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The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center Review – Is It an Effective Rehab Center for Drug Abuse and Mental Illness?

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The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center stands as one of the most easily accessible facilities that patients can find in the US today to get the necessary substance abuse treatment and therapy that they need. With medical professionals of the highest caliber providing support against trauma and disorders, it’s no exaggeration that treatment centers like The Abbey are sadly too few and far between today.

And speaking of accessibility, The Abbey has become a stellar option for helping clients at affordable rates, even for individuals who have no health insurance, which is truly a blessing for patients who need access to recovery.

In this review, we’re going to provide you with an analysis of how The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center can help its clients turn their life around for themselves and their loved ones.

What You Need to Know About the Abbey Addiction Treatment Center

  • The staff helps clients overcome substance abuse problems and provide support against the co-occurring mental health issues that come with them.
  • The Abbey accepts numerous health insurance companies and provides options for clients without access to one.
  • Some drug rehab programs include family therapy, emotional support groups, and anonymous alcoholics meetings.
  • Staff is made up of fully trained medical professionals, from the program directors down to the orderlies.

Bottom line

Drug rehab centers like the Abbey provide potential clients with relatively affordable health services ranging from mental disorders like depression to substance addiction concerns. The programs are run by an active, fully trained, and judgment-free community of experts that indeed help their patients turn their life around well after their visit.

How to Reach the Abbey Treatment Center

You can reach out to the Abbey with the contact information that we’ve provided you below:

  • The Abbey Helpline: (800) 438-7535
  • Email:
  • Online Contact Form:
  • Site Location: 1401 Central Avenue, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722, United States

With this information, families with members suffering from addiction and are in dire need of treatment may now find the road to recovery. Don’t let anxiety stop you; contact The Abbey today.

The Abbey Treatment Center – Saving Lives Through Addiction Recovery

This facility has made it its mission to give American families a permanent solution to the risk and trauma that alcohol and drugs bring to so many people’s lives. As they put it, they don’t just focus on getting you sober, by which they mean recovery is not limited to abstinence alone.

To them, successful treatment is wholistic: the mental health, the body the nutrition gets, and even one’s relationship with their parents play an integral part in giving quality treatment for the patient.

With this in mind, The Abbey has come up with their Positive Sobriety initiative through the various programs that help improve the patient’s overall health, resulting in no risk of developing any relapse symptoms.

Treatment Beyond Government Statistics – The Abbey Way

One sad truth that we’re living in right now is how addiction treatment has become a by-the-numbers exercise for various reasons. However, The Abbey is well-aware of this problem, which is why they have chosen to help families all over the US with their drugs and alcohol recovery by also treating the mental health issues that come with addiction.

The center considers stressors like anxiety, trauma, pressure from the community the patient is living in, and any other telltale sign of potential relapse triggers that can be detrimental to their treatment and recovery.

Whether you’re looking at individual therapy programs or one of The Abbey’s motivational interview sessions, one can rest assured that every offer that this treatment center provides is made with care, compassion, and expertise.

What The Abbey Has to Offer – Treatment Programs with Long-Lasting Benefits

If we’re being honest, “long-lasting” recovery is an understatement with The Abbey, as clients who have made their visit—whether it’s for a 12-step program or an inpatient treatment that lasts weeks—can attest that they’ve experienced permanent freedom from the clutches of alcohol addiction and drug abuse.

Below, you’re going to find the various methods and techniques that one of the best rehab centers in Iowa refers to when helping their patients.

Individual Therapy

Research has shown time and again that there are multiple benefits to providing hands-on personal treatment for people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The Abbey provides individual sessions that put the patient face-to-face with one of the center’s experts to help them get clean.

These medical professionals range from psychiatrists to physicians to podiatrists whose primary goal is to provide you with top-notch care all over.

Group Therapy

This Iowa-based rehab center understands that community is one of the essential aspects of life. Aside from getting aid from The Abbey’s staff and providing mutual support between the patients, this facility also employs the help of any given client’s loved ones (parents, friends, spouses) to fulfill their mission of providing Positive Sobriety.

Process Groups

In line with their communal approach to treating their patients, this treatment center also uses process groups to help you, and fellow recovering alcohol and substance abuse sufferers turn your lives around through a sense of shared experience and camaraderie.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is arguably the standard by which rehab centers and recovery facilities work. As such, you can expect no less than the best kind of CBT from The Abbey’s team of experts that give you the insurance you need that your mental and emotional health is in proper condition.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center keeps itself at the forefront of psychological services by providing clients with an intensive REBT program that will develop and improve their rational and emotional states.

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)

Showing that individuals deserve nothing but the most detailed and hands-on treatment methods available, the center’s TIC program allows patients to recover from the physical, mental, and emotional toll that addiction takes with the help of this program.

Motivational Interviewing

Sometimes, all it takes for a person to get on the right track and get their life back on the road to clean living is positive reinforcement, which is what The Abbey’s motivational interviewing technique is all about. Clients can expect the proper care and support from the center’s experts using this method, whether personal relationships or career advice.

Gender-Specific Therapy

All people are equal, but we can’t deny that specific pressures and stressors apply to each gender. GST aims to help individuals of all genders thrive in today’s society with the help of this program.

12-Step Facilitation

Alcohol addiction treatment and the 12-step program go hand in hand. As such, it’s no surprise that The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center employs this tried-and-true recovery method for people suffering from this problem.

In addition, the 12-step program isn’t necessarily reserved for people suffering from addiction; even individuals who need a bit of perspective and support from a judgment-free and supportive community are free to join The Abbey’s sessions.

The Abbey Addiction Treatment Center Verdict

One won’t be mistaken to say that The Abbey employs more or less traditional methods in helping their patients, and that’s not a bad thing. There’s a reason that specific methods that help people suffering from mental disorders and addiction have become mainstays in the field: they’re effective.

Evidence has shown time and again that these methods work, and The Abbey makes full use of the benefits that people can reap from these programs.

As far as admission is concerned, we can’t help but commend how this rehab center can provide affordable services while having the ability to accept nearly all kinds of significant insurance policies out there.

Overall, The Abbey is one of the best options for people who have certain trepidations from getting therapy due to the costs that these facilities come with: something that The Abbey can remedy.

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