 drugs deaths in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.

Alta Mira is Sausalito’s premier residential treatment center across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco in sunny Northern California. The facility offers the best possible care for various drug addiction problems and mental health disorders.

  • Alta Mira
  • 125 Bulkley Avenue, Sausalito, CA 94965
  • Phone: 888-292-7802

Alta Mira Recovery Programs

Alta Mira treatment programs are catered to the individual patient. Each person comes for help with their strengths and weaknesses. Alta Mira counselors work with each patient to pinpoint his/her vice triggers and underlying issues that spur the addiction. The program involves a mix of innovative treatment, counseling, and activities.

Residential Addiction Treatment Services

At Alta Mira’s luxury residential treatment center in Northern California, patients get individual therapy sessions and group AA meetings with like-minded men and women. The center is staffed with highly skilled clinicians, nurses, and counselors who are well equipped to handle all types of addiction. For the patient, it’s a place of healing and rediscovery of the finer things in life.

  • Testing and Assessment – Each new patient meets with an Alta Mira treatment counselor. Here, the patient shares key info about the nature of his/her addiction. Once the counselor knows the origin, length, and extent of the patient’s addiction and the triggers that drive that person to abuse drugs or alcohol, the counselor uses that information to customize a treatment plan.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans – Each person who comes for treatment has a different set of problems and circumstances. Some people are more compulsive by nature. Other people have problems with depression, and despondency. Many people use drugs to cope with stress. Alta Mira tailors its treatment programs to the needs of each individual.
  • Innovative Treatment Modalities – Alta Mira employs evidence-based methods of treatment. Each counselor is versed in the latest innovations in therapy that have helped patients achieve long-term sobriety. The goal is to help patients replace drug and alcohol addiction with healthy habits and positive thinking patterns.
  • Holistic Therapies – Alta Mira recovery programs use holistic therapy that treats the individual on all levels: mental, physical, and spiritual. Successful treatment involves more than just the physical aspects of drug cravings. To recover long-term, patients need to improve their health and state of mind. Alta Mira programs cover all these fronts.
  • Experiential Therapies – Some of the most uplifting moments for recovering patients involve a mixture of creative and outdoor activities, such as art and equine therapy. When patients draw or paint, it activates the mind. When they spend time with horses or other animals, it gives them a sense of peace and love.

People who come to Alta Mira for addiction treatment exit the program as happier individuals who lead more fulfilling lives. Most people who struggle with addiction are ruled by negative thoughts and cannot control their situations. Alta Mira recovery programs turn this around and help people develop positive mindsets and problem-solving skills.

Transformational Treatment Programs

For new patients, addiction treatment begins with detox, which covers the first few days of sobriety. Detox is challenging but crucial because this is when substances clear the body and cravings peak. At Alta Mira, patients get 2/7 supervision during detox. Nurses may administer addiction medicine on an as-needed basis to subdue side effects.

  • Assessment – The first phase after detox involves an assessment with a primary therapist. In these one-on-one meetings, clients struggling with drug addiction undergo neuropsychological testing. This helps the counselor pinpoint the complex co-occurring disorders that drive that person’s addiction.
  • Weekly Psychiatric Meetings – Each week, the patient meets with his/her appointed counselor at Alta Mira to discuss personal issues, concerns, and progress with the treatment program. The counselor uses this info to determine how the patient has improved and which areas still need work. If some facet of treatment has missed the mark, Alta Mira revises the treatment plan.
  • Weekly Doctor Meetings – Alta Mira patients also meet each week with a medical doctor, who makes decisions about medications for the patient. If the patient needs opioid blockers to suppress cravings or symptoms, the doctor will examine the patient and make a professional decision. If the patient might need medication, that will be something for the patient and doctor to discuss.
  • Recovery Fundamentals – New patients are always taught the basics of recovery. This includes a daily set of tasks designed to instill patients with responsible habits. People who abuse drugs often let days flow into one another with little to show for the time. During their stay at the rehab center, patients learn how to reverse these habits and make each day count.
  • Self-Regulation Skills – After detox, the first step is learning the discipline of sobriety. Most people with addiction problems lack self-discipline. Drugs and alcohol induce feelings that suppress fear, anxiety and any sense of responsibility. Alta Mira recovery programs help patients gain the skills to regulate behavior and cope with life’s challenges in constructive ways.
  • Family Engagement – Alta Mira promotes communication between patients and family members. In many cases, patients have frayed relations with loved ones when they first enter Alta Mira. Relatives typically don’t know how to handle the situation. Alta Mira counselors work to mend these gaps and facilitate understanding between patients and their parents, siblings, partners, and offspring.

Once the patient completes the addiction treatment program at Alta Mira, the quality of his/her life improves exponentially. Addiction often stems from stress, trauma, depression and desperation. 

At the Bay Area facility, patients have a quiet place with incredible views of the beautiful outdoors. Patients benefit from the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery at Alta Mira.

Treatment Specialties

Alta Mira welcomes clients with all types of addictions. Substance abuse is a massive problem in the San Francisco Bay Area, where drugs are common at clubs, raves, and parties. The counselors here help patients overcome addiction to alcohol, uppers, downers, and prescription drugs. The effects of these drugs may vary, but substance addiction of any kind is unhealthy.

  • Opioid Addiction – Opioid drugs are addictive because they trigger the reward centers in the brain. Opioids create feelings of euphoria in a user that are typically hard to resist after the first experience. People use opioids to ease anxiety and get into a more relaxed state. As addiction takes hold, more potent doses are needed to create the same effects. Gradually, the cycle gets dangerous.
  • Stimulant Addiction – Uppers like cocaine and speed have been popular club drugs since the 70s. Both are often linked to fatal overdoses. People who use these drugs tend to lead party lifestyles or work grueling schedules. Musicians often get into speed to help them through busy tours and hours in the studio. Stimulant drugs are bad for the heart and potentially lethal.
  • Alcoholism – Alcohol lowers inhibition, which makes it tempting for timid people. In a nation where alcohol can be purchased on any street corner, alcoholism is one of the most common addictions. Some people have lower thresholds for alcohol than others. While some people can self-regulate, others simply cannot. With one drink, these people go on binges and commit dangerous acts. Overconsumption can be fatal.
  • Prescription Painkiller Addiction – Some of the most addictive drugs are those sold at pharmacies by prescription. People who take medication for chronic pain will sometimes exceed their daily dosage. Before long, these meds lose their impact. To get the same relief, the person takes higher doses, which puts the heart at risk. At today’s residential rehab treatment centers, clinicians employ healthier pain-relief measures.

After several years of drug and alcohol addiction, where the habit grows more intense and out of control, it’s almost impossible for the user to quit cold turkey. Addicted individuals must come to a rehab facility and undergo professional care.

The Alta Mira staff have years of experience in handling all types of addiction. Patients get the treatment they need to heal on an emotional and psychological level. Once they complete the program, newly sober individuals have the tools necessary to face the world and all its challenges without drugs or alcohol.

Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Contact Alta Mira

Clients struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction need the support of friends and loved ones. Likewise, anyone who knows someone with an addiction problem should contact a rehab center.

Alta Mira recovery programs treat substance abuse and mental health disorders. They offer private and group counseling at the on-site facility in Sausalito, California.

For more information, contact Alta Mira today to learn more about their addiction treatment services.

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