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How TASC Programs Save Lives and Dollars


  • Screen justice cases for pretrial release, in custody treatment, reentry and offender reintegration
  • Assess justice cases for history of each individual’s justice involvement, risk and needs
  • Focus on all case stages: front-end diversion in custody, post-release reentry services
  • Identify case referral eligibility for juveniles, adults, families, mental health and other cases
  • Communicate chemical testing requirements and results for justice case management improvements
  • Link justice agencies, treatment and community agencies through planning, case specific information and feedback mechanisms.

For more information on Public Safety and TASC programs: Considering Public Safety-The TASC Abilities


  • Create protocols for referrals at each stage of case processing
  • Conduct assessments based on evidence-based tools
  • Develop individual case management plans
  • Access individuals for recovery services as determined by clinically-trained staff
  • Conduct chemical testing
  • Refer individual cases between multiple systems

For more information on Case Management: Clinical Case Management and Recovery

Research Findings and Best Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment for Offenders: Review of the Literature


  • Reduce reliance on governmental solutions by involving community members, nonprofit groups, and existing resources
  • Help communities focus on targeting services to break cycle of crime, victimization and substance abuse
  • Develop appropriate treatment when unavailable and increase community awareness of treatment availability
  • Engage justice, mental health, substance abuse and community leaders in evaluation of impact of TASC case referral on public health, safety and community resources
  • Convene community partner agencies to collaborate with TASC in developing policies, procedures and organization for improvements
  • Monitor and report case outcomes to courts, elected officials and treatment entities.